November 2016
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Our banner cat for November is GC, NW KELLOGGS ROCK 'N' ROLL REBEL a silver tabby American Shorthair kitten (photo by Tetsu)



All additions or changes of address for the CFA White Pages 2017 should be submitted by December 1, 2016. You can make online submissions
Even if you filled out a form for the 2016 White Pages, you must still fill out this form to be included in the 2017 White Pages. Listings are not automatically carried over from the previous year. You will be listed automatically ONLY if you are a Breed Council Member, CFA Clerk, CFA Judge or Club Secretary 


Cooler days are finally here, and our kitties are certainly mindful of it! Now that my own kitty has vacated my lap, I can write the Newsletter's opening statement.  But she also reminds me to enjoy the simple pleasures of a late fall day - an adoring gaze and a soft purr. Take the time to hug your own cat, be they cute kitten or unrepentant heat-sucker.


We are just days away from this year's Dr. Elsey's CFA International Cat Show being held in suburban Detroit this coming weekend.  Many, many people have been working hard to make sure the show is a success.  We have more than 700 entries which means this will be the largest CFA show this year.  Eve reports that the rosettes have arrived.  Jim Flanik & Joel Chaney spent last weekend at a Pet Expo in the same facility in an attempt to interest spectators in returning next weekend for our cat show.  They had three Pet Me Cats with them who were a big hit with the public.  Eddie has the Youth Feline Education Program's booth ready.  We have lots of breed booths coming in an effort to educate the public about our many breeds.  Yes, we have lots of vendors as well as three professional photographers to capture your star feline's best attributes.  Lots of Ambassador Cats are scheduled to be present.  You will be able to easily locate them since their owners will be wearing purple shirts with the CFA logo.  Show management and Central Office staff will be wearing red shirts with the CFA logo.  Mary K will have pins for sale and there will be another great raffle table.

We recently hired a new contract employee, Angela Watkins, to handle our PR efforts.  Her first big task is attracting spectators to this show.  Angela reports that we have lots of exposure on Facebook and Google Ads (thanks to Lisa-Marie Kuta for her help), we have a digital campaign on both the Detroit Free Press and the Novi local news websites, there are print ads as well as on-air commercials.  We are included on 20+ free calendar listings and emails have been sent to all the veterinarian offices within a three country area.  We have invested heavily in advertising this show to the public and we have our fingers crossed that we will see a good gate at the show to see CFA shining.  Check out an on-air commercial:

Our Central Office continues to experience an increase in registration requests.  To make sure we are able to process them quickly, the Personnel Committee recently authorized hiring an additional person to work in that area.  The job is currently being advertised.  Another new position was approved so someone could be trained in scoring our cats for their various titles and she is already on board.  Shirley Dent has been performing this task for years; however, we realized it was important to have someone else trained.  Should Shirley be out for an extended period due to illness or injury, we can't stop scoring your cats.  We are also sad to report that Michelle Ferguson's last day with CFA was last Friday.  Michelle handled show licenses, club dues, votes, and other tasks.  Since she attended both last year's CFA International Show and the Annual in Las Vegas, many of you had the opportunity to meet her.  Michelle's interest is music and she found a job that better suited her interests.  We wish her well.  Her job is also being advertised but until someone is hired and trained, Kristi Wollam will handle the tasks previously assigned to Michelle.  Kristi had this job in the past so she is very familiar with the job requirements.

Speaking of our Central Office staff, I want to give a shout-out to Shirley Dent who celebrates her 25th anniversary of working for CFA.  Shirley is one of the few CFA employees over the years who came to us from within the cat fancy.  Shirley bred and showed silver Persians and Exotics, worked as both a clerk and as an entry clerk, and her inside knowledge of the fancy proved beneficial to Central Office.  When our office was in Manasquan NJ, Shirley handled scoring grand points and kept track of winners' ribbons.  When we moved the office to Ohio, every employee was offered the opportunity to move with CFA; however, Shirley is the only employee to have actually made the move.  With that move, Shirley's responsibilities expanded to include scoring for regional/national wins.  Those Epoints we see each Friday are the result of Shirley's hard work.  The end-of-season scoring is a busy time for Shirley.  With what little personal time Shirley has, she is an avid gardener with a special love for daylilies.  Thank you Shirley for your many years of hard work which has benefitted each of us.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
For those of us in the United States the month of November is a month of giving thanks. Before we head out to Novi, MI, I wanted to take a moment to pause...

On behalf of the Central Office, the Board, and myself, I want to thank you for all the work you have been doing throughout the year. You are the "face" of CFA. You are the reason why we continue to grow.  So far this year our growth has been unbelievable and we continue to grow as I compose this.

Together, we are greater than just one person. Together we are advocates, working collectively toward the common goal of preserving and promoting CFA pedigreed breeds of cats while enhancing the well-being of ALL cats. Because of you, CFA can continue to promote our breeds to the general public, educate responsible cat ownership, and proper care, to the owners of millions of cats worldwide.

As the saying goes, "There is strength in numbers."
Thank you for your efforts in providing a sense of community. You are a great sounding board for what is going on in different facets of our community.

Also, thank you for providing a vital connection in our governance process, as I've witnessed at the past two Annuals. Your Board and C.O. listen intently to what you say, and we use this information to gage our effectiveness and constantly review our strategy.
As we travel to Novi, MI, for the upcoming show, I look forward to seeing many of you again as well as meeting new members of our community. Don't hesitate to stop by the CFA booth!

By now, many of you have seen our online campaign promoting the show. We have a strong online presence thanks to our digital push with the Detroit/Novi area media, plus our own Facebook and Google campaigns. In addition, we have a strong print/on air campaign - once again utilizing the power of the Detroit/Novi media. (Psst...If you are in the Novi area Friday at 10:00 a.m., don't forget to tune in to Detroit's WDIV TV to see our cat ambassadors Live on the D!) And, we are taking full advantage of all the online "free" calendars that we can find!

Meanwhile, we also have a strong community push thanks to the local libraries, senior centers and area community colleges who are sharing our show information.

We are ready! Now that all the CIS "behind the scenes" planning has been completed, let the competition begin! Look for final results to be posted on the CFA website

I will close by wishing you all luck at the CIS  As always, travel safe but most of all take time to enjoy your families and friends during this season of Thanksgiving.

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

If you are coming to the CFA International Show and have always been interested in seeing what CFA's magazine "Cat Talk" is all about, I invite you to drop by the CFA booth and see for yourself. We'll have several past issues for sale, and it's a great way to get a glimpse at the wide variety of articles that our magazine has to offer. I'll also be in the CFA Booth and I'd love to hear suggestions from you regarding the magazine and story ideas for future issues!

The December issue is in layout and will be out in December.  We have some great articles lined up: missing our cats during the holidays and year round; the Cat History Project's article about the positive impact that a Persian of unknown heritage had on the breed; 5 new book reviews; a product roundup of new cat merchandise; kitten & cats who tell Santa if they've been naughty or nice; and our regular columns, including "Dear Catty."

Cat Talk magazine is a great (and easy!) gift to give to your veterinarian, pet buyers, or cat fancy friends. It's available in print here, or online via Magzter

CFA Judging Committee
Beth Holly,  Applications Administrator

Applications for the following CFA Judging Program applicants will be presented 
to the CFA Board at the February 2017 meeting:

  • Bethany Colilla, LH first specialty  - United States
  • Mie Takahashi, LH first specialty, Japan
Information concerning the moral character, temperament and ethics, and the spectrum of experience concerning the breeding and showing (and agenting) of cats would be helpful to the CFA Executive Board in the evaluation of applicants to the Judging Program. The manner in which an applicant's cats are housed and cared for is also pertinent. See Judging Program Rules, Section V under 7. Recommendations: a,b,c,d,e,f, as well as the Judges' Code of Ethics for more information on what the Board of Directors will require in an excellent candidate.
Recommendations or concerns are encouraged so that the Judging Program Committee and ultimately the CFA Board of Directors may make an informed decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of any individual making an application to the CFA Judging Program. All letters require a signature. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Negative letters must be documented and substantiated. All negative letters will be shared with the applicant to offer the opportunity for rebuttal. All letters and responses, if any, will accompany the application.
Please send letters by email or snail mail to the Applications Administrator (see below) by the deadline indicated: 

Letters due by December 17, 2016
Letters of recommendation, or copies thereof, must not be sent to the applicant, nor may the applicant ask for any preview of recommendations. Multiple recommendations stemming from one source will be treated as a single recommendation. Please send letters to:

Beth Holly, 
5735 Tibet Drive, 
Huber Heights OH 45424

CFA Animal Welfare
by Linda Berg
CFA Animal Welfare

As CFA's Animal Welfare Investigator I see many requests for help.  Some of those requests - in several cases - baffle me.  People, presumably Cat Fanciers, are going to a great deal of effort to cause harm for what they perceive as a disservice or wrongdoing upon them or their friends.  They are working hard to destroy lives and property - far beyond trying to destroy reputations.  NEVER in this hobby did I think I would see anything so deplorable and so sad.

It is all the cases combined that really make me step back and look at what is happening and ask "why and how did we come to this?"  This is a hobby.  This is something we do with or friends and because we enjoy it.  If we have to WIN and we will do anything to WIN, then we should participate in a sport where we can show our aggression.  The Cat Fancy is not that sport! 

As examples, one plea for help came from an individual who was victimized by another who sought to destroy their reputation as a breeder with bad info put out on the internet - videos, bad career performance reviews, and more.  CFA reviewed the materials and saw no issue with the cattery videos and letters provided by several different vets who inspected, no protest was filed.  However, it didn't stop, they continued the invasion into their life.

Another case started with someone leaving written threats in mailboxes - threats against people, children and cats.  The threats escalated into mail posted anonymously through the U.S. Postal Service and then escalated even further with a home invasion and property destroyed.  In a two-hour time span, someone broke into a Cat Fanciers home, wrote ugly things on the walls, broke lots of glass, let the dogs out, and were knowledgeable enough to steal only the show kittens.  Then they threatened the children!  Who would take it to that extreme? 

When threats were SENT through the mail to myself and  to others - it became a Federal Case.  I called a friend in the FBI for guidance and now the Federal Postal Inspector is engaged and it will be reviewed by a Federal Prosecutor by the time of this reading.  The person/people behind this particular case are now being sought for Federal Crimes.

There is yet another case where a breeder in Europe hacked the computer of someone in the U.S. and sent out ugly messages to individuals pretending to be this person in an attempt to destroy the reputation and friendships.  What makes this behavior ok and what makes them think they can get away with it?

I know you are reading this totally baffled how anyone can do this in the Cat Fancy.  This is a family; these are our friends.  What is happening; why has bad behavior become ok?  These people are not the norm in the Cat Fancy.  We must come together as a family and seek to stop this.
If you have information on any of these, I encourage you to come forward.  I know there are people out there that KNOW who are behind these activities.  I suspect you are afraid to take a stand.  But, PLEASE help us bring this to a stop.  This has gone way too far already.  The Federal authorities will continue to do their work and will bring all of their resources to gather videos, photos and fingerprints.  This assault on family and home is wrong!  Nobody should be afraid for the safety of themselves, their families, their cats or their homes.  Please help us find these people that have caused this assault on our CFA Family.

Dick Kallmeyer, CFA Vice President

Good news for CFA registrations!

Registrations for Jan to Oct 2016 are up 30.1% over the same period in 2015. China registrations doubled over the same time period with China now accounting for over 50% of CFA registrations.

Bengal registrations have grown 68% over the 1st half of 2016. HHP registrations have grown 70% over the same period.
Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in October is available  


It's Catsgiving Time ~ A Reminder - Winn supporters who donate $25 or more during November on Winn's secure donation page will receive a delightful Winn magnet to display on their car or other locations. Please type Magnet in the promo code box on the donation page. Show your Winn pride!  
 Giving Tuesday is November 29 - Consider Winn as your charity of choice when you give this year's end. Working together, we can find answers to help cats with FIP, HCM  in different cat breeds, amyloidosis, cancer, CKD, and many other diseases.
Along with your gift, please share a photo and story about your cat for our annual   Holiday Photo Contest. Win a $50 gift certificate for Best Holiday Attire and Best in   Show photos!
Miller Trust grant awards announced soon - Please watch for the press release regarding our recent grant awards from October. Five grants were awarded through the  Miller Trust for $124,495. One additional grant was awarded with Winn funding for  $23,450.
New cat health articles and grant progress reports - Our Cat Health Library    offers many new  articles about cat health and final progress reports from our funded studies.
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An important Planned Giving (tax) tip for November - Many people today have online assets, accounts, bill payment, auto-deposit, document storage, social media and information which only they can access.  Until recently most states did NOT have laws to allow your fiduciaries (i.e. Executors, Trustees, Attorneys-In-Fact) to manage your online presence.  The Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (UFADAA) allows fiduciaries access to digital assets.  You may also restrict your fiduciary's access to email, text messages, and social media accounts if you do not consent.  The UFADAA was amended in 2015 and since then it has been adopted by many states.  You should consult with your attorney from time to time to assure your estate plan is up to date under current law and still reflects your wishes.    

For any questions, please contact

Will Pinellas County, Florida make you a pet dealer?

All cat and dog breeders of Pinellas County may soon find themselves regulated and inspected as pet dealers. The Pinellas County Commission is considering an ordinance that would change who must get a pet dealer permit. The existing county pet dealer definition may strike a familiar chord with Florida cat fanciers. It contains some of the same pet dealer definition terms as the state's pet lemon law but also critical differences. The pet dealer definition in Florida's state consumer protection law establishes a low threshold for exemption from the lemon law. Under the state law, "pet dealer means any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other association which, in the ordinary course of business, engages in the sale of more than two litters, or 20 dogs or cats, per year, whichever is greater, to the public." Limitations where the number of litters is the most restrictive criteria disproportionately affects cat breeders. Pedigreed cat breeds would typically need four to seven litters to get 20 kittens while large dog breeds are capable of meeting the quantitative threshold of 20 in two or three litters. Aggravating this inequality further, the existing county definition of pet dealer uses the language "whichever comes first." It also lowers the exemption threshold. And the proposed definition eliminates the exemption to the county permit requirements altogether.
The existing county pet dealer definition:
"Pet dealer means any person who, in the ordinary course of business, engages in the sale of more than two litters or 20 dogs or cats per year, whichever comes first, to the public. Such term includes breeders of animals who sell such animals directly to a consumer. County-operated or city-operated animal services agencies and registered nonprofit humane organizations shall be exempt from this definition."
The proposed ordinance would change the definition of pet dealer for Pinellas County residents to the following:
"Pet Dealer (or Pet Dealership) means any person who advertises or engages in the sale of one (1) or more litters of Dogs or Cats per year to the public. Such term includes breeders of Animals who sell such Animals directly to a consumer. County-operated or city-operated animal services agencies and registered nonprofit humane organizations shall be exempt from this definition."
A person advertising even one litter would be a pet dealer subject to permit requirements and unscheduled inspections. That litter may have only one kitten or may be a litter the pet owner never intended. Still, a permit will be required if the litter is advertised or sold. Before obtaining or renewing that permit, the "pet dealer" must pass an inspection. An unsatisfactory inspection or an ordinance violation may result in an application rejection, a permit suspension or revocation. A permit suspension or revocation is at the discretion of the Director of the Department of Animal Services or anyone they designate. Upon correction of the violations, the permit may be reinstated upon a satisfactory re-inspection.
The existing Pinellas County ordinance already includes many issues for cat fanciers and owners before adding to the already extensive oversight. Cat breeders are disproportionately affected by the litter requirement as discussed above. Also, all cat and dog owners have record keeping requirements. Cats repeatedly found off leash and off the owner's property are defined as public nuisance animals. Any cat or dog that bites a human must be impounded for ten days even if it has a current rabies vaccination and is licensed. After ten days, the animal may be destroyed. Community cat caregivers are assigned responsibilities similar to those of a pet owner. With two or more citations for violation of the ordinance, a person becomes an irresponsible pet owner. An irresponsible pet owner designation could mandate sterilization and microchipping for your pet(s), and fines and limitations on pet ownership for the pet owner.  With all the existing provisions, what real value do cat fanciers, pet owners, or even the County get out of additional punitive provisions? The existing ordinance already covers virtually every small home-based pedigreed cat breeder or purebred dog breeder who lives in the county with the one litter threshold. The ordinance is not likely going to prevent the accidental breeding of a person's escaped kitten they thought was too young to spay. Instead, the ordinance increases the likelihood that a responsible person who decides to have the kittens and find homes for them are penalized. The proposed ordinance will do little, if anything, to benefit Pinellas County and its residents.
Residents of Pinellas County can find their commissioners, meeting calendar and meeting agendas through the Commission website at
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -
Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -
Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.


by Karen Lane
A-Cats Program Chair
The Dr. Esley's CFA International Show...........
Like always, when the Christmas Decorations have flooded Home Depot and Lowes, we know it's time for the International Show.
Each year this show builds on our previous experiences and it gets better and better. 
Our Ambassador Cats are ready to be engaged by our spectators.  I have always boasted about the talent within our group, and this year two of our A-Cat Members are heavily involved with the International Show Management, both Jim Flanik and Joel Chaney are in high-level positions to see that CFA's Premier Cat Show is a huge success. 
Our Amb assador Cats will be benched with our respective breeds in the show hall.  We will be in our orange cages with purple accent cushions and in keeping with our program's distinctive colors, our A-Cat people will be wearing our signature purple shirts and/or sweaters at the show.   All of our members will have our official clothing and they will be seen with their new purple garb wherever they appear.  We all thank CFA for this great addition to our program.
All of our members wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful.  Our family, our friends and the beautiful cats we breed and show. 
Let's not forget to thank all of the people who volunteer and make CFA great.

by Candilee Jackson, Ambassador Chair
Happy Fall everyone!  I don't know about where you are, but fall is about a month late and a dollar short this year in the pretty colors and things are, amazingly, still green.  However, the weather is keeping our show halls filled with excited exhibitors who are just waiting to visit with visitors and spectators.

Region 4:  Diane Coppola reporting
The National Birman Fanciers hosted their 30th Anniversary Show on October 15-16 in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Besides celebrating Birmans, the show also featured an award for the Best In Show Household Pet.  
A highlight of the show was a visit from a Bengal which served as an ambassador for the spectators.  "Everyone had a wonderful time petting and loving him!  I think he enjoyed all the attention, too!"

Region 5:  Shari Millar
The Southwest Region is sad to share they lost a dear friend and long-time Ambassador, Linda Smith.
Never was Linda at a show without a smile on her face or her funny accent. Whether showing or vending, Larry and Linda Smith were a long-time pillar of strength in Region 5. "It's hard to put into words how Linda touched all our lives as well as many cat fans visiting the shows. We wrap our regional arms around Larry and the family. We celebrate and toast to our beloved Linda Smith!"
Region 6:  Candilee Jackson
The Midwest Region is experimenting with a 4-ring show format in hopes of being more inclusive for non-campaigners and household pet owners.  The first of four shows using this format was held November 5th at the lush Purina Farms Event Center, Gray Summit, Missouri, just minutes from St Louis.  Because this venue is so popular and well-known in the greater St Louis area, a strong spectator presence is a given.  Many were first time cat show visitors and enjoyed the easy, welcoming and laid-back atmosphere of the show:  there was plenty of time to visit, hold and pet, and of course answer a ton of questions about everything from what's going on in the ring, to grooming questions and feeding regimens.  The next two 4-ring shows are slated for January 14 (Tornado Alley) and January 15 (Topeka Cat Club and Frontier Felines) in Gardner, Kansas. 

Region 8:  Takako and Masanari Koijima

Japan's cat clubs have been very active this fall as you can see from the show reports below. Congratulations go to Takako and Masanari for their continued love for cats and their dedication to the Ambassador program!!!!  Arigato!

The Osaka Philocat Society Cat Show was held on October 15th at the Osaka Act III Hall in Osaka, Japan. Raptor was a major part of this 6-ring one-day show, and Marsanari showed Raptor's son in premiership and Raptor's brother in championship.  There were many spectators who enjoyed playing with Raptor and his  kitty relatives.

Recently, many exhibitors, both veterans and new, come to ambassador booth to get various kinds of information for their cats.  For example, a new exhibitor took her new owner to ambassador booth and asked me explain about CFA show and standards.   I recommended that a new exhibitor should get the show rules and standards booklets to learn more because I am not familiar with the standards of all our CFA breeds. I showed them our "Ask Me" pamphlet to them to help their understanding.  I always think this pamphlet is so excellent tool!
Most of the veteran and new exhibitors easily understand the awarding of ribbons during the judging process through the use of the Ask Me pamphlet.  I feel the Ambassador Program has spread well into the exhibitor and breeder base in Region 8.

One young couple came to the show looking for a Ragdoll.  Fortunately there was one adult Ragdoll in  the show, and I helped them locate the cat and his owner in the judging rings by his show number.

A little girl with parents found Raptor. She asked me why Raptor never escaped from show tent since door of tent was always opened. She believed cats want to run away when she wanted to touch them.  However, Raptor never runs.  I gave her Raptor's favorite toy and showed her how to play with Raptor. Raptor played with her and it was an amazing moment for this little girl! They were both so happy, and I was also happy to see them.

The Royal All Breed Cat Club hosted at wonderful Halloween show on October 29 in the Kamata PIO, Tokyo, Japan. The show enjoyed 101 entries to their one-day, 6-ring show.  Club members dressed in Halloween costumes and had some great Halloween hair decorations.

Because the show hall was small, Raptor did not make the show as a Pet Me! Cat.  There were many vendors which pleased the visitors.  Additionally, there were several new exhibitors who had become club members. Masanari had been watching two exhibitors she knew were newbies, and she realized they were getting ready to leave the show hall.  She asked if their cat had gotten a purple ribbon.  The owner of the Somali told Masanari that his cat had gotten the best champion ribbon, and she asked them to wait to leave until the judges called their final.  Masanari had made sure they had an "Ask Me" pamphlet, but being new, they didn't think their cat would be in a final.  They waited with hope, some anxiety and excitement, and were so happy their cat was 3rd best SH champion!  We are sure they will be back for the next show to run their cat to become a Grand Premier!

November 6th found the Something Hearts Cat Fanciers Show at the Tokyo Chuo Ward Industry Hall in Tokyo, Japan.  The 79 entries and Miscellaneous Cat were displayed well through the efforts of the club.

Masanari took two cats alone to the show and Takako stayed behind as cat sitter. Before the show one exhibitor found that one of her two entries had been dropped. Masanari took her to the master clerk and asked him to assist her filling out the entry form.

A veteran Russian Blue breeder came to Masanari and told her about one new exhibitor and cat.  Two years ago we had introduced a spectator to this Russian Blue breeder at Nishi Nihon C.C. show. The spectator was looking for Russian Blue cat.  Now at this weekend's show, the lady showed her neuter Russian Blue for the first time with that breeder.  That Russian Blue made lots of finals and was 2nd highest scoring cat in premiership !  Of course, the owner and breeder were so happy. We have been introducing many spectators to breeders at show hall when we were serving as ambassadors. However, this is the first case where a spectator came back to show hall as an exhibitor. I know it's very hard for breeders to get new exhibitors. We appreciate this Russian Blue breeder so much! The new owner will keep showing him in this show season. It was a wonderful and unforgettable day !

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

As always October brings with it cool nights, and leaves falling reminding us that winter is soon on its way.  October also brought to us the National Birman Fanciers and their traditional show.  It always excites me to see this breed club come together to exhibit their wonderful Birmans. We really don't see many breed clubs that work as hard as all the members do for this breed, and still have so much fun. As long as I can remember the members have always put together a show not only for the exhibitors but also for the breed, a passion that comes through each year.  Birmans were out in great numbers, yes lots of gloves, laces and blue eyes. 

Excitement is also in the air for our upcoming World Show in Novi , MI. This year no different from the past all our Regions will participate and compete for points, but also to show off all their beautiful cats. Hard work and patience make it well worth that surprise on Sunday night.  

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

As Winnie-the-Pooh would say it was a "Blustery Day" actually "weekend" for this year's Emerald Cat Club show held on October 15 & 16 in beautiful St. Helens, Oregon. Fortunately the storm was a bit of a fizzle so most of us arrived and celebrated the theme of "Peace, Love, and Cats". I have included Marianne Clark's poster rendition of the theme along with the "pot" brownies. The brownies had pictures of a marijuana leaf on top of each cookie bar. This of course was just pretend. As usual this was a fun event with contests, raffle and good times.

The "Colors of Autumn" was the theme for the annual Golden Gate Cat Club show held in Livermore, California on November 5 th . Golden Gate has been an active CFA member club for over sixty years and this was the 6 th year that they have held a successful show at the outstanding Robert Livermore Community Center.

Guy Frazee reports that it was a fun show. The judges loved the quality of the cats exhibited from the west and points east. Hundreds of spectators admired the cats and talked with the exhibitors and shopped with the vendors. A couple of kitties brought to the show by their partner rescue group found forever homes. The raffle was a huge success demonstrated by over-flowing ticket cups.
T here were some new grands (1 pictured) and many grand parties. There was even a celebration party for a couple of No Cal exhibitors who were recently married.

Golden Gate invites you to join them next year on November 4, 2017.

Going on this weekend is the Utah Cat Fanciers annual show held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Utah State Fairgrounds. I am really sorry that I had to miss this very hospitable show. It is always fun with again contests, raffle and wonderful Mexican food. I will provide further details on the show in the December Newsletter.

Coming up on December 3 rd and 4 th is the 45 th annual Lewis & Clark Long Hair Specialty Club's "Santa Claws  and Kitty Paws". This is our region's largest show each year and is held at the DoubleTree@Lloyd Center Hotel. The  raffle is terrific and it is a Dr. Elseys sponsored show. Chanan is the photographer and the club is featuring an "ugly Christmas Sweater" contest with a $50.00 to the winner. What is also rather neat is that you can take "Max" light rail from the airport to show hall. The club also donates $1 from each paid spectator admission to the Cat Adoption Team. This is the Pacific NW's largest nonprofit, adoption guarantee cat shelter. The organization also provides cat food and other services to homebound and senior clients on fixed incomes. 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director   

Region 3 has been quiet without shows for the past month but that is about to change with several shows upcoming.
On December 3 is our Regional FUNdraiser show in Rosenberg, TX.

This will be a great show for all to attend with a huge raffle table featuring the homemade cage curtains, a Sturdi shelter, a notebook tablet, free sitting with a Veterinarian and many more items. Tickets for the curtains are $5 each or 3/$10 and are being sold at local shows and by PayPal to .
The one day 5 AB 1 SP show features judges from six different states. Rosenberg is about 45 miles from Houston. If you have questions about transportation you can contact Kathy Black or Sheryl Zink.
We are having a cat costume contest so be sure to bring your favorite get up for your cat and enter the show.
On December 17 is the famous Show & Tell show in Cleburne, TX. This show is always a favorite with the homemade pot luck lunch, gift exchange and Christmas atmosphere. Looking to another fun show this year. Be sure to mark it on your calendar.

You can always find the latest upcoming shows on our website

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director

Our region is very active in social media. We are a member of Pinterest and have our own Facebook page. You can check out what is going on in our region through these social media sites at:  and
For those traveling to Novi, MI for the International show  this weekend , the Great Lakes Region wishes you safe travels. We hope you enjoy the show, visit the vendors and have a great time meeting exhibitors from across the world.
To our American exhibitors, have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family, friends and cats. If you are traveling, we hope your journey is safe and uneventful.
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at
  • Dec 03-04 - Ohio State Persian Club, Columbus OH, 7 AB. 3 SP, 10 HHP

  • Dec 10-11 - Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers, Maumee OH, 6AB , 2SP,  8HHP 
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
Linda Smith (second from left) and her family
The Southwest Region lost one of our most beloved, Linda Smith, on October
21, 2016 after a short, brutal, painful battle with cancer. Linda
alongside her husband Larry, was a fixture in the region with Softrax
cattery and pet supply business. Linda would always step up to help
with regional events injecting fun and personality. Our thoughts are with
Larry, their daughters Candice and Samantha and granddaughter JoLin.
Words cannot express how much Linda was loved and will be missed.

Poinsettia City Cat Club in Glendale, CA on November 26 closes for entries
at 10PM Pacific on Monday, November 21. Glendale is the perfect place to
spend a Thanksgiving weekend mini-vacation. Come for the cat show, stay
for the shopping, dining and world-famous tourist sites.

The Phoenix Feline Fanciers present their annual show on December 10-11,
"It's Feline a Lot Like Christmas". This year's show features the Cornish
Rex, along with fun contests for holiday cat costumes and holiday
decorated cages. With a great show and the wonderful Phoenix weather, it
is a must-not-miss!

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director

The first of four 4-ring shows is under our belt.  Number two and three are scheduled for January 14-15 in Gardner Kansas.
Kevin Richardson and Sharon McKenzie answered the call and made it into Mary Auth's AB kitten final.  
The show was a tremendous success with 89 entries and fun, fun, fun. The champion point count rivaled larger shows - making it possible for many cats to pick up points toward their grand championship.  A Maine Coon in Premiership made his Grand Premiership: Nucoonrizn One Crane's Cooper, bred by Susan Norbury and owned by Christina Crane.  Another new Grand Premier was awarded at the show: GP Clowntown's SilverDust of Pawdancer (silver shaded ASH) owned by Kirk and Candilee Jackson.
Trophies were awarded to the top cats that, if they compete in all four 4-ring shows, will qualify for the large traveling trophy and cash prizes to be presented at the Midwest Region's annual banquet and awards dinner next July. Detailed rules for the contest are on the Midwest Region web site.
Taking top honors in Championship was:  Lilla B Hunk a Burn'n Love (red spotted tabby Oriental Shorthair) Owner: Holly McCreary. Top Kitten was: Chaos Luciano (cream Persian) Owners: Gary Swensen and Diane Wagner. Top cat in Premiership was Inthewind Stetson of Snomyst (Black/white Persian) Owners: Ruth West and Linda Fisher. The Best HHP in show was Sir Zane Gray (blue) Owner: Cheryl Boyer.
Ed Keating and Sharon McKenzie give a heave hoe to get the cages back into Ed_s trailer
Thanks to all who entered the show and a special thanks to TGIF who graciously lent us their name for the license.  Allene Keating gets big kudos for leading the committee that is organizing the 4-ring shows.
The next show in the Midwest Region is Thanksgiving weekend in Gardner Kanas.

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director
Melanie Morgan judging at Cat Fanciers' of Washington's Halloween show

The Cat Fanciers of Washington held their "haunting" Halloween show in Winchester, VA, on October 29th. Everyone enjoyed the festivities and fall in the air.  A Halloween theme was the obvious choice and the club did their best to take advantage of it.  The show attracted 146 entries which was a slight increase from the previous year.  Claire Wolfe and Mark Hannon were the co-show managers.  Club member Lisa-Maria Padilla did a terrific job with advertising the show, mostly on Facebook, which resulted in a great gate.  LMP also coordinated the vendors and there were 14 present, many not seen at a cat show before.  As you know, it is not easy to attract vendors to a one-day show.  Free apples and cider were available to the exhibitors since Winchester is known for its many apple orchards. ("More cider to Ring 5, please.")  Judges and exhibitors alike complimented the showhall and the decorations.  This is one of CFA's oldest clubs and they have a number of new member who brought lots of enthusiasm and manpower to the show which helped make it such a success.

Next year, their show will be the third weekend in October.
Jacqui Bennett with her clerk, Frank O'Connor. Their Cotton States' ring favorite thing was Christmas

The following weekend was Cotton States Cat Club in Duluth, GA. The show theme was "My Favorite Things" and the rings were decorated from the beach to Christmas to Easter with a trip to Paris and Las Vegas in between. With top fifteen in every category, and 31 household pets, the competition was fierce, but with all the wonderful prizes, ANY final was a bonus! Many accolades were heard about the club's efforts to put on such a memorable show each year, and I commend my fellow club members and especially show manager Joanne Hardemen for her huge efforts to make this show a success.

A 50/50 raffle was held at the show to benefit the Southern Region, and thanks to the winner, Joanne Hardemen, donating $100.00 of her winnings back to the region, we raised $281.00!

Thanks to everyone for supporting our Southern Region shows! Hope to see you at one soon!

Wishing everyone a successful international show and a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
Y'all come see us!

Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director

On October 29, 2016, the Royal Allbreed Cat Club held their show in Tokyo. Their club's traditional date is the third weekend of October but this year they moved their show to fourth weekend as they always coordinate their show hall according to Halloween. I think that most of the exhibitors enjoyed the club's hospitality.

Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

Reto Gfeller reports on the Edelweiss Cat Club show, held in Moscow on September 25 with 95 total entries.

Edelweiss Cat Club returns to the well accepted location Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre - the modern Pavilion 7. To attract more exhibitors and honor the long hair cats with their coat Edelweiss cat club changed the date well into September.

While the date has changed - others thing never change! To organize a CFA cat show is always a challenge and a rollercoaster of emotions - that's why we like it!

Only with passion and full dedication Edelweiss cat club was adequate to ensure the 6 ring setup. With local guest judge Artem Savin from the ICU cat organization Edelweiss cat club presented a new judge line-up. Mr. Artem Savin is actually the president of International Cat Union - with his unique appearance and solid knowledge of CFA show rules and breed standards Artem Savin earned the respect of present exhibitors. We were happy to have our Regional director Pam Delabar on the show together with CFA judge Michael Schleissner and Irinia Tokmakova - our guest judges Dmitry Gubenko (Ukraine) and Anna Nazarova.

Edelweiss Cat club looks further to invite well-known USjudges, European judges as well new local judges for upcoming CFA shows. Edelweiss 
Cat express thanks to all international exhibitors who took the long path to Moscow - additional visa costs doesn't make it easier to join this CFA show.

With a happy and a sad eye we have to report 95 total entries. The so called 'DD-CC' (double-digit cat-count) virus is still present while Edelweiss Cat club works hard to bring back the good old times. Maybe a well-known free Russian antibiotic a.k.a. as vodka can cure for the next CFA cat show here in Moscow on 18th February 2017 - Edelweiss Cat club - the magic power of the noble flower! 

International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
Frankie Chan and Danny Tai, elected ID representatives, have confirmed the changed date of August 19, 2017 in Bali as the location of the ID banquet.  There will be no associated show.  The banquet will be combined for China and the International Division.
Wikitravel says: " Bali , the famed Island of the Gods, with its varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides all providing a picturesque backdrop to its colourful, deeply spiritual and unique culture, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth.
Judges, clerks and Best Kitten and Best Cats in Championship and Premiership winners.

 Purina banquet stage decorations

Purina Pro-Plan sponsored the China American Shorthair Fanciers Club on November 12 and 13 in Beijing, China.
On Sunday night, Purina treated over 150 exhibitors and their families to a dinner banquet after the show.

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