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Our banner cat for the November 2015 Newsletter is CFA's Ninth Best Kitten, GC, NW TOXICATE BUCKING AWESOME  a brown tabby & white Longhair Exotic male.
(Photo by Chanan)


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CFA White Pages Deadline - Dec. 1

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Ah, November! The anticipation for the CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show ends this weekend, ending months of planning and preparation. We look at that, and what else is happening worldwide in CFA in this month's CFA Newsletter.

A s I write this, I am at The National Dog Show with the CFA Booth.  This is in the same facility we will use next weekend for the CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show.  We are hoping to capture a fraction of the incredible gate this dog show attracts and our presence at the dog show is part of our efforts to interest people in attending our own show.  My Exotic, Vera, is with me and as a cat at this large dog show, she's attracting lots of attention!  The manager of the facility told us last year that the dog show's gate was built over time; it was not always the great gate we see today.  Many of us have seen the same thing with our local cat shows.  By being in the same location on the same date year after year, spectators return each year and bring along friends and relatives.  This is our second year using this facility and we were offered a significant discount on our rent if we return again next year.  The CFA Board voted to return to the Philly Expo Center again next year.  With a decrease in entries this year, we are hoping to see an increased number of paying visitors to our show.  Jodell Raymond heads up our PR and advertising efforts.  She is hard at work to get out the word to the local community that there is going to be a large cat show in town next weekend.  We have invested in advertising including in social media thanks to help from board member Lisa-Marie Kuta.  If you own one or more of the 700+ cats entered in the show, you will see first-hand the results of CFA's efforts.  We received significant financial support from within the cat fancy as shown by the terrific sponsorship aid for this show.  Many thanks to each of our exhibitors and each of our sponsors for supporting this event.

I would be remiss if I mentioned this show and failed to acknowledge the support provided by Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter.  This company is a significant sponsor for CFA in many ways.  Not only do they provide the major corporate support for the International Show but they sponsor several dozen local CFA cat shows, Agility events at many of our shows, our Annual Meetings, and they advertise with our web site, printed magazine, Yearbook, and this monthly eNewsletter.  Thank you Dr. Elsey and your company for your continued support for CFA.

This has been a busy six weeks for me with the board meeting the first weekend of October followed by a number of shows: Cleveland Persian Society, National Birman Fanciers, the Cat Fanciers of Washington, Cotton States, this weekend at the dog show, and next weekend at the CFA International. Many exhibitors and judges have taken the time to approach me with their encouragement as well as their suggestions and comments.  I appreciate each of them and take them seriously.  When you see any board member at a show, please take the time to chat with them about your experiences, both positive and negative.  Let them know what you think might make CFA even better.
Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
We are within days of the International Show.  C.O. has been very busy assisting the Show Committee with all the necessary arrangements and pre-show needs.  

C.O. staff with be on site starting Thursday before the show and through Sunday of the show.  Assisting from C.O. will be Brian, Shelly, Michelle, Verna and I.  Also on hand will be Jodell and Pat Zollman.  Pat is with Helms Briscoe, she assisted with the site arrangements for both the International Show and our Annuals the last few years.  Please stop by the C.F.A. booth, introduce yourself, say hello and pick up subscriptions for the Yearbook and Cat Talk Magazine. 

We are excited for our first CFA Kitten Bowl to be held at the show with our shelter kitties.  A special C.O. thank you to Jill Archibald for her assistance beforehand and at the show. Without her assistance this event could not have become a reality. 

Also at the show we will be rolling out our new "Kids Read Cats" program.  We have reached out to the libraries, daycare services and literacy programs in and around the Oaks area.  Authors, Mary Jane Cogan of "There Once Was a Cat," and Kristen Heimerl, author of "Inspector Dewey," will both be with us.  They plan to read their books to those attending.  They will be tag teaming their book readings, both Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. 

For your information, C.O. will remain open up to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the day after. 

A reminder for those Breed Councils members that do have ballot issues to vote on this year, and not all of you do, please remember the ballots must be received in C.O. by 12:00 midnight, December 15, 2015.

I hope I have the opportunity to meet and speak with many of you at the International Show.  Travel safely, good luck and have fun at the show.  

IT Report
Tim Shreck
IT Committee Chair 

With the offering of Cattery Offspring reports (now available as an Excel file or a printed document), we are within one item of again offering all the CFA services available to customers before the Computer transition began in May of 2014. There is only the DM notification process to complete to have your full array of services back again. DM notifications are scheduled to go out soon. Herman does now note any recently achieved DM titles.  Also recently completed is the addition of a comments field to the eCat records. This enables Central Office to add a comment about any missing information that is needed to process a registration and can be seen in your eCats screen.  Emails are also being sent out for the needed information.

This does not indicate that the transition is entirely complete. There are still applications that need to be completed but the services you were receiving before will have been completely restored. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Work will continue on addition applications and enhancements to current processes.  One of the next major enhancement will be the connecting of your cattery number and information to your eCat account. Details of this process should be out with weeks. This enhancement will allow other services to be moved to eCats for online updates and renewals.
Please feel free to communicate any problems or errors directly to The Central Office staff so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

2015 Breed Council Ballots

The 2015 Breed Council Ballots went live in the system October 26th. You should have received an email with instructions detailing the options for voting and your Code for online voting. Note that there are a three options for completing the ballots.
Breed Council members may choose one of these.

1. Online through Classmarker at

2. Download a PDF of the ballot from the CFA site and return it by mail to Central Office

3. Request that a paper ballot is sent to you from Central Office.

Please note that you will only submit your vote by ONE of the three methods. All ballots must be submitted online or RECEIVED in the Central Office by 12:00 midnight December 15, 2015.

Instructions for each method are included in the email from Central office. Unless a Breed Council member requests a paper ballot, there will be NO mailing for these ballots, so please be on the look out for the email with instructions from Kristi. You should have received an individual email with a on-line code for each Breed. If you do NOT receive it, you should contact Kristi immediately. She is the Central Office point of contact for membership questions or to request a paper ballot. Contact Kristi at or 330-680-4070 X 17.

Only 18 Breed Councils have ballots this year. The following Breed Councils have a Ballot. If you are a current member of one of these Breed Councils and have not received ballot information, please contact Kristi Wollam in Central Office at 330-680-4070 ext 17.

American Curl
Egyptian Mau
European Burmese
Japanese Bobtail
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Russian Blue
Selkirk Rex
Turkish Angora

Melanie Morgan/Carla Bizzell
Co-Chairs Breeds and Standards
CFA Website
Kathy Durdick
CFA Webmaster

There is a new article available online now - from the 2011 CFA Yearbook, "Calico and Bi-Color Persians"

CFA International Cat Show
Entries for the CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Show have closed. Here's an overview of where all of the show's exhibitors are coming from

Exhibitor (382) Locations
USA =  317
AL -    1                      ID -        1                    MT -    0                      RI -    3
AK -    0                     IL -        2                    NC -   14                    SC -   3
AR -    0                     IN -        2                    ND -     0                    SD -   0
AZ -    4                      KS -      7                    NE -     1                     TN -   2
CA -  30                     KY -      7                    NH -     1                    TX -   4
CO -   3                     LA -      1                     NJ -     28                   UT -   2
CT -    3                      MA -  13                     NM -     2                    VA - 16
DE -    1                      MD -   23                   NV -      1                    VT -   2 
DC -    2                     ME -      2                    NY -    20                   WA -   4
FL -   13                     MI -      16                   OH -    18                   WI -    4
GA -     7                     MN -      3                    OK -     1                     WV -   6
HI -       1                     MO -      1                    OR -     2                    WY -   0
IA -       0                     MS -      0                    PA -    40                   
ON -    14                   QC -    1                      NS -   0
EUROPE =  32
Belgium = 1              Denmark = 2                        Switzerland = 1
Finland =  1               Italy =  3                     Spain =     3  
France =   5               Malta =  1                   Russia =   8             
Germany =  3            Norway =  1               Ukraine =  3
ASIA = 17
Japan =  5                 China =  3                 South Korea =  2
Hong Kong =  3        Thailand =  4
Brazil = 1

Entries by Breed to Date
Entries by Breed 1st half of 2015-2016 show season
Top 10 (with 71% of total entries):

 # Entries
% of Total
Exotic 2,316 12.5%
Maine Coon Cat 1,731 9.3%
British SH 1,589 8.5%
American SH 1,411 7.6%
Household Pets 1,011 5.4%
Ragdoll 809 4.4%
Oriental 551 3.0%
Scottish Fold 531 2.9%
Abyssinian 498 2.7%

Note: LH exotics are included in the Persian entry numbers. Also, numbers include multiple entries the same weekend and cats that may be absent at shows)

Teresa Keiger

Q. What do a rock star, an internet cat video sensation, and a leading cat artist/author have in common? 
A. Interviews in the December issue of Cat Talk magazine! 
(no, we're not kidding about the rock star - and it IS cat-related!)
Plus - holiday foibles and a police line-up, we continue our series on how to produce a show, and we look at a segment of the cat fancy who have their thoughts and memories indelibly inked.

With the holidays coming up, why not think about gifting a Cat Talk subscription? Your recipient will receive a card notifying them of your gift. It would be a great gift for your vet or "interested in everything cat" pet owners (and the online version is perfect for your overseas friends, too!)

Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in October is available here.

Dr. Glenn Olah Delivers a Winn - Yes! It happened!  
Glenn's ride began in Taos, NM, and traversed multiple steep ascents and descents and crossed the Rocky Mountains from west to east over  La Veta pass.  His journey ended in Denver, CO at the Rocky Mountain Cat Club "Spooktacular" cat show held at the Crown Plaza International Airport Hotel. He was a featured guest speaker on the status of research on feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a lethal viral disease primarily affecting young cats.
The bike event raised over $2000 in donations and over $500 in purchases of bike jerseys displaying the Winn Feline Foundation name and logo. Glenn also videotaped portions of his ride and his presentation on FIP with an action camera. The videos can be viewed on Winn's YouTube channel. ( While you are there, please join as a subscriber.
A Grant Award to Study Amyloidosis
Winn is pleased to announce a research grant award to determine a genetic cause of amyloidosis in Siamese and Oriental-related breeds of cats. 

Amyloidosis is a group of diseases which cause the build-up of amyloid proteins in different organs, such as the kidney and liver. The deposited proteins clog the organs causing the organs to eventually fail, leading to death from liver or kidney failure. 
The study is funded through the generous support of private donations from around the world concerned about the significant impact of amyloidosis. The whole genome sequencing phase of the study will begin this month. Supporters continue to raise funds for future amyloidosis research. 
Planned giving (tax) tip for November

Calendar year taxpayers should be planning and making your final 2015 charitable gift now.  Charitable donations must be made by December 31 to deduct this tax year.  Only contributions actually made, not just promised, during this tax year are deductible in this year.  For example, if you make a pledge for a charitable donation during 2015, and paid half this year and half in 2016, the amount actually paid this year would be deductible this year and the other half paid next year would be deductible on your 2016 taxes. For any questions, please contact

Winn Give Now

Please make note of our new contact information:
Mailing address: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Website address:

The Ordinance Passed And It Is All Over With In San Angelo, TX: Or Is It?
On October 6, 2015, San Angelo's city council voted 5:1 to amend the current animal control ordinance. The new ordinance has the following characteristics:
* All dogs & cats over 4 months of age are required to be spayed/neutered and microchipped.
* Owners are required to maintain documentation of spay/neuter operations and microchip information.
-        Breeders with a current breeder's permit and a veterinarian health statement that verifies a microchip with number,
-        Medical reasons with documented recommendations from a veterinarian in the animal`s medical record,
-        Competition animals with the proper documentation to demonstrate an animal's activity,
-        Service animals for law enforcement, rescue, and service animals used by disabled individuals, or
-        Animals transferred to another animal shelter or rescue group that provide an application to the city agreeing to follow all state and local laws.
* Allows owners to sell their pet with a Breeder's Permit.
* Allows for 6 months after approval to begin enforcement.
* Eliminate the prohibition to give away an animal under article 3.02.011 and 3.04.001.
The ordinance has passed. So why are we taking up this space?  Because sometimes when it appears to be over, things are just getting started. Such as when the topic festered again in the public comment session of the November 3, 2015 council meeting.
According to " Drama Dominates Spay/Neuter Discussion at San Angelo City Council Meeting " (by Brandy Ramirez, San Angelo Live, 11/3/2015) one resident said she would file a petition to have the microchipping part of the ordinance repealed. She was not the only one who found the ordinance problematic. Mayor Dwain Morrison said it was a double standard that the city could sell animals in the city limits but for anyone else it would be a $500 fine per event. He also stated that in the 2 weeks since the ordinance passed, intakes were higher at the shelter and people were dumping their pets in areas outside of town because of the high penalties of owning the pets.
Per the article Mayor Morrison said "This is a terrible, terrible ordinance that is going to kill more animals than anything we've envisioned. This is part of the unintended consequences of an ordinance that is going to cause people to dump their animals. There will be more animals at the shelter. There will be more animals euthanized. And that is the exact opposite of what you told us when we voted on this. I'm going on record and will say that this ordinance is bad. This ordinance needs to be rescinded, and I don't know how many unnecessary animal deaths it's going to take before we realize we made a mistake."
The Mayor finished with saying he would give the required 72 hour notice to call a special meeting to repeal the ordinance if 3 other council members would join him. In a comment to the article, Anthon Wilson, Public Information Officer, clarified that to overcome provisions of the city charter, 4 members of the council were required to vote in favor of placing consideration of the repeal of the ordinance on a future agenda. Otherwise, there is a 6 month waiting period after an ordinance has been adopted before it could be reconsidered.
Mayor Morrison may have been the lone vote against the ordinance on October 6 but he wasn't the lone voice on November 3. The ordinance debate is over only when the residents decide it is over.

Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -
by Candilee Jackson, Chair

Ambassador Online Newsletter Report:  November 2015      Candilee Jackson, Ambassador Chair
Committee Updates:  Huzzah!  All of the Ambassador program materials have been moved to Central Office in Alliance, Ohio, hopefully making everyone's life a great deal easier.  Additionally,
ALL our materials (handbook, breed profile, show hall pamphlet) are now available as electronic
documents.  This way anyone can access them quickly, translate them as needed, and print them
out for shows.  This will save a great deal of money budgeted toward postage.
At the moment we are looking for a volunteer to handle coordinating Ambassador efforts in Region 1.  Anyone interested, please contact me directly:
Region 1:  
Diana Coppola has a great time at the National Birman Fanciers Show in Hatfield PA.  "Miss Fudgie" was in her new harness and is practising her new role as Ambassador where she will make her debut at the Ambassador Booth at the International Show later this month.  Also charming the gate was "Zooty P'Tooty", a thirteen year old Birman who loves visiting with children.
Region 3:  Janis Walkingstick
These smiling faces are new region 3 ambassadors. Welcome to  Dr. Warren Joubert, DVM and Linda Galloway, PhD . No, you don't have to be some kind of 'doctor' to be an Ambassador for CFA but it sure helps to have welcoming smiles like these two. They were announced as new ambassadors for the Gulf Shore Region at the "Fun Raiser" show in Cleburne, Texas in late October. Spectators and breeders alike were thrilled to see such beautiful cats. The show made money for the region with a big entry and wonderful raffle tables.  We hope to see our new Ambassadors at work at the two upcoming Gulf Shore shows in December.See you at the shows!
Region 4:  Mariane Toth
Hallmark Cat Club put on a great show that really attracted the interest of both exhibitors and gate.  The show featured a Halloween costume parade and cage decorating which "lured" spectators in for a closer look and an excellent opportunity for conversation.
Region 5:  Shari Millar, Ken Cribbs
Shari Millar was excited to fly to a Region 2 show in Livermore CA for a show known for its large family-oriented gate.
Hawai'i Division, Ken Cribbs.
Aloha Cat Fanciers' annual Halloween Cat Fanciers Cat Show at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu was loads of fun for everyone! Cleverly costumed cats and humans strutted their stuff in a beautifully decorated show hall. The Cats-in-Costumes Contest was competitive and especially fascinating for younger visitors. The Ask-a-Vet booth stayed busy with Dr. Richard Fujie dispensing sage advice. Our fabulous judges -- Donna Fuller, Hilary Helmrich, and Brian and Pam Moser -- enjoyed the luxury of having only a limited number of entries to judge, so they had plenty of time to educate and entertain the public. The balmy weather was perfect, the potluck luncheon was delicious, and across the street was one of the world's most beautiful beaches. What more could we ask?
Ken Cribbs, Aloha Cat Fanciers Halloween Show
Region 6:  Candilee Jackson
Fall is the busy time for the Midwest Region as there is a show nearly every weekend from September through November.  Omaha NE welcomed Sandhills/Midlands Cat Show as they provided a "PINK OUT" in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month ... the show hall was a sea of pink, complete with cancer prevention information as well as a memorial for CFA cancer
victims and a celebration for survivors.  Springfield IL, Illinois State Fairgrounds, saw an excited gate of the curious:  also on the fairgrounds that weekend were dog shows and an equestrian exhibition.  The show also had a number of children who were thrilled to be able to touch show kitties!  The Indy Cat Club put on their 44th annual show to a large gate with lots of questions.  There weren't any show hall pamphlets left at the end of the weekend!  Next up was Midwest TGIF's spectacular at Purina Farm's Event Center just outside St Louis MO.  This is the showhall to die for, complete with gourmet restaurant and a show hall larger than a football field with a PADDED floor.  Again, the gate was curious as there was a dog agility training going on in the hall next door, and the farm welcomes visitors from far and wide on a daily basis.  No questions out of the ordinary, but the visitors were excited to see a little brown Tonk walking around on her harness and leash for the weekend!

Guy André Pantigny 1958 - 2015 
"In nature all comes in cycles"

First cycles looks closed, but as you change your view - you will see cycles are open - open cycles with an elevation. As an end joins a start the single cycles begin to form a spiral - a spiral-of-life.
With this article we start to build a projection of Guy André Pantigny's spiral-of-life by presenting different cycles to you.
Can you enlighten our memories by providing a cycle you shared with Guy Pantigny?
Please send your cycles in short text summaries to Sophie Duperrier ( till end of November. The goal is to publish a great projection of Guy André Pantigny's spiral-of-life in the December newsletter - the last newsletter of this year.
To give you some ideas we publish some cycles already collected and start the projection of Guy André Pantigny's spiral-of-life right now!

Corporate Affliates


Studio 6

Budget Car Rental
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Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 

A wonderful fall weekend was spent in Easton, PA, with the Liberty Trail club followed by a trip to the frozen north - oh, wait, it wasn't frozen because New Hampshire FF moved their show from late January to early November! What a joy to avoid the usual snow and ice. Gate was amazing. Next week brings us to the much anticipated International show in Oaks, PA - looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Region 2
by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary

On October 17 and 18, the Emerald Cat Club & Steinbeck Country Cat Club held their annual show in  St. Helens, OR.  The theme was "It's Halloween".  The towns of St. Helens and Scapoose hold a yearly celebration called "Halloween Town".  This is in honor of a Disney movie that was filmed here in 1998.  Lots of costumes and decorations to be seen in St. Helens proper.  The show itself is held at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in a hexagonal shaped building.  It is a beautiful picturesque setting.
As you all know, the Veteran class is very big in Region 2. Pictured right is Tammy Roark's CH GP RW Tamarakatz Flying Solo, a seven year old Somali.  Flying Solo is new addition to our Veteran class and doing quite well.

On November 7 th, the Golden Gate Cat Club presented "Color of Autumn" in Livermore, CA.  Lovely show hall for a very nice show.  I was especially impressed with the Rosettes.  The club used the concept of one rosette per cat entered.  The judges awarded small plaques with the award and the j udge's name printed on the plaque.  The exhibitor then attached the plaque to the rosette.  The clerks used the very popular ring signs that let the spectators know which position and award was given. I have added a picture of For-Real Life-of-Riley, a seal point and white Grand Premier Ragdoll owned and exhibited by Terri Clarke.
The Utah Cat Fanciers is hosting their annual show this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The theme is "Snocats - Frozen - Not!"  The club puts on a great show and the members have a wonderful sense of humor.
In December, Lewis and Clark Long Hair Specialty Club will hold their traditional show at the Double Tree@Lloyd Center in Portland, OR.  This two day show is one of the region's top shows and is a big favorite.  Show fills and fills early each and every year.  It doesn't do to hesitate entering.
Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director  

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! What a GREAT and spectacular FUN raiser was had by all in Cleburne, TX. 
Paula Noble wins Sturdi Cage setup
The Gulf Shore Regional Fundraiser was a success!! Thanks to Mike and Leesa Altschul for working so hard on the fun part of a great show and seeing them come through.  We had a humongous turn out in spite of the wicked wet weather, 22.41 inches of rain in just a few hours.  Now a record to be beaten.  The Executive Committee was asked if we could start the show late and they agreed. Thank you to Mark Hannon and the rest of the committee, we are deeply thankful for our late start, since it allowed ample time for a BUNCH of exhibitors from the Houston area to try again to attend.
 Jailed judge Jeff Jantzen raising bail
Did I mention that we had FUN?  The Front Range Cat Fanciers was a sponsoring club and they had fun as well.  We had a judge in "jail" and a raffle that never ended.  Congratulations to Paula Noble for winning the Sturdi Cage 'setup' on Saturday!!! There is NO way we could have pulled it off without the support of our many exhibitors for their generous donations to both the Region and to FRCF.  FRCF's show manager, Toni Huff reports that, with the help of Tracey Bayarena, they were happy to help the region with the rosettes and tear down after the show. If I started a thank you list, it wouldn't fit in this column, so THANK YOU to those of you that made it all seamless.  Thank you to Becky Galloway for staying to the bitter end and helping clean up.

I heard from the jailed judge, and a big thank you goes out to Pat for her 'bail money' LOL!!

Looking forward to our upcoming shows, we will be together again at Brazos Valley Cat Club in Rosenberg December 52015, then on to Jan Rogers show, Show and Tell in Cleburne, TX on December 192015 do NOT miss out on the pot luck lunch, then Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers with Colorado Cat Fanciers show in Loveland, CO on January 16-17 2016 and who could forget Wichita on February 6-7 2016.  Following in Beaumont TX, Wildcatters on February 27-282016.
Looking forward to seeing ya'll in the show hall.

Region 4
 by John Colilla, Regional Director
We have a Facebook page and are a member of Pinterest, both which provide information about our region. The links are   and
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
  • December 5-6 Ohio State Persian Club at Columbus, Ohio 7AB and 3 SP
  • December 11-12 Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers at Taylor, Michigan 6 AB and 2 SP

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
Have you gotten pinned yet? 2016 Annual pinned that is. If not, you can purchase your pin for $20 from Cyndy Byrd at the CIS (she'll be benched with the British Shorthairs) or me at any show in the region. Looking for a getaway over Thanksgiving? Poinsettia City in Glendale, CA is just a few miles from everywhere. Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the mountains and the beach are all within 20 miles. It's a one day-six ring show, leaving you time for shopping, sight-seeing and relaxing.
Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary

November CFA Online Newsletter:  MWR Report         Candilee Jackson, MWR Secretary
Planning Committee Update:  Your planning committee is currently working finalizing the show committee and assigning various jobs to MWR people to assist with the show process.  Our overall manager is Pam DeGolyer and Heather Minnemann is the show manager.  Based on the region's survey and input, our slate of judges is complete:  Saturday judges will be Patti Jacobberger (AB), Darrell Newkirk (AB), Chuck Gradowski (AB), Jacqui Bennett (AB) and Rachel Anger (SP); the Sunday line up includes Kathy Calhoun (AB), Ken Currle (AB), Gary Powell (AB), Mary Auth (SP) and Brian Pearson (SP).  Currently in the works are rosettes, selection of regional awards and theme colors.  The regional awards show is set in concrete at for June 4-5, 2016, at the Wyndham West Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Show Reports:
Sandhills/Midlands Cat Club:  October 10-11, 2015, Omaha, NE
Sandhills "Pink Out" show was an awesome success!  DotDotDot's Sam I Am, a chocolate spotted 5 month old Ocicat male kitten won The Paula Boroff award for Best Kitten in Show (Breeders/owners, Dr Roger and Nancy Brown)
Illinois Feline Fanciers, October 17-18, 2015, Springfield IL
IFF did a bang-up job with their show at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield IL.  Always a great venue for a strong spectator presence, this show was a wonderful place to show off our spectacular kitties.  At the same time, at other places in the fairgrounds were both dog and horse shows, bringing in the curious!  
Indy Cat Club, October 31-November 1, 2015, Indianapolis IN
Guided by show manager, Pam DeGolyer, the Indy Cat Club celebrated its 44th annual show in Indianapolis IN.  A highlight of the show were the lovely Russian Blue kittens ... TEN of them!  many thanks to Renee Farley and Midwest Graphics for their ideas, donations and many hours of hard work to make the show a giant success.
Midwest TGIF, November 7-8, 2015, Gray Summit MO
Hands down the best venue in the Midwest, TGIF held its fall show at the gorgeous Purina Farms Event Center, just 15 minutes outside St Louis in Gray Summit MO.  This lovely facility was built for the specific purpose of showing dogs and cats, and boasts a PADDED floor in its larger than football field sized show facility.  Along with its gourmet cafe, and beautiful rollings hills vista, this
is an exhibitors dream!  Cary Plummer was so excited to have Topknow Bobby Bullet of Stars R Us best champion in Gene Darrah's ring, and later best AB champion and best in show in John Webster's ring!
MWR Brags:
Breeders/owners John and Nancy Hitzeman are proud to announce the GC Acadiacoons Dr Richard J Gartling (aka "Doc" ... aka "The House Mole") became a grand champion at the Indy Cat Club Show on November 1st. Doc is a male brown mackerel tabby and white Maine Coon Cat.
Kirk and Candilee Jackson are excited to have GP GC Kiwendo's Lady Bronwyn of Pawdancer, a natural solid spay, became a grand premierat the Illinois Feline Fanciers Show in Springfield, IL.  The breeder is Karen Willis of Austin, TX.
Tom Lukken and Jack Nichols , (breeders/owners) are pleased to announce Go-TeeKatz Hazlee, a female calico bi-color Persian, became a grand champion at the Midwest TGIF Show on November 8th.  
Lonnie Alitz is very proud to announce Penelane Finnegan of Wee Three, a red point Colorpoint Shorthair male, became a grand premier AND A TWO SHOW GRAND in Darrell Newkirk's ring on Sunday, November 8th, at Purina Farms in Gray Summit MO.  Breeder is Michelle Lukic and owner is Lonnie Alitz.
Upcoming Shows:
November 28-29                     Frontier Feline Fanciers          Gardner KS
No shows in December

January 9-10                           Lucky Tom/Tiger's Lair            St Louis MO

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

Cotton States Cat Club held their annual show in Atlanta, Georgia the first weekend of November.  It was not only the highest count show in the country that weekend, it was the highest count show so far this show season!  This year exhibitors enjoyed a fantasyland of leprechauns, unicorns, flying frogs, magic carpets, and cats reading tarot cards.    There were 21 unique vendors, giving exhibitors and spectators lots of choices for early Christmas shopping.    And though the competition was fierce, everyone I talked to told me they would never want to miss it!
Great attention to detail-from the meticulous construction of the "toppers" and all the ring theme decorations and all of the genuine enthusiasm the members pour into working on the show.   It reminded me that each time we attend a show, we must appreciate all of the hard work that our friends and fellow exhibitors put into ALL of our shows!
Thank you to all of our CFA clubs and members for all of your efforts on our shows!


The items below were submitted by Mark Hannon ...

On November 1, 2015 the cat fancy lost its greatest ambassador, GC,GP,NW Beauetchere HopeUDance of Perzot, a calico Exotic owned by Dave & Shirley Peet.  Hope was a familiar and welcome addition to many cat shows over the past 15 years greeting visitors to the shows, helping sell raffle tickets, and in general putting a smile on faces everywhere.  Cat fanciers will miss this familiar face at our shows.

Cotton States Cat Club
November 7-8, 2015
Duluth GA

Marilee Griswold

                       David Fry                                                         Larry Adkison

Jean Dugger conducting Regional Meeting

The Cat Fanciers of Washington
October 31, 2015
Winchester VA

          Ellyn Honey & Gene Darrah                                                  Hope Gonano

                               Gary Powell

Jan Stevens

Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
I'm very proud to be able to announce about the Japan Annual Regional Show to all. We can keep our show place in Kobe. We held the Regional show in Tokyo every year, but next Regional show will be held in Kobe Port terminal, a very good place. We hope that many exhibitors and their cats will join us!

We need new show sponsor and supporters because we lost our sponsor. Please help us !!!
This is show flyer for Regional show in new year. I hope this show will be the biggest show in Japan Region. Thank you for your cooperation !!
Region 9

by Michael Hans Schleissner

Neufchatel church
eufchatel, France - 31st Oct & 1st Nov 2015 - Cats'N cats - total 95 entries The French CFA club Cats'N cats holds their 1st show of the season in Neufchatel-en-Bray, Normandy, France, Europe. Neufchatel-en-Bray is around 140km = 90miles north-west from Paris, the French capital city. This location is attractive for exhibitors living in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (3 driving hours) and surrounding Germany (5 driving hours) and sure all exhibitors from north-France & Paris area.
Neufchatel-en-Bray is known as the home of one of the oldest cheese of France simple called 'Neufchatel'. The name of the cheese is simple but the shape is special, real original 'Neufchatel' cheese is produced in the shape of a heart. 'Neufchatel' cheese has a complex taste, is a bit salty & sharp, contains aroma like mushrooms - the surface has a grainy texture - a true unique delicacy from France, Europe.
Richard Maignaut with exhibitor

Cats'N cats shows us there is much more than 'all-breed' rings and a specialty ring can be presented well different to the audience. Cats'N cats invited John Hansson, guest judge from United Kingdom, to present on Saturday the SH cats. This allowed John Hansson to present the cats in more detail and with more interaction with the visitors. Even after his last final John took the opportunity to continue the communication with exhibitors and visitors. On Sunday the show management took the challenge to present 5 concurrent judges with different ring types. Richard Maignaut presents the LH cats with patience and well details to the Sunday visitors and true enjoys to present his 'best cats'. With native French language Richard supports show management after his last final to communicate with audience about more complex cat topics like colors and CFA standards.

 W ith last years' experience about up to 2'000 visitors Cats'N cats choose a different show hall setup: This year the 5 judging rings were placed in the middle of the show hall and surrounding area keep free for exhibitors and those visitors to watch all judging rings. All exhibitors had short paths and most important still space to reach the rings in time with beautiful groomed cats on their hands. Thanks to all judges for their professional time sensitivity some minor issues on Saturday could be compensated as well a major issue on Sunday did not affect the show schedule - thanks to all exhibitors for good listening - thanks to the whole clerking team to follow as well adapt the show schedule - in a good team nobody felt left alone.
Guy Pantigny

To select a date and a location is the birth of a CFA show. A lot decisions must be made along the road towards the show. First we did not understood how small puzzle parts builds that path - how important each & every decision was. Guided by a magic hand - awaked by an emotional thunderstorm - on Sunday morning 1st November 2015 we realized to be at the right place - at the right time due this unique event.

This Sunday morning, close to the show location our Cats'N cats president Guy André Pantigny passed away and left this world with a comment "show must go on!". As you read these lines 'safe & home' we are now - 'safe & home' indeed. Sophie Duperrier, Cats'N cats secretary, France, Europe
International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
There are still many unclaimed International Division award winners who have not contacted the ID about claiming their awards.  ID award winners should contact Maggie Kwan in Hong Kong via email (
It was a very busy month in the ID with 11 shows.
Taiwan Cat Fanciers had their first show of the season in Taichung, Taiwan on October 24, 2015 with 3 more Taiwan shows planned in 2015.
Cat Fanciers of Korea had their 2 nd show on October 18 in Paju-Si, South Korea with judges Bob Zenda, Teresa Keiger and Brian and Pam Moser.

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