September 2018
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Our banner cat for September is CFA's Sixth Best Kitten Regions 1-9 GC, NW TOXICATE MIST WATER-COLORED MEMRIES a blue-patched spotted tabby and white Exotic.

(photo by Chanan)


September 25
CFA International Show closing date.

CFA Central Office will be closed Monday, October 8 for Columbus Day

Wow, what a month!! Here in soggy central NC, I've been thinking about both my fellow Tarheels to the east, and about our fanciers in Hong Kong and south China as storms strike each on opposite sides of the world. Wishing for everyone's safety, and as speedy a recovery as possible.

Folks are going to start reading this issue of the Newsletter, get halfway through, and think "Wow, this just keeps on!" Take a look at that table of contents on the immediate left - YES there IS a lot of news this month! I almost ran out of allocated blocks for this email program, that's how much news we had this month! How exciting is that?

Here's hoping to see a lot of you at the International Show next month!


With Hurricane Florence hitting parts of the United States and Typhoon Mangkhut hitting Asia this weekend, we hope all our fanciers, their families, and their pets are safe. The news reports show devastation in many areas. Those in the affected areas are in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe everyone!

Many our you are aware that four of our CFA judges were recently detained in China while there judging a cat show. We are pleased to report that later that week they were permitted to return home after what had to be a terrifying ordeal. We have had for some months a law firm in China advising us and the International/Asia Committee, the Judging Program, and the board are working to do our best to make sure there is not a reoccurrence. We need to make sure that our judges are safe when they travel outside their home country and that we abide by the local laws wherever our judges accept assignments. That is part of what makes us an international organization. Rest assured that we are hard at work to deal with any issues that arise.

Rich Mastin, Kathy Calhoun and I visited the Central Office earlier this month.  We met with a number of staff members to discuss issues related to their respective jobs and we hosted lunch for the staff. It is nice to be able to spend time with the staff and for them to get to know some of CFA's officers.  We even got to meet Batman & Robin, two rescue kittens now living at the office.

Job Announcement: We are looking for a Director of Development. The job announcement will be placed on the CFA website within the next few days if it is not already there. Basically, the person selected for this job will be responsible for planning, organizing and directing CFA corporate sponsorships and related trade shows and conferences. The person hired will work from home, not at the Central Office.

Dick Kallmeyer continues to analyze our registrations.  For the period of January to August our registrations increased 15.6% over the same period a year ago.  61.2% of our registrations came from China.  In fact one breed, the Ragdoll in China, comprises 32% of all CFA registrations.We register more Ragdolls in China than the total of all our breeds in Regions 1-9.  

Within a few weeks this year's CFA International Cat Show sponsored by Royal Canin will be here. Show Manager Linda Murphy, Assistant Show Managers Jim Flanik and Teresa Sweeney, and their committees are hard at work to make sure the show is a big success. They are working closely with CFA's Special Events Coordinator, Allene Tartaglia. Many of you have responded to our requests for sponsorship funds and we are appreciative. Many thanks to Lorna Friemoth who coordinated this effort. This is an expensive show to produce and we can not do it without the support of our fellow fanciers. We recently added a Friday night hospitality at the show hotel so make plans to attend. The show is scheduled for October 13-14 in Cleveland, Ohio. Be sure to keep up with the latest show news on our Blog  which is managed by Mary Kolencik. I hope to see many of you at this show next month.

We are pleased to introduce to you the newest members of the Central Office Family.... Batman & Robin !

Batman & Robin are brothers who come to us from a local rescue organization called Kitties and Pitties located in Canton, Ohio.
The brothers were born on June 6, 2018 and were raised in a foster home until 2 of our associates, Kylie and Amanda, brought them to our attention. Batman & Robin are very affectionate and playful.

CO has been a long while without cats and these guys have definitely brought joy back into our days.

A special thank you goes out to Royal Canin for their donation of kitten food for our growing boys.

If you get a chance, stop by to visit our newest family members. They will steal your heart like they have ours.

It's hard to follow up with attention getting news after a kitten picture but we'll try anyway.

Are you ready to party? We are ready for you to party at the CFA International Cat Show's hospitality on Friday night, October 12. The hospitality will be held at the host hotel, the Marriott Cleveland Airport to start immediately after Friday's exhibitor check-in closes at the I-X Center, 7:00PM. Party essentials will be on hand: hors d'oeuvres, beverages, punch, cash bar and a DJ. A big THANK YOU to all the donors who are making this fun night possible!

The September 25th deadline for entering your cats at the CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin is approaching fast. Don't get shut out. Enter today at

Meet the CFA Central Office Staff!
Judy Minich

interview by Geri Fellerman 

Judy first joined the Central Office staff in 2012 as part of the registrations crew. After some time off in 2017 to care for her new granddaughter, Judy rejoined CFA recently, returning to the all-important registrations department. Happy that the computer system is improving, Judy really enjoys all aspects of her job, with each day bringing some new and interesting challenges.

Prior to joining CFA, Judy showed her love of animals by working as a groomer. And if that last name sounds familiar, it's because her daughter, Erica, also works in CFA's Central Office and was profiled last month.

Two of Judy's three children are grown and on their own but the youngest, age 16 is home and is being home schooled. Judy is also kept busy raising her year old granddaughter. When not busy with the kids, Judy very much enjoys engaging in her musical talents, both through singing and playing the keyboard.

Attending her first cat show years ago with Donna Jean Thompson enabled Judy to experience many of the different breeds and colors to give her a better understanding of the registrations that come across her desk daily.

By Karen Lawrence

Richard Gebhardt and his partner John Bannon at a recent Garden State show
Richard Gebhardt (left) and partner John Bannon visiting a recent Garden State show. Photo courtesy Larry Johnson

When 14-year old Richard Gebhardt purchased his first black Persian for $10 in 1945, who knew that he would have such a great impact on the cat fancy and CFA in particular.
Dick's loyalty was always to the cat, and secondly, to CFA. As a breeder and exhibitor, he excelled with black Persians GC, NW Vel-Vene's Voo Doo of Sylva-Wyte (CFA Cat of the Year, 1959) and GC, NW Silva-Wyte Trafari of J.B. (CFA Cat of the Year, 1969). He also showed Manx, American Shorthairs, and American Wirehairs. He also bred Japanese Chin dogs, and was an avid horseman.
Club membership was an early interest for Richard as well, and as a teenager he joined the Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey in 1947, eventually becoming club President at the young age of 22. Valuable experience was gained through club duties and the opportunity to interact with the great breeders of that era - Miss Elsie Hydon (Lavender) among them. He grew to respect the handling abilities of judges, Matil Rotter in particular, of whom he said, "she had a manner of judging that was truly inspiring."
with Abydos Phoenix,  1983
In 1953, Mr. Gebhardt became a CFA judge, and he would forever change the atmosphere in a judging ring! He firmly believed that it was important to make the cat show glamorous, so he immediately broke the trend of judges in white lab coats and wore a sports jacket for his first judging assignment in Boston. He became known for his colorful sports jackets! From this small step, his judging ring grew to be a place of interest, fashion and showmanship. And, oh, how he could handle a cat with flair and finesse! His judging skills resulted in invitations to judge, and represent CFA, throughout the world. Dick retired from judging in 2008 after 55 years in the ring. He was awarded the Judge Emeritus status by the CFA Board of Directors, and was also presented with CFA's Medal of Honor for his contributions to the association.
Dick's greatest contribution was through his vision of what CFA "could be" and, as President of CFA for 12 years (1968-1980), he quietly guided CFA through an era of its largest growth. He initiated the litter registration, eliminated registration by affidavit, and introduced a policy that prevented owners from putting their cattery name as a prefix on cats they had not bred. Under his guidance, the scoring system that we know today was introduced, as were the national awards that replaced the Hydon-Goodwin Awards. One of his most insightful moves was to establish a committee to focus on heading off proposed restrictive legislation.
Above all, Mr. Gebhardt believed in sharing. He once said "I have the willingness to give freely and share the things I have worked for, whether they be bloodlines or the wisdom of experience." For years, he shared through meetings, presentations, interviews and judging, but mostly through writing, with his most noteworthy book being The Complete Cat Book, published in 1992.
Most importantly, Mr. Gebhardt shared his knowledge of breeds and their standards through his writing, and occasionally, his artwork. His "ideal" drawings of the Persian and Siamese, drawn in the 1950's, stand as expert examples to this day.
Those of us who were around during the "Gebhardt" days know firsthand the impact this amazing man had on the cat fancy and CFA. Those who weren't missed a wonderful era, but they are so lucky that Dick shared his thoughts in so many publications for future generations to use as guidance.
Dick will be missed .. and there are no words to express our deep sadness at his passing.

Pet Night on Capitol Hill
By George Eigenhauser, CFA Legislative Coordinator
 Michael Piziali, Tracy Petty, George Eigenhauser, Leslie Herman,and Ritch Tindall
Thursday, September 6, 2018 brought together both sides of the political aisle at Pet Night on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Created by the Animal Health Institute (AHI) more than 20 years ago, it is now hosted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and the Pet Leadership Council (PLC). This pro-pet, bipartisan event's almost 400 attendees included members of Congress, their staff, other federal officials, industry leaders and media. It delivered the message to our federal representatives and agencies that pets are an important part of human health and quality of life.    
HABRI and PLC presented awards to more than a dozen members of Congress for their support for pet-friendly legislation. AHI presented the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill awards in the categories of cutest dog, cutest cat and cutest other pet. Talks were given by leaders from the pet care community about the importance of pet ownership in America.
CFA is a sponsor each year thanks to your donations to the Sy Howard fund. This year our sponsorship included a display table which we staffed with local fanciers. Our booth featured CFA materials such as the CFA coloring books and breed handouts which were targeted to increasing our name recognition. Government and other leaders need to be familiar with CFA, otherwise we may not be included among stakeholders to be considered when drafting legislation. Each attendee received a swag bag including printed material on CFA and more about CFA on the doggie bone shaped USB drive. Of course, each bag sported logos of the sponsors, and our logo was displayed throughout the event.
The next day Pet Night sponsors and leaders from the pet industry held a luncheon to discuss cooperation on legislative issues. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) took the lead in the discussion of matters ranging from noneconomic damages, pet accessibility in housing, and industry role in responsible drug usage. Shared initiatives include support for bipartisan legislation that increases accessibility to pets, would provide service dogs to veterans with post-traumatic stress, helps survivors of domestic violence find safe shelter with their pets, and prohibits creation and distribution of crush videos.
Thanks to Leslie Herman, Ritch Tindall, Michael Piziali, and Tracy Petty for staffing our CFA booth and working the crowd. Thanks to Mark Hannon, Kenny Currle, and Melanie Morgan for their help finding volunteers. Thanks to Allene Tartaglia and Teresa Keiger for their work on the new CFA Legislative roll up display banner.      
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group - Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news
Twin Cities CC Goes to the Fair!
Jill Singer, TCCF Show Manager

TCCF (Twin City Cat Fanciers) has done outreach for a number of years to increase our gate and educate the public about shows, CFA and cat care. Our most successful events have been when working with a local purebred dog group. The dogs have been displayed very successfully at the MN State Fair which is one of the largest and best attended (2 million plus) in the country. The Fair built a new Pet Pavilion and decided they wanted cats at the fair this year for the first time. One of the members of the dog group who also worked for the Fair Board contacted me to see if we would be willing to organize and staff a booth. This meant finding enough cat exhibitors and a rescue group who could work the 12 days, 12 hours a day of the fair. They also wanted to have live cats at the fair which proved even more difficult. The fair is very noisy and crowded and the building we were in was a tent without temperature control. 

While it was initially difficult to convince clubs to take part eventually TCCF, an ACFA group and a no kill shelter agreed. We also got support from CFA and the MW region. We did manage to get some cats in security cages on display only (no handling by spectators). It seemed show cats handled it easily. 

The booth was very successful and we passed out over 2,500 business cards marketing the show and educating the public about registered breeds, cat shows, cat care including dangers of declawing, keeping cats inside and why they should buy from an ethical breeder.

They've already invited us back for another year and we're hopeful that more cats can be exhibited next year.

Volunteers Needed
Want to help give back to CFA one week at a time? Volunteer to be a part of CFA's PAWS UP team and help answer the public's questions about pedigreed cats and CFA which we receive via CFA's 888 number. You'll work a scheduled week at your convenience, returning calls or emails that have come in. Our current team of volunteers just need a few more folks to help spread out the work a bit more and it's a great way to help with CFA outreach!

Interested? Please contact Sande Willen
CFA Marketing
Desiree Bobby
CFA Marketing & Communication Coordinator

" Collaboration is like carbonation for fresh ideas. "
Caroline Ghosn

The CFA Marketing Team is heavily focusing on marketing activities for the International Show that will take place in Cleveland, Ohio on October 13-14, 2018.
In order to reach our spectator revenue goals, we are targeting the local Cleveland market as well as Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Some of our PR and media tactics include:
  • Digital & smartphone app advertising
  • iHeart Radio Media targeted advertising
  • Community partnerships & outreach
  • Radio ads & radio show mentions/giveaways
  • TV commercial, TV media appearances, morning show & website ticket sales
  • Online event websites including Groupon
  • Partnerships with Modern Cat and Catster Magazines
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer other community print publications
  • Social media posts, advertisements & event promotion
  • Email campaigns to CFA community and Cleveland area residents
  • Partnerships with attending rescues and shelters
Partnerships with popular cat culture vendors and influencers

Have a Cat That Loves Public Displays of Affection?
We are looking for pedigree and household pet cats with great personalities that would love to be petted, snuggled and photographed in the Meet & Greet area at the International Show. Please contact Debi Gomez at with your interest and she will help with scheduling and advertising for your cat. This would be a great opportunity for exhibition, Pet Me, Ambassador or A-Cats that enjoy public attention and exposure.

If you would like to share any ideas, you may contact:
Desiree Bobby
CFA Treasurer's Report
Kathy Calhoun
CFA Treasurer

THE BOTTOM LINE - The Year of Re-Investing

Compared to last year individual and litter registration has increased $25,295 . This is a 10% increase which is great start for the season. Cattery registrations are marginally ahead of last year. There is a $1,798 increase when compared to last year. Championship confirmations, club dues and transfers are down but those categories are more than offset by increases in other categories. Those categories that are up include DNA Testing, Judging School Income and Registration via pedigree. Overall , he ordinary income category increased $35, 699.

Publications as a whole (Almanac and Yearbook) are delivering a slight profit of approximately $4,000.

Central Office expenses have increased which is driven by moderate salary increases and filling open positions.

The new computer system integration has been successfully accomplished. There are a few issues to address but overall the project went extremely smoothly. Computer expenses for the first quarter came in at a little over $76,000 which was $49,000 more that last year.
CFA Programs, Corporate expense and Legislative are at parity with both year ago and budget. Over all May was a very profitable month but CFA operated at a loss in June and July. This was due to a number of factors including expenses for the Atlanta Annual and the Computer upgrade. That being said, we still realized a small profit in Q1.

Bottom Line :In the first quarter of our fiscal year - CFA realized a $7,419 PROFIT!

For all who attended the CFA Annual in Atlanta, you are aware that this is the year of investing the profits of prior years into CFA. As a result, we will see losses in some months. In fact we could see an overall loss this year or a smaller profit. Of course we are working toward remaining profitable but we want to be transparent and realistic.

Looking ahead - The Atlanta Annual financials will be reported in the next quarterly report.

You may also reach out to me with your questions at any time at

Thank you for supporting CFA
CFA Website
Kathy Durdick, Webmaster

All of the 2017-18 season Breed Winners are now online! You can view those photos by selecting the breed you're interested in from the drop-down menu, then click the "Breed Winners" link in the menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Congratulations to all our beautiful cats - and if you have a missing photo, it's NEVER too late to add it! Just submit a good quality photo to, and I will be happy to get it posted.

CFA NewBee Program
Teresa Keiger
CFA NewBee Program

The CFA NewBee Program is growing so that we can help grow CFA! In an effort to better reach and identify new exhibitors and help them navigate their CFA show experience we are beginning an outreach initiative, and we need the help of everyone in CFA.

Regions 1-7 now have NewBee Coordinators. What we are asking of all entry clerks, show managers, and exhibitors is to let your regional coordinator know of any new exhibitors that have entered a show, or that you've met or know of. The coordinator will reach out to that new exhibitor and see what they might need going in to his first show, introduce him to the NewBee Program, and arrange for a "welcome to CFA" package to be sent to him.

Our regional coordinators are:
1. Chris June -
2. Shelly Perkins -
3. Leesa Altschul -
4. Mariane Toth -
5. Linda Hornberger -
6. Diane Wagner -
7. Leslie Carr -

They are also all listed on the CFA NewBee Program webpage. Thank you all so much for volunteering for this outreach position!

Next: you may be aware that the NewBee Program has had its own Yahoo group for over 10 years now. We have recently added a Facebook page in addition to the Yahoo group. Please be sure to steer new exhibitors to either or both of these spaces.
Yahoo Group:

Finally, a reminder to do a kind reach out to any new exhibitors (or potential new exhibitors - such as visitors to our show). A smile and a kind word is worth more than you know!
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The October issue of Cat Talk is in production as you read this newsletter. We chose as our theme this month "Homecoming," and we look at rehoming cats, providing pet owners with information along with their new kitties, and being "at home" while you and your cat are on the road. PLUS, we take a look at synthetic pheromones - do they indeed provide relaxation for our cats.

Then comes our December issue, and Candilee Jackson has message for the owners of all good little kitties:

Huzzah! It's CHRISTMAS! It's the "holidaze", it's Chanukah! it's Kwanzaa !!!!


Here's what Santa Claus needs from you:
1. your kitty's letter to Santa or a story showing how good they have been this year
2. a picture of your kitty

That's it! Nice and simple

DEADLINE: October 1st

email to:

Thank you for participating and helping make the December issue of Cat Talk

Remember that you can subscribe to either the print or the online version of Cat Talk. It's available online through the Kindle Newsstand or through Magzter. Complete ordering information is here

CFA IT Committee
Tim Schreck
IT Committee Chair

Our transition to a new programming vendor going well. The new provider is now working on quoting their first project, while keeping up with our endless corrections. As they get more comfortable with our system, we will see the pace of completed projects pickup.

We are beginning the process of moving support for the entry clerk program in-house to CFA Central Office. Training will begin soon and questions can now be directed to They will respond to questions or forward them to a party that can answer your questions. This will allow them to see questions first hand and then have the answers ready if the problem reoccurs.

One final note: on Tuesday evening 9/11/2018 the on-line entry system was down for short period of time, causing some panic among our exhibitors entering shows at the last minute. I would like to stress at this time that even though wehave come to count on these services in the electronic age, they do occasionally fail. Please give yourself time for the unexpected to happen and do not wait until the very last minute. The burden to get entries in before a closing time is that of the exhibitors', not the service aiding them. Further, the volume of very last minute entries puts a lot of unnecessary strain the our entry clerks. Let's be smart and courteous, and enter before the last minute!

Winn Logo

by Lorraine Shelton

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in August is available here

Remembering a Special Cat
Was there a special cat in your life that is no longer with you, but whose memory still makes you smile? National Pet Memorial Day was September 9. Winn's Remember Your Cat memorial page is an online memorial where people can share a testament to their loving bond with a special cat. You can honor a beloved cat on Winn's virtual memorial for a minimum donation of $100. Each memorial will feature a photo and short personal image.
With this website, friends and family can easily send a gift honoring the loss of another person's cat companion. When you are done sharing your unique and loving tribute, please take a few minutes to browse the remainder of Winn's website. We are sure you will be proud to have your honored pets remembered through Winn Feline Foundation.
Celebrate Cures4Cats Day
Winn Feline Foundation will be celebrating its second annual Cures4Cats Day on October 20. This annual day of awareness is dedicated to highlighting Winn-funded research, the critical need for evidence-based medicine, early-stage biomedical research, and health answers for cats. Since 1968, Winn has provided more than $6 million in funding to researchers who work toward a better understanding of diseases that impact cats, more effective treatments, and increasingly, cures for both complex and common feline health conditions.
This year, Winn Feline Foundation has launched a campaign to find answers for a common condition in older cats, feline kidney disease (FKD). Thousands of cats die of kidney associated problems annually. No one knows how long these cats might live if there was a cure for these cats, and that is what Cures4Cats Day is all about. Due to a generous bequest , every donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000. Help raise $100,000 toward feline kidney disease research. The campaign kicked off with a $4,000 donation from the NOLA Cat Film Festival and Art for Cat's Sake Foundation.
While there is currently no "magic pill" to treat kidney disease in cats, a revolutionary new kidney function blood test called SDMA (symmetric dimethylarginine) is now included in routine IDEXX diagnostic blood panels. SDMA testing allows veterinarians to diagnose chronic kidney disease earlier, allowing veterinarians to intervene to preserve kidney function.
Special Call for Grant Proposals
In a special funding opportunity made possible through The Bria Fund for FIP Research, Winn is calling for proposals that address genetics/molecular biology, prevention, novel diagnostics, and safe and effective treatment(s) of FIP. Additional funding is available to award proposals of sufficient scientific merit, relevance and potential to impact feline health.
The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, December 10, 2018. Awards will be determined in March 2019 and announced by mid-May 2019. The maximum grant amount is $25,000. Only proposals that can be completed within 1-2 years will be considered. Applicants may be faculty veterinarians, post-doctoral fellows, practicing veterinarians or veterinary students. For additional information on Winn Grant Programs visit our website

Loving Legacy tip for September by George Eigenhauser
Charitable giving often comes from the heart. But for some people it may also reduce their tax liability. In tax year 2018, many Americans' federal income tax bills will change. The standard deduction has been increased to $12,000.00 for single taxpayers or married filing separately; $24,000.00 for married taxpayers filing jointly or qualifying widow(er); and $18,000.00 for heads of household. Common deductions such as state and local income, sales and property taxes; home mortgage interest; moving expenses; and certain miscellaneous itemized deductions; have been cut or even eliminated. If the new standard deduction exceeds your itemized deductions there may be no tax benefits from itemizing charitable donations. Certain taxpayers may find it advantageous to itemize deductions in one year and take the standard deduction in another. If you anticipate your itemized deductions will exceed the standard deduction this year but not next, you might want to make your charitable contributions for next year before this year ends. That would double up your charitable deduction into one year. Many financial or tax preparation packages have the ability to make "what if" estimates of your taxes based on past filings and current trends. By planning ahead and moving deductions between years, you may be able to lower your total tax liability over a two year span.

For any questions, please contact .

New York A.B. 465 and New Jersey A.B. 1454 Updates, and Shamong Township, New Jersey Breeder Moratorium Ordinance
New York Assembly Bill 465 Update
The April 2018 What's Hot discussed Assembly Bill 465 that would have increased the number of cat and dog breeders subject to regulation as pet dealers under New York law. Current law exempts "any breeder who sells or offers to sell directly to the consumer fewer than twenty-five animals [defined as dogs and cats] per year that are born and raised on the breeder's residential premises." [Added language.] Sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-88), A.B. 465 would have reduced the exemption from twenty-five dogs and cats to fifteen animals. This threshold can be reached in one or two litters with some cats and dogs, putting more fanciers at risk of being regulated as a pet dealer under state law if this change went into effect. Assembly Bill 465, and identical bill S.B. 5556, died when the legislature adjourned in June 2018.
New Jersey Assembly Bill 1454 Update
Assembly Bill 1454, discussed in the February 2018 What's Hot, was notable for addressing the USDA report availability issue in its pet sourcing restrictions. However, it also amended the pet dealer provisions to include kennels that sold more than ten cats or dogs in one year and expanded the annual reporting requirements. More fanciers would be subject to regulation as pet dealers if this bill were enacted. With regards to the pet sourcing issue, it would prohibit transfers between breeders or brokers required to be USDA licensed and pet dealers unless the USDA inspection reports are available on the USDA website. Alternatively, the breeder or broker would be required to submit the reports to the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs to be publicly posted on its website if the reports are not available on the USDA website. While A.B. 1454 remains in the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Brian P. Stack (D-33) introduced identical bill S.B. 2658 in the Senate on June 4, 2018.
Shamong Township, NJ
For the moment, fanciers in Shamong Township can give a little sigh of relief after the Township Committee chose unanimously to table a proposed animal control ordinance on second consideration after its previous passage on the first reading. The ordinance would prohibit the establishment and licensing of new breeders of cats and dogs, kennels, pet shops, pounds and shelters. Pre-existing, lawfully established entities would be allowed to operate pursuant to the following provision:
"Breeders, Kennels, Pet Shops, Pounds or Shelter operating a commercial dog-breeding facility (defined as a facility with 5 or more breeding females) must have a valid license issued by the department."
Licensees would also be subject to the inspections, record keeping, number of animal limits, and facility and care requirements outlined in the proposed ordinance. There were no exemptions to the licensing requirement. The ordinance also provided that no pet shop could sell or otherwise dispose of cats or dogs. They could, however, collaborate with animal care facilities and rescues to offer space for such entities to showcase their adoptable cats and dogs. Animal carefacilities and animal rescue organizations were defined in the ordinance but not otherwise regulated by it. The Township Committee proposed this ordinance in response to the number of complaints regarding animals received to ensure the health and welfare of both pets and people. Since the Township Committee tabled the ordinance rather than killing it outright, resident fanciers should keep a watchful eye out for future efforts on the same ordinance or related ones.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

by Karen Lane & Joel Chaney
CFA Ambassador Cats Program Chairs



CFA's first Annual Calendar is being printed as you read this. Be sure to look for its debut at the International Show.

The twelve pages of cats featured in the months have come from our CFA files. Some of the cats are recent winners and some are from years past. This wonderful new CFA publication will be available for any club who produces a show in October thru January as a free handout for your spectators. This is a great gift for our spectators and a gentle reminder of your next years show date, as it has a space for the club to place a label with its show date on it.

Be sure to have your club contact Verna Dobbins at CFA Central Office or Karen Lane at to have calendars put in your show box or mailed directly to your show secretary. If your club has a member attending the International Show, they can pick up calendars and hand carry them home to save shipping costs. Most clubs are asking for 150 calendars but if your show expects a large gate, more calendars can be shipped to your club.

Our A-Cat members will be encouraged to have them at the shows they attend.

Of course, Central Office can also send coloring books to your club and include the calendar at the same time.

CFA Ambassadors
Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Chair

Beware the coming of winter! The Old Farmer's Almanac and Midwest persimmon seeds are predicting lots of snow this year: are the ambassadors ready? You bet they are! Ambassadors are loaded down with buttons, show hall brochures, breed profiles and lots and lots of the very popular coloring books! If you need supplies, drop me a line:
Region 1: Chris June, Iris Zinck
NEMO (New England Meow Outfit) Show hosted a terrific show on August 25-26, 2018, in Sturbridge, MA. NEMO Club Member Dennette Prawdzik did an amazing job organizing Pet Me Cats and their human ambassadors, providing awed spectators with the loving personalities of the gorgeous NEMO PMCs. Visitors and ambassadors alike enjoyed speaking with their humans about cats and cat shows.  Especially thrilling was watching a physically or mentally challenged visitor hold and pet one of our loving felines...the smiles this interaction brings to their faces and their family members is so uplifting.  Many spectators commented, "Not only did we have fun with the Pet Me Cat group, but so many exhibitors who were not official PMC Ambassadors were so friendly at this show and were a wealth of knowledge!"  Kudos to our welcoming exhibitors who take a moment in between judging and finals to talk to the public!  
Iris Zinck reported, "We had a total of 7 Pet Me Cats at NEMO, ranging in age from approximately 2 to 15 1/2, and including the following breeds: Abyssinian, Burmese, British Shorthair, Ragdoll, Selkirk Rex, Turkish Angora and Household Pet. The cats were spread out throughout the show hall and identified by flags on their cages. This approach allowed the owners to remove the flags if the cats needed to take a break. Most of the reveled in the attention from beginning to end and never needed a timeout."

One exhibitor reported that the most rewarding thing about contributing a PMC to the show was seeing the effect they had on disabled spectators. "When I put my old girl on the lap of a boy who was confined to a wheelchair, his whole face lit up. . .and so did his family." 
NEMO is already working on next year's show, and plans another PMC sector for CFA's show guests. Interested exhibitors should contact Iris through .
Region 6: Candilee Jackson
American Gothic Cat Club hosted a wonderful show held September 8-9, 2018, at the Exposition Gardens in Peoria, Illinois. The highlight of this show is always its fantastic raffle, a huge 2-day raffle (a new raffle each day!) in which both exhibitors and spectators are invited to partake of its treasures. Ambassadors were busy visiting with the large gate, and coloring books as well as show hall brochures flew out of hands!

The MWR is proud of its dedication to community outreach, utilizing many community-based venues including pet expos, county fairs, homecoming and winter festivals, and feline emotional and therapy visits to schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.

Twin City Cat Fanciers has done outreach for a number of years to increase the club's gate as well as educate the public about cat shows, CFA and cat care. The club's most successful events have been when working with a local purebred dog group. The dogs have been displayed very successfully at the Minnesota State Fair which is one of the largest and best attended (2 million plus) in the country. The fair built a new Pet Pavilion, and decided they wanted cats for the first time this year.
One of the members of the dog group who also worked for the Fair Board contacted Jill Singer to see if the club would be willing to organize and staff a booth. This meant finding enough cat exhibitors and a rescue group who could work the 12 days, 12 hours a day of the fair. They also wanted to have live cats at the fair which proved even more difficult. The fair is very noisy and crowded, and the building we were in was a tent without temperature control. 
While it was initially difficult to convince clubs to take part, eventually TCCF, an ACFA group and a no-kill shelter agreed. "We also got support from CFA and the MW region and managed to get some cats in security cages for display only (no handling by spectators). The seasoned show cats seemed to handle the fair environment well."
Jill reported, "The booth was very successful and we passed out over 2,500 business cards, marketing the club's upcoming show on September 22, as well as educating the public about registered breeds, cat shows, cat care including dangers of declawing, keeping cats inside and why they should buy from an ethical breeder. We were excited to learn we are to be invited back for next year, and we're hopeful that more cats can be exhibited next year."
Candilee Jackson took Lady Bronwyn to a unique special education conference held at Long Elementary School in St Louis, MO, on September 8th. Lady Bronwyn, a newly minted A-Cat and long-time certified therapy cat, was invited to "present" at the Learning Connections' first SPED Camp, labeled as an "UN-conference." Lady Bronwyn worked through three morning sessions at 45 minutes each, and debunked cat myths, wowed her audience with her harness and leash abilities, as well as her knowledge of commands. She passed out over 100 coloring books to clamoring special education teachers representing grades K-high school and made tons of new friends. She is looking forward to continuing her friendships with these wonderful teachers at their schools this fall.

Carmen Johnson Lawrence

On to the CFA International Show!

Can you believe the 2018 CFA International Show sponsored by Royal Canin is just a month away??? Time sure does fly and our youth are ready! Youth from throughout North America will descend on Cleveland, OH to participate at the show! Keep watch for Eddie, Zoe, Matilda as well as many others! They'll be assisting at the show in various capacities throughout the weekend! Our YFEP booth will have information regarding the program and coloring pages for visiting youth to take home with them! We will also be prepared for those youth who may wish to join the program that weekend! Participating youth will also have YFEP shirts on during the weekend, so if you happen to see these youth and any others in the show, please show them your support. It is our support and guidance that will keep them in the show halls for years to come!

The Youth Feline Education Program continues to grow! We've added new members in the Great Lakes Region and expect a new Southern Region member soon!

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education program, you may contact Carmen at or reach out directly to your regional coordinator!

North Atlantic Region - Lynda Smith & Sandra Polcaro

Northwest Region - Sande Kay

Gulf Shore Region - Anne Paul

Great Lakes Region - Lorna Friemoth & Bethany Colilla

Southwest Region - Kelsey Friemoth

Midwest Region - Emily Conaway & Cathy Dunham

Southern Region - Chandler Bussey & Karen Thomas

You can also visit our website at Safe travels and best wishes to all who will be traveling to the International Show as well as throughout the season!

by Karen Lawrence

The CFA Foundation is busy getting their display materials ready for the CFA International Show in Cleveland, OH on October 13-14. We'll be featuring the work of Louis Wain (1860-1939), well-known illustrator and painter. Wain was Chairman of the National Cat Club in England, a cat show judge, and made great contributions to the early development of the cat fancy overseas.

In advance of the show, you don't want to miss this opportunity! Thanks to the generosity of John Smithson, the CFA Foundation is able to make available prints of two of John's most popular pieces of art (shown below)... THE QUEEN MOTHER, featuring a Scottish Fold female with a litter of kittens, intertwined around bagpipes, and THE HAPPY FAMILY, a Sphynx female with her litter of playful kittens. Each of these is a limited edition print of the original pen and ink drawings. Pricing is as follows:

1. The Queen Mother (Scottish Fold) 
 $50 USD
Size to border 15.2" x 18.5"; overall size 18.2" x 20.8"

2. The Happy Family (Sphynx)
$40 USD
Size to border 10.8" x 18"; overall size 13.8" x 20.4"

We are now taking pre-paid orders for the prints, which will be numbered and signed by the artist, for pickup at the CFA International Show. You can order yours by sending funds through PayPal to, or mail a check payable to The CFA Foundation, PO Box 2155, Alliance, OH 44601. If you would like an order mailed, please contact us about the mailing costs.

Don't miss out on this chance to own one of these fabulous drawings!

We have finally managed to find time to add a story to The History Project web site, with more new pages to come in the next month or so. The latest story is on Musafer, a white Persian located in Tibet by Mrs. McLaren-Morrison while her husband was stationed in India. They returned to England, with Musafer in hand, and although he was never shown or sired any progeny, his story was prominently featured in writings of the day. Read all about Musafer here 
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Sharon Roy, Regional Director 

Congratulations to Nemo for another fun and successful show! Here are a couple of pictures from their Cat and People costume show.

Judges were Nick Pun from Hong Kong and Koshka Hellqvist (long-distance NEMO member now living in Sweden and judging via FaceTime). 
Winners were: 
Lisa Flynn, NEMO member from Florida, as Dracula's Bride (1st
Place -- won a free entry to next year's show) 
Brenda and Heather Wilde, NEMO members from Massachusetts, as the whole NEMO crew from the movie "Finding Nemo" (2nd Place -- won $25 off next year's entry fee).

Show manager and maid of all work Iris Zinck got an honorable mention as Cinderella complete with "furry godmother." (below left)

 Rounding things out, Claire Wolfe busted ghosts, and Legolas appeared as himself with his owner Charlotte Kooistra.

The next few weeks are going to be very active in the North Atlantic Region.   We have several upcoming shows!
September 15&16 -  Syracuse NY. Salt City Cat Club and Cats without Borders.   Hope you have entered. We will have a brief regional meeting on Sunday morning.
September 29 - New Castle DE, Delaware River Cats. 1 Day 6 ring show.
October 6th  - Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers.   1 day 6 ring show.   This show is one of the longest running shows in Region 1.
October 20 & 21  -  National Birman and Bombay Enthusiasts. 2 day, 10 rings. Hatfield PA. Very near to Philadelphia.
October 28&29  -  Liberty Trail and Nova Cat Fanciers, 2 day, 10 rings, Easton PA.

I hope many of you have entered the CFA International show. Region 1 is very proud to have Russell Webb chosen as one of the judges.

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary 

The region has a nice selection of shows coming up for the fall.
On September 22
nd , the Seattle Cat Club/Grandview Cat club will host a 6 ring show in Longview, WA. This is a new  venue for the show. Flyer and entry information can be found at
Emerald Cat Club is holding a 2 day back to back show on October 20 - 21 in St. Helens, OR. St Helens has an annual  Halloween festival in honor of a Disney movie filmed there many years ago. Lots of costumes and events. 
Golden Cat Club will host a one day show in Lodi, CA on November 3.
Utah Cat Fanciers is back this year with a back to back show on November 10 - 11 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Rounding out the year is Lewis & Clark LH Cat Club with a 8 ring show in Portland, OR on December 1 - 2.
All the flyers and information can be found on Kathy Durdick has designed an easy to use entry form with PayPal information for the shows that allow it.

Region 3
by Paula Noble, Regional Secretary

Stepping in to Fall.                                                                                                                       
While summer shows continue to fall by the wayside, we were delighted to have Cenla Cat Fanciers' show in Alexandria, LA on August 25-26, 2018. This was a new show hall for this club and it was very nice.   The only thing that would have made it nicer was if the show had filled. There still would have been plenty of elbow room. Keep this show in mind when you plan next year

Coming up, right around the corner is FALL, FELINES, & FUN. Happy Alternative Cat Club in conjunction with Gulf Coast Feline Foundation will be producing this show in Deer Park, TX on September 15-16, 2018. This show has filled with 180 entries and will be an 8 ring back-to-back show.
Two weeks after that is Foot of the Rockies Cat Club's 50th Anniversary Show. Congrats to Foot of the Rockies for their successful longevity! This show is being produced with the help of National Maine Coon Cat Club. Let's all get out there and support this club so they can continue to build on that longevity!! This will be another 8 ring back-to-back show so check out their specials as I seem to remember they have a couple of good ones!
After that, there's nothing in the region until after the International on October 13-14, 2018.
See you all next month.

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. 
Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region at: and

2022 Annual Fund Raising for Louisville
Great Lakes Region Fundraiser Calendar will be available at all GLR show. Please contact Nannette Schindler at  for mail order.
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at
  • Sept 29-30 - Queen City Cat Club (Additional sponsor : Kittyhawk Felines) Wilmington OH, 7AB 3SP 1HHP
  • Oct  06 - Kentucky Colonels Cat Club (Additional sponsor : Great Lakes Abyssinian Devotees, Louisville     KY, 5AB 1SP

Region 5
by Howard Webster, Regional Director 

no report received

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Regional Director

The Midwest Region is ramping up for a few shows as we leave the "dog days" of summer behind us. The American Gothic Cat Club held their show in Peoria with a remarkable gate - more than 1500 visitors came to see the cats - a record number. And at least three household pet entries were adopted.
Roseann Davis (middle_) served as a judge for the 4-H Cat Show at the Appanoose County, Iowa Fair
Over the summer Hawkeye State Cat Club members helped judge Iowa 4-H competitions. Mary Jane Tesdall judged the Polk County Fair 4-H cat show, while Roseann Davis judged shows  in Jasper and Appanoose Counties. Each exhibitor in all three shows received a certificate giving them and their family free admission to Hawkeye State's February 2019 CFA Cat Show and a medallion from Hawkeye State.

(left)All of the 4-H Cat Show exhibitors received a certificate for their participation in the Jasper County_ Iowa fair

In October the Illini Cat Club is donating a cat themed basket to the annual Champaign County (Illinois) Humane Society "Fur Ball" gala fund raiser. Included in the basket were tickets for the Illini's March 2019, as well as gifts for the cat lover. The club is hoping to generate some interest in the club and grow membership.
Upcoming shows in the Midwest Region
September 22 - Twin City Cat Fanciers, Crystal MN
October 20-21 - Tigers Lair Feline Fanciers, Springfield IL
October 27-28 -- Indy Cat Club, Indianapolis, IN
November 3 - MoKan Cat Club, Lenexa, KS (new show for the region)
November 17-18 - Midlands Cat Fanciers/Midwest Region Fund Raiser, Iowa City IA with agility

Region 7
by Kenny Currle, Regional Director

At the time of the newsletter's deadline, Hurricane Florence was just coming onshore in SC, and of course, what she might bring to our people and cats is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Charlene Campbell, chair of CFA's Breeder Assistance Program reminds our folks that if they need pet-related assistance in the storm to contact her.
The annual "Pet Night on Capitol Hill" was September 6 and we'd like to acknowledge and thank our regional folks who staffed CFA's booth there: Leslie Herman, Ritch Tindall, Michael Piziali, and Tracy Petty. (see the full report on the event in George Eigenhauser's report above)
CFA lost a truly great breeder with the passing of Wanda Martin of Wan-Lea Tonkinese on August 25, 2018. Wanda bred and showed Tonkinese cats since she purchased her first Tonk in 1990. Claire Dubit notes that she was the editor of the Tonkinese Breed Association's newsletter, "The Aqua Eye" for 14 years and was always active in promoting the breed at shows and pet expos. She loved the breed and personally mentored four new breeders. Her winning cats include:
  • GC, BRW, NW Wan-Lea Bond Girl Vespurr
  • GP, NW, AW Wan-Lea Bond Boy James Bond
  • GC, BRW, NW Wan-Lea Bond Boy M
  • GC, NW Wan-Lea Bond Boy Daniel Craig
Show News
If you haven't done so already, this is probably your last chance to enter Freestate Feline Fanciers' shows in Timonium this upcomingSaturday and Sunday. Complete entry info is available at
The next show after that in the Southern Region will be Cat Club of the Palm Beaches' show in Sanford, FL October 20-21.

Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

No report this month
Region 9
by Michael Schleissner, Regional Director 

And our spotlight goes on.....
Exhibitor of the Year CFA show season 2017/2018 - Krista Jännäri from Finland
Krista came into the CFA family in 2014, but she can look back on a long history in the cat fancy. Originally she started in FiFe in 1984 with her first Persian cat, followed by the Korat in 1987, and Siamese in 1994. Krista is our sunshine at the shows. She always has fun and a good mood, never a complaint, and always willing to help. When I personally recall the last show season I can not count how many times I called her and said "can you please take a picture of me and my cat...... "
Krista deserves this award more than anybody else. And we are happy to have her in our region.
Please read the following story, told by herself, about her start in CFA:
At the end of 2014, with the assistance of Pauli, Siamese females flew to Finland: CFA GC Alexy Bluebell of Deraza, aka "Kukka", and CFA GC, RW Alexy De Lilac, aka "Nuppu". These females form the base of my Siamese breeding program, along with Eija Siik's magnificent US import male CH Pharoahsgems Sinuhe of Kelmikerho, already earlier brought to Finland. Currently, in both breeding and shows, is already the third generation of CFA-purebred Siamese grown in Finland. Besides my own breeding, they are bred at Kelmikerho-cattery.

I find it wonderful to go to shows, and I travel around Europe on show trips as often as my health, time, and monetary situation allows. We have a wonderful group of people running the local society Cat Fanciers of Finland, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Without all my cat enthusiast friends I couldn't have made all those fun trips, as I am a pretty timid driver, and would rather not sit behind the wheel abroad. CFA-shows have given me a lot. Friends, great moments, joy of success, lots of fun memories, and learning new things. You can't always win, but it's also part of this hobby, and doesn't "slow the pace".
Clerk of the Year CFA show season 2017/2018 - Alice Maria Rossol from Germany
With Alice as our Clerk of the Year once again we have a, let me call it, a brand new CFA member in the spotlight position. I'm so glad that we got some "new blood " in Region 9. She was from the very first moment highly interested in almost everything and learning very fast! 
Let me tell you a secret: when she was announced at the regional awards banquet as our clerk of the year, she hasn't expected this and we had a hard time to find her, because she left the ball room. I was told it was a ladies thing....but finally we found her. Defiantly a sign that we surprised her!

Please read the following story, told by herself, about her start in CFA:
The 1st CFA show I attended with my "Suukhii"  was in March 2015 in Niedernhausen with the Cat Friends of Germany. Next to my cage was a nice couple who seemed to be very experienced in the CFA showing system that for me was kind of "book with 7 seals". I asked them so many (stupid) questions and the nice gentleman was extremely patient and friendly and encouraged me to show my Somalis as well - it was CFA judge and our new Regional Director Michael Schleissner who was this nice fellow exhibitor.

So in October 2015 I visited my 2nd CFA show - again in Niedernhausen and I showed my Somali neuter Almaros Benito.... Benito finished the 2015/2016 show season as my first grand and even regional winner! And the CFA virus caught me! I started showing kittens from my first Abyssinian litter and they did pretty well against very strong competition....

The next Grand was my red Aby boy Almaros Ringo Star, this season we reached National Award of 2nd Best of Breed and Regional Winner as 6th Best Cat in Region 9 as well as his son, Almaros Xtreme Sauvage Xemail, who became 6th Best Kitten in Region 9, Best Abyssinian Kitten and 3rd Best Abyssinian Kitten National!

I attended the Annual in Chicago 2017 and was deeply impressed - and overwhelmed by the honor of being co-owner of National Winner and Breed Winner PtiPrince Rudolph Nurejew of Almaros, I took part as Delegate for Rolandus Cat Club and Cats N Cats at the Annual in Atlanta this year. As a member I am supporting the European CFA Clubs of Cats Friend of Germany and the UK Cat Fanciers. As Secretary of "my" club, the Cat Friends of Germany, I just want to do a good job.

Besides showing I got interested in the show system itself. Teo Vargas encouraged me in doing so and supported me by helping to get all the necessary information. So in November 2016 I did my first assist with chief ring clerk Frank Düker and CFA judge Barbara Jaeger, my first solo as chief ring clerk I had in Belgium with Yanina Lukashova-Vanwonterghem in February 2017. Since June 2017 I am registered CFA Chief Ring Clerk. I had the pleasure to work with a big number of CFA and guest judges in almost all European countries: in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine; Helsinki, Finland; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; London, Great Britain, Moscow, Russia; Erba, Chiudono, Italy; Grote Brogel, Belgium.

And the highlight was at the International Show in Portland in November 2017 as chief ring clerk for Michael Schleissner.

I really love my job as a clerk, even though it can be a really tough job, but I love the logic of the system and I love to see all these different breeds and beautiful cats and their owners and to meet all these different people, cultures, and mentalities, that all make CFA for me one of the best choices. I found some real friends here...

To get the award "Clerk of the year" was something so surprising and unexpected - it really got me out of my shoes.

International Division
by Dick Kallemyer

The International Division awards banquet, with attendance over 280, was held at the Hilton Millenium hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. All Photos and video are available   here.  
Phebe Low, from Hong Kong, led a hard-working team to put the banquet together. Team members include Sunan Sowprasertsuk, Pattinee Tangkawattanakul, Benjamaporn Srinak, Wiriya Pongsupat, and Suki Lee, along with many unnamed volunteers. Maggie Kwan handled Graphic Design. Suki Lee managed Presentation Logistics along with assistant Chen Jiao, bringing the banquet and over 500 awards to completion ahead of time. Master of Ceremony duties were shared by Allen Raymond, Gavin Wang and Benjamaporn Srinak (Yui). Chen Jiao assisted with logistics. We would also like to thank the award presenters: Alan Raymond, Chloe Chung, Wain Harding, Richard Kallmeyer, Suki Lee, Douglas Myers, Nicolas Pun, Diana Rothermel and Bob Zenda.
Representatives from ID Countries and flags of attendees

The Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand was the hosting club. The International Division would also like to thank our Gold Sponsor, Proplan (China), and our Silver Sponsor, Love Around. Gavin Cao in China did a great job recruiting sponsors. Additional sponsors included: Amy Works Photography, Bellemark Cattery, Chapter Cattery, Five Grain Cattery, KSHC Cattery, Meeukka Cattery, and Wildangel Cattery.

The International Division also recognized 11 members with Star Service Awards: Crystal Al-Sumait (Kuwait), Cai Gavin Cao (China), Zulkifli Daud (Singapore), Arman Hermawan (Indonesia), Ashamed Shahrir Ismail (Malaysia), Yan Lee (Hong Kong), Gerhard Moya (Philippines), Chate Ruengruglikit (Thailand), Angela Tang (Taiwan), Zhang Kitty Xie (China) and Norhayati Yusoff (Singapore).
Clerk Awards were awarded to: Ardinsyah (Indonesia), Alex Chan (Hong Kong), Hyeanjeang Leem (South Korea), Kanitta Rungwatanaporn (Thailand), Sharifah Shahidah (Malaysia), Wen Wei Allan Shi (China).
Presenters, awardees, and organizers celebrating after the ceremony

Three successful China shows were held in early September in Wuxi, Beijing and Dalian.
Judges,show committee, and exhibitor dinner at Wuxi,China show September 1-2, 2018
Judges at the Dalian China show September 8-9 (Melanie Morgan taking the photo)

Judges and show committee at Beijing show September 8-9, 2018
It is heartwarming to see the enthusiasm of our young cat fanciers receiving their award (son of show organizer, Pattipong Tangkawattanakul)

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Teresa Keiger
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