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Shop Challenge and Summer Classes
and maybe some mischief... 

Shop Announcements
A Message From Marilyn...

John and I will not be in the shop for awhile as we take some vacation time with family.  We haven't even gone and already I'm hearing rumors around here... Last year's "When the Cat's Away - The Mice Will Play" events were so popular that I'm sure Becky and Susan are planning on recreating similar hi-jinks.  I am sure that they are in the planning stages because every time I look at them, they have their heads together and the calendar out.  Whenever possible please come by the shop to keep an eye on my Mice.  I'm certain that you'll enjoy their mischief, as well!  

A Message From The Mice
You better believe we have hi-jinks planned!!  Watch our blog and facebook page for hints and notifications letting you know what is going on here in the Mice Den!  We promise some great fun and fabulous sales and mabe even a squeek or two.
Squeek... squeek!  
It's Shop Challenge Time!  
It's challenge time again!  For the first time ever we have chosen a Civil War grouping for our challenge.  So, to all of our Civil War groupies, this challenge is for you!  To our quilters who have held back from dipping your toe in the Civil War waters, maybe this is the time for you to do so.  And lastly, to all of you bright and light girls out there, maybe the real challenge this year is to turn these fabrics into a light and bright fiesta! 


We look forward ever year to seeing your creative projects and this year is no different!  


**And just so you know, Becky was trying to make a challenge entry using the pseudonym, Rebecca Midas.  I caught her.  Epic fail.  As can be expected, now she won't talk to me.  It might have something to do with her having laryngitis, but I think it's has more to do with the disqualification...  you decide. 


Country Quilts and Bears Challenge Rules

1.  Must use some of each of the four challenge fabrics.

2.  Can include up to four more fabrics.

3.  Please create smaller items.  No large quilts.

4.  Must have personal quilting either hand or machine.  No professional longarm quilting.

5.  Embellishments are allowed.

6.  Your entry must be returned to Country Quilts by November 15, 2013.

7.  Entries will be on display so customers can vote for their favorite from November 15, 2013 through December 15, 2013.

8.  Winners will be announced and prizes awarded December 16, 2013.

1st Place:    $75.00 Gift Certificate

2nd Place:  $50.00 Gift Certificate

3rd Place:  $25.00 Gift Certificate

"Like" us on facebook!  
We have entered the world of social media.  Come on by and like our facebook page!  We will be posting class photos, shop events, and new stock items on our wall as these things occur.  Can't wait to see you there!  Click the link below to go to our wall:
Country Quilts and Bears Facebook Page
Summer Classes
Hand Quilting with Diane Hosman
Hand Quilting D Hosman

The domestic art of hand quilting is back in vogue and in full swing. More and more people are expressing a desire to finish off their pieced and appliqued quilt tops with beautiful hand stitches. Join us in small classes where you learn the values of fabric, needles, thread, hoops, and thimbles.

You'll also learn how to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome while quilting.

One of the many pleasures of hand quilting is the peacefulness that takes over when the fingers begin to move in a quiet rhythm. Come join us in the resurrection of this gentle art. If you have had any doubts about this hand-craft, please remember we all started with big, uneven stitches, but we had to start somewhere! 


Saturday, July 20th  10:00-2:00. $30.00.

Supply list available at the shop.    

Beginning and Intermediate Applique with Carol Clarke
Clarke Applique

 This course is designed to teach and refine your needle turn applique techniques. Both beginners and intermediates are welcome.  You can choose your own patterns and or use the class samples. This is an ongoing class.

The fee is $20 per class. Class is held from 10 - 2.  Carol Currently has one class scheduled for August and the July class has been canceled.   



Saturday, August 10th

10-2:00   $20



Sew Together Bag with Pat Dearth




This is a great little bag for sewing, jewelry, traveling, etc.  It is not as difficult as it looks, with your pieces pre-cut and pre-fused, you should be able to finish it in class.  

Saturday, July 13th

10:00 - 3:00     $30

Fabric Fusion with Pam Evans





A great technique for anyone - beginner through advanced.  It's fun to use a favorite collection, highlight several choice pieces, or go wild with your old scraps and leftovers.   Pattern required.  Supply list available at the shop as well as two additional color samples to inspire your creativity.  

Saturday, July 13th

10:00 - 4:00     $30

Country Quilts and Bears is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 to 4:00. 
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