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September 2021
Commissioning of the Cathedral's new Sub-Verger
On Sunday, August 29, Cathedral Verger, Ann Hansen, presented Victor Young to be commissioned as Sub-Verger at St. Andrew’s. Victor, who has been an acolyte for years, will now formally begin his training to become a Verger, and will be more visible as a leader within our liturgical life. Congratulations, Victor!
Photos taken by Beth Young (above and bottom left)
Two verges used on Sunday's ceremony
Above photo taken by Ann Hansen
Members of the congregation, will you uphold Victor through your prayer and in your sharing in our common life in this new aspect of his ministry and training as a Sub-Verger here at the Cathedral of St. Andrew?

We Will.
Message from Canon Heather+
Aloha and Grace, Cathedral friends,

The month of September is the celebrated beginning of the program year in the life of congregations. After a slower summer, things gear up again as the school year kicks-off and communities return to be together, sharing a return to the rhythm of ‘regular, normal life.’ In the time of COVID, though, our ‘regular, normal life’ is ever-changing and adapting as it needs to, as we strive to keep one another safe and protect our friends and neighbors as best we can. Thanks be to God that when times are so in flux as they are now, that God’s changelessness holds us firm in our commitment to one another and a malama for our community.
With that in mind, we are excited to share in the September launch of our Cathedral’s program year, marked by ways familiar, as well as new and exciting! Some highlights:
  • Each weekday on Facebook starting September 1, we will start with a prayer to inspire and pass on. Look for our post at 7am!
  • Starting 9/12, Sundays, 5:30pm, in-person, Holy Eucharist outside in the Memorial Garden courtyard – Come as you are!
  • Starting 9/12, Sundays, 5:30pm, online, sung evening prayers led by our Director of Music, Nick Lee, with our Orvis Scholars and choristers
  • Starting 9/17, Fridays, 9:00am, Zoom Morning Prayer
  • Starting 9/22, Wednesdays – Open Cathedral from 9am-2pm, Healing Mass at noon

Our website has been ‘in the shop’ for the summer months, and our new online presence will launch in mid-September, too. Keiki church school will begin later this Fall in a digital format, ready to be watched on our Facebook page, and then shared with all the little ones in your life! The Diocesan Youth Ministry retreat day is coming in October, with an outdoor opportunity for our youth to explore their faith and listen to the 'āina through the walking stories found in scripture.
Also in September, we are welcoming two assisting priests:
The Rev. Ha’aheo Guanson is returning to the St. Andrew’s as our Assisting Priest for Pastoral Care. Mother Ha’aheo will be on-site and have office hours during the week, starting on September 1. She will join us on Sundays, starting on Sunday, September 26. She continues to serve the Diocese as the Dean of Waiolaihui’ia, our local program for folks discerning a call to the ministry. Welcome back to the Cathedral, Mother Ha’aheo!
The Rev. Andrew Arakawa will be joining us in our liturgical life as an Assisting Priest, starting on Sunday, September 5. During the week, Father Andrew is a chaplain at ‘Iolani School, and on Sundays, he will be with us as celebrant, officiant, preacher, and teacher! He was ordained to the diaconate here at St. Andrew’s a few years back…you may remember. During his curacy, he served at St. Mark’s Church on Kapahulu. Welcome to the Cathedral, Father Andrew!
God’s changelessness keeps us beautifully bound to one another, and God’s grace keeps us moving as one people: forgiven, healed, renewed, and sent out, to love and to serve. May your September be blessed, and our journey together, ever-strengthened.

Mahalo ke Akua! 
Canon Heather+
Cathedral Provost
For the Mission of the Church
Everliving God, whose will it is that all
should come to you through your Son Jesus Christ:
Inspire our witness to him, that all may know the power of
his forgiveness and the hope of his resurrection;
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Farewell Message from Keleawe+
Aloha my dear members of the Cathedral of St. Andrew,

How I rejoiced in being with you this past Sunday on August 29, 2021. It was a culminating day after five years of us praying and worshiping together. How fondly I remember all the wonderful music we’ve heard performed by our talented musicians and singers, the readings and prayer petitions by our lectors, the participation of young adults as acolytes, the guidance by the vergers, the Ali'i Sundays with the royal societies attending, the pū blowers and oli chanters who keep our Hawaiian culture present, the dedicated altar guild who prepare for our services, the ushers who welcome guests with their aloha, the livestreaming by our videographers, the digital greeters who welcome those watching online, the wonderful Cathedral staff who keep things running smoothly, the foresight and leadership of Bishop Bob, my fellow partner Heather for her unwavering faith and commitment, and to you who sat in the pews every Sunday - none of this would be possible without you. Mahalo nui loa.

Let us Pray.

O heavenly Father, who hast filled the world with beauty: Open our eyes to behold thy gracious hand in all thy works; that, rejoicing in thy whole creation, we may learn to serve thee with gladness; for the sake of him through whom all things were made, thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Scenes from Keleawe's last Sunday here at the Cathedral
Photos taken by Beth Young and Julia Jackson
Cathedral Connections
Message from our Senior Warden
“Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above…”
James 1:17, NRSV
Dear Cathedral of St. Andrew Family,
Every message about this year's fall stewardship campaign begins with Gratitude. I am so very grateful for all the ways that our Cathedral community, our 'ohana, has met the many challenges of this year and found common ways to share a community of love and joy with our neighbors. Isn't it wonderful, and truly a marvelous thing?
For this coming season please stop and consider this theme: "Every Perfect Gift." Think of all that we have received, and in turn everything that we've given over this year, and then recognize how both come from God. When we think of stewardship and pledge drives frequently the conversation turns to the idea of sharing Time, Talent, and Treasure, and this makes much sense in the context of "Every Perfect Gift." God works in and through us as we use precious time in the pursuit of our various callings as different members of the Body of Christ. The gifts we receive in individual talents, our interests, and abilities are in us by the grace of God and for God's glory. Our various treasures flow from God to us, and then through us, and on to others, in a life-giving pattern of circulation.
Each of these elements, these perfect gifts we have, these blessings of various time, talent, and treasure are a beautiful representation of God's love, and when freely passed to others expand and magnify this love for all of us. These perfect gifts are really a double gift – by Grace we have received them, by Grace and we generously share them. Isn't that awesome!
“Well I am overworked, don't have any talent, and can't count any treasure, so what can I give?” some might say. But you are, each of you, wonderfully gifted. I have seen it in fellow parishioners donating time with our outreach missions or during Sunday services and a host of other times and places. I've heard it in the voices and writings of our fellow parishioners in Mass, or in a class, or in our virtual spaces throughout the week. It's there as each week friends and newcomers alike give freely of themselves and their treasures as they visit our holy spaces and seek to be closer to the Body of Christ here at St. Andrew's. Each of you has gifts, and I am grateful for the chance to see how the Holy Spirit is working in and through you in these many different ways.
As you receive your pledge materials this year, please take time to think and learn more about "Every Perfect Gift." We are all called to be intentional in our various journeys with Christ, not on autopilot, but instead thinking, and feeling, and being open to the experience that is this journey with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please know that your guidance and support are deeply appreciated by me, by our committee as we form, and at large by this community. I thank you for prayers, and sharing your gifts with us.

Matt Brown
Senior Warden
Message from our Director of Music
Aloha and greetings to all!

I am thrilled to be writing in my role as Director of Music at the Cathedral of St. Andrew, and I look forward to sharing music with this wonderful community. While reverting back to digital music-making in response to a COVID surge was not quite the beginning of my tenure for which I had hoped, I am nonetheless proud and pleased to start working with our fine musicians to continue the rich and diverse heritage of music at the Cathedral while adapting to these challenging times.

While the most recent Diocesan restrictions on music at the Cathedral are in effect, our Orvis Scholars will continue to provide beautiful singing for the Sunday morning services through soloists’ accompanied recordings, created freshly each week with me and our piano accompanist, John Starr Alexander, in full compliance with guidelines. Each week’s soloist will also serve as part of the liturgical team for Sunday morning services, continuing to foster the connection between our musicians and our congregation.

In addition, to kick off the new program year, beginning on Sunday 9/12 we will continue Sunday evening services with music provided by the Orvis Scholars. During this time of Diocesan restrictions on vocal music, these Sunday evening services with music will take the form of plainsong Evensong and Compline. Tune in online to hear our Orvis Scholars and me as we offer these solemn offices of reflection and beauty, drawing on the long Anglican tradition of plainchant and monastic rites. We aim to eventually resume the Cathedral’s tradition of Sunday evening Choral Evensong with the fuller forces of the Cathedral Choir, so please stay tuned as we all navigate these times together.
Please also join me on Sunday, September 12, during what is normally Aloha Hour following the 8am service, when I will give a brief introduction to the Cathedral’s organ. I will teach those gathered about our historic instrument, and I will also demonstrate the significant challenges to organists caused by the organ’s current state of disrepair. Anne Murphy of the Cathedral’s Music Committee has been working hard to source specialists to conduct long-neglected repairs, and we hope to begin the restoration process in October. In educating about our instrument and its capabilities when fully restored, I hope to highlight the much-needed work currently being undertaken by the Music Committee and to encourage members of the Cathedral community to get engaged in the organ restoration project.

While our digital music-making may not engage us in the same ways that live choral singing does, our Cathedral musicians and I remain as committed as ever to enhancing our worship with the best music we can create. We hope that the music we continue to make and share will lift the spirits of our Cathedral community in new and welcome ways.

With best wishes,

Nicholas Keone Lee
Director of Music
Calendar of Events
for September 2021
We welcome the Rev. Ha'aheo Guanson as our new Assisting Priest for Pastoral Care on September 1!
Her first Sunday with us will be Sunday, September 26

We welcome the Rev. Andrew Arakawa as our new Assisting Priest on Sunday, September 5!
He will be joining both our 8am and 10am liturgies

New Weekly Sunday evening worship opportunities starting September 12
See "New Worship service opportunities" article below!

The Cathedral will hold a weekly Healing Mass on Wednesdays, starting on September 22 at 12pm
See "New Worship service opportunities" article below!

New Worship service opportunities starting this month!
The Cathedral is excited to announce three new worship services that will make its debut this month!

5:30pm Sunday Eucharist (In-person)
We will hold a weekly Sunday evening spoken Eucharist starting on September 12. This service will be held outdoors in our Memorial Garden. *will not be livestreamed*

5:30pm Sunday sung evening service with Orvis Scholars (Online only)
weekly virtual plainsong evening prayers will be held with our new Director of Music, Nick Lee, and our Orvis Scholars and choristers starting on September 12

Monday and Friday digital Live Prayers
In addition to our weekly Monday Noon Prayer meeting with Canon Heather, a new live prayer opportunity will start on Friday, September 17! The Cathedral will be holding a Morning Prayer service, led by Robert Bley-Vroman, over Zoom every Friday at 9am. A Zoom link will be made available in the coming weeks!

12pm Wednesday Healing Mass in the Cathedral (In-person)
A weekly Healing Mass will be held in the Cathedral starting on Wednesday, September 22. We are happy to bring back a weekday Eucharist opportunity! *will not be livestreamed*

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated our way through these everchanging times. We are so excited to move forward and bring back service opportunities, and find new moments to share.

~Let us worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness~
Cathedral to re-open its doors to the Public
The Cathedral is excited to announce that we will be re-opening our doors to the public every Wednesday from 9am to 2pm, starting on September 22! A digital "walking tour" is in development and will be made available to visitors who would like to explore the beautiful arts and architecture of the Cathedral. Stay tuned for more information!
Save-the-Date – Sunday, October 3, at the 530pm outdoor Eucharist
St. Francis Blessing of the Pets and Celebration of Creation
More details to come!
Confirmation / Reaffirmation / Reception –
Welcome to the Episcopal Church!
Interested in learning more about Confirmation? Or maybe a formal Reaffirmation of Faith or Reception into the Episcopal Church? Email the Cathedral Office for more information.

Classes and talk stories will begin in late October. 
Summer scenes at the Cathedral
With Pentecost season making its way through these beautiful Summer months, we have been blessed to share so many special moments together. Here are just a few of those memories ...

Orvis Music Scholar, John Starr Alexander, became our wonderful Accompanist/Pianist while our Cathedral Choir was on hiatus.
Photo taken by Beth Young
We had members of the Hawai'i Youth Symphony, and their director, Iggy Jace, join us for our services in July and August.
Photos taken by Beth Young
On Sunday, July 25, the Cathedral welcomed two new pū into the liturgical ministry of St. Andrew’s.
Photo taken by Canon Heather+
For July's "How can we be a blessing" speaker series, Kalihi-Waena Elementary School's Principal, Daniel Larkin, spoke in between our 8am and 10am services.
Photo taken by Julia Jackson
We had a Baptism on August 1, as well as a special blessing for the school supplies donated to Kalihi-Waena Elementary School.
Photos taken by Elizabeth Conklin

Bishop Fitzpatrick made his annual visitation at the Cathedral on Sunday, August 8. Bishop was the Celebrant and Preacher at both our 8am and 10am liturgies.
Photo taken by Julia Jackson
In August, we had special guest musicians Chad Uyehara, Pieter Nauwelaerts, and Joanne Watanabe join us at both our 8am and 10am liturgies.
Photos taken by Beth Young
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