The Cathedral of
St. Andrew

Cathedral Life
October 2021
Bishop's Message on Covid-19
On September 22nd, the Bishop reflected on the current COVID-19 status in the church and our communities, the story of Job, and love. Please click here to see what he had to say during this current time of the Pandemic.
Message from Canon Heather+
Grace and Peace, to one and all, 

October blessings to you. 
This October Cathedral Life is overflowing with goodness: gratitude, happenings, opportunities for connections and ministry, and upcoming Cathedral celebrations, with a little look back to wonderful September moments. We have started our program year off with vibrancy and momentum and look forward to Walking in Love together with you as October begins and stretches onward into November. 
Right at the beginning of October, the Church honors the life, witness, and ministry of St. Francis of Assisi on his feast day, October 4. Typically, St. Francis is celebrated in churches by a Blessing of the Animals, which we will do in drive-by style on Sunday, October 3, from 4pm-5pm. Pets are also welcomed to join in the Mass on the Grass that Sunday at 5:30pm, where we will have a blessing moment for them as well. However, Francis’ witness to the world is more powerfully recognized in his unflinching devotion to his community, his humility of self, and service to all.  
There is much written about Francis, and one of the things which is repeated, over and over again, is his teaching that through our action, how we walk in Love, that we fully declare our love of God through Christ to our community, our neighbors, the people we encounter each day – that we preach the Gospel at all times, using words if necessary. As we move into October, into our stewardship season, into this time of much ‘goodness,’ may Francis inspire all to offer time, talent, and treasure, and continue to take heed and care of one another. May we, as the Cathedral of St. Andrew, continue to witness to Love. May our actions of Love reveal our hearts, and may we preach together a concert of Aloha for all to hear, feel, and want to discover more about with us.  
I commend the many “goodnesses” that are shared below, and I look forward to our paths crossing, either in-person, digitally, or otherwise.  
In peace and with aloha, 
A Prayer attributed to St. Francis 
Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is 
hatred, let us sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where 
there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where 
there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where 
there is sadness, joy. Grant that we may not so much seek to 
be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; 
to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is 
in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we 
are born to eternal life. Amen. 
Message from Kahu Haaheo Guanson
Aloha Dear Friends,

In this time of uncertainty and crisis, we continue to need hope, love and care. We appreciate the work done by the Reverend Keleawe Hee and volunteers. As we move forward

Exciting news:
As part of pastoral care, every Wednesday at noon, the Cathedral is offering an in person Healing Mass. You are invited to join us. Please wear masks and keep physical distance.

The Cathedral doors will be open on Wednesdays from 9am to 2 pm.

New Cathedral Directory with photos is planned. The team working on this includes Tiny Chang, Ed Lapsley,and Elizabeth Conklin.

We are looking for members to assist in the pastoral care hui. We would like to have a group of volunteers to help those in need. If you are interested in helping your neighbor and being a part of this team, please let me know.

Let me share with you that, I strongly feel God’s call to return to the Cathedral to continue doing pastoral care. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve the 'Ohana of the Cathedral. This is the 'Ohana, family that raised and helped me in the discernment and becoming a priest. You have helped me in so many ways to grow and develop as a servant of God and God’s people. You have been patient, loving and caring as you taught and supported me. Mahalo for all that you do and continue to do to support others.

I am at the Cathedral on Wednesdays and Sundays. Together we can work to lift up the people of the Cathedral.

I am calling members of the Cathedral to see how you are and how I can be of service. If there is an immediate need, please feel free to contact me so I can be of help.

I continue to pray for you.

“Keep watch over yourselves and over all the flock, of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God that he obtained with the blood of his own Son.”
Acts 20:28

Haaheo Guanson
Message from our Senior Warden
Dear Cathedral of St. Andrew Family,
October marks the beginning of our stewardship campaign for this year, and I’m very pleased to share some of the things you can look forward to in the next seven weeks. As we consider the gifts we’ve received we will have opportunities to meditate and reflect on them, and most especially give thanks for them. One of the best ways to give thanks is to recognize and hold up the gifts you have received, to God, and to your brothers and sisters in Christ who like you are in the midst of a spiritual journey. Your gifts may just be part of the roadmap that someone else needs to continue their walk with God.
With this in mind, for both our in-person and online communities, we will be having opportunities to share our stories of these most special gifts. Be on the lookout for various ways and means of expressing gratitude in this season. For example, starting the first Sunday in October there will be a wall of gratitude in the Cathedral where notes of thanksgiving, and stories of divine treasures shared to us may be left through each week of the stewardship campaign. There will be an online companion for those in our virtual communities to do the same. For our ingathering on November 21 each of these gifts will be lifted up along with our pledge commitments for blessing and in service to our Lord.
During this season our friends from Episcopal churches around the country will similarly be sharing thoughts of thanksgiving and gratitude in periodic devotions which will also be shared with each of you and made available online.
As your pledge materials start to arrive in early October, please take time to think and learn more about "Every Perfect Gift." We are all called to be intentional in our various journeys with Christ, not on autopilot, but instead thinking, and feeling, and being open to the experience that is this journey with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please know that your support for this community, and your commitment to your sisters and brothers in Christ as we journey together are central acts of faith, and an expression of the love of the Holy Spirit moving through each of us. I thank you for prayers, and sharing your gifts in service to the Glory of God .
Matt Brown
Senior Warden
Cathedral Connections
Calendar of Events
for October 2021
Hawaii Children & Youth Day honored on Sunday, October 3
Special music and prayers for the day will be shared at the 8am service

Drive-By Blessing of Pets in honor of St. Francis on October 3
Clergy will come to your car – in-front of the Cathedral from 4-5pm

Pets welcome at Mass on the Grass on Sunday, October 3
Please join us in the Memorial Garden Eucharist at 5:30pm – pets are welcome, too! 

Special Evening Prayers (digital)- Episcopal Schools Celebration -
on Sunday, October 10
Join Bishop Bob, the congregations and clergy from the Square, and St. Andrew’s Schools students, faculty, and staff, in our joyous collaboration for the annual Episcopal Schools Celebration at 5:30pm.
Diocesan Convention Eucharist held on Sunday, October 17
Bishop Fitzpatrick will be preacher and celebrant for both the 8am and 10am services

Special Evensong (digital) celebrating St. Luke
on Sunday, October 17
Please tune in to the Cathedral's Facebook page at 5:30pm as we honor doctors, nurses, and all medical and hospital staffers on the eve of the feast of St. Luke the Physician at 5:30pm

Special Evensong (digital) for All Hallows’ Eve
on October 31
Please tune in to the Cathedral's Facebook page at 5:30pm
The Cathedral of St. Andrew's new website
The Cathedral of St. Andrew is so excited to launch our brand new website this upcoming Friday, October 1! All who were involved in this creation worked hard to maintain the beautiful historical material of our past, while incorporating new features of the Cathedral's future. We hope you can feel the delicate balance of honoring all parts of our beloved Cathedral!

Look for more details and a link to the website
in this week's Friday Worship email blast!
Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it. 
Hebrews 13: 1-2
Sharing of time and talent!
Calling all who are interested in joining the volunteer ranks here at the Cathedral - we need your time and talent! Here are some of the roles we are looking to fill:

  • Pastoral Care Team member - Kahu Ha'aheo is looking for volunteers to help form a care team that will work to reach out and check-in with members of our Cathedral. See her article above for more details!
  • Lectors for worship services - We are looking for both English and Hawaiian readers for all of our worship services (8am and 10am Sunday services, and all special services throughout the Program year). We welcome all who would like to help in sharing the Scriptures each week!
  • Ushers for worship services - We call all who would love to be the welcoming smiles that greet all attendees at the Cathedral's in-person worship services. Some Usher responsibilities include helping people to find open seats, provide service information, as well as assist in helping guide people during the Communion ceremony.
  • Altar Guild - Our wonderful group of volunteers that prepare the Cathedral for services (caring for the Altar, Clergy vestments, linens, Communion vessels, special decorations, clean-up, and much more), are looking for people to join their team. They are the true "behind the scenes" warriors... we couldn't do it without them!

*Note: the Cathedral hopes to be able to return to having Acolytes participate in our worship services. We will keep you all updated on the progress of adding these roles back in!

If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities (or offering your talent in a service not listed above) here at the Cathedral, please contact the for more information!
Alive St. Andrew’s! Talk Story Sundays:
Save-the-dates – Oct. 24, Oct. 31, Nov. 7, and Nov. 14
~If you are new to the Cathedral or to the Episcopal Church,
we’d love to welcome you and share our story~

~If you just love this place and want to share in the fun, come and join~

~If you are interested in Confirmation, Reaffirmation,
or being Received into the Episcopal Church, this is for you~

All are welcome!

Join Canon Heather+ and walk and talk story in the Cathedral, 915am-945am. Learn more about the Episcopal Church, the history, art, and architecture of the Cathedral, and how we walk the Way of Love together. Bishop Fitzpatrick will be home with us at the Cathedral for the Diocesan Feast of the Holy Sovereigns on Nov. 21, with confirmation, reaffirmation, and reception at the 10am liturgy. Looking for more information, email Heather+.
Don't forget...There is still time to participate in
Foodland's Give Aloha Program
Give Aloha is Foodland's Annual Community Matching Gifts program. Each year through the month of September, Foodland and Western Union contribute over $250,000to match customer donations for all participating charities. Since the program began in 1999, almost $33M has been raised for Hawai'i charities!
The magic of Give Aloha is that donations to each charity are tracked, and the $250K is divided proportionately among all participating charities based on the amount that organization raised. In other words, the more that is donated to the Cathedral, the greater our additional gift will be.
During September, you can contribute up to $249 to the Cathedral by going to any Foodland and tell the checkout clerk you want to contribute to Give Aloha. Charities are identified by number; the Cathedral's number is #78509. If you would like your donation to be counted toward your pledge, just turn in a copy of your receipt (Foodland will give you two copies) tJulia!
Diocesan Connections
We are becoming... a Church that looks and acts like Jesus
As Father Andrew mentioned in his sermon on Sept. 26, our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, has issued a challenge for the Episcopal Church. Take a watch/listen: The key aspects of this challenge re-align our Church with Christ: “individuals, small gathered communities and congregations whose way of life is the way of Jesus and his way of love,  

  • no longer centered on empire and establishment 
  • no longer fixated on preserving institutions 
  • no longer shoring up white supremacy or anything else that hurts or harms any child of God.”  

As a Diocese, as the Cathedral, we are taking on this transformative and Gospel-centered, Baptismal Covenant-anchored, initiative and will do this work. Look for more about this in the weeks to come from Bishop Bob, and plan to gather at the Sunday Forum Talk Story with Canon Heather+ and other folks as we take on the discussion and the necessary reflection to truly walk the Way of Love.    
In Remembrance...
Beloved Cathedral member, Paul Reeser,
laid to rest on September 16
On Thursday, September 16, the Cathedral held a graveside service for beloved member, Paul Reeser. The gathering was held in the Memorial Garden, with Paul's family members present as he was laid to rest in the Columbarium. Cathedral member, Devin Alford, delivered a beautiful Eulogy that perfectly summed up the person that Paul was.

With Covid-19 restrictions implemented on indoor events here in Hawaii, we were not able to hold a service for Paul in the Cathedral. In hopes to share a piece of Paul's service with everyone, Devin has so graciously shared his Eulogy with us below.

Gentle…man…. The first word I think of when I think of dear Paul is Gentleman. Paul was truly a gentleman like you rarely see. (As my father-in-law would say, ‘damn few of us left!’) Paul would lovingly scold me for calling him “sir”, but to me there was nobody more deserving of “sir” than he. Paul was gentle and kind, elegant and graceful. But he also had such strength. 
My most wonderful memories of Paul were when we all did the Honolulu AIDS walk together. He’d always let folks know it was coming up in such an encouraging, not pushy, way. On the AIDS walk day, he and Kilani were the perfect team: Kilani carrying the big 8:00 wooden cross, Paul on one end of the Episcopal church banner. Kilani and Paul made it their joyful mission that walk participants knew that they were loved by God and welcome at our church. If a walker asked me a question about the Episcopal church, I’d connect them with Paul or Kilani. I might know the information, but they knew how to answer the question in a caring manner drenched with aloha. 

Paul was a wonderful foodie! Not just the eating kind, but the making kind. When I say I will miss Paul Reeser even more than his delicious apple pies, that says quite a lot. We all loved his apple pies, cookies, zucchini bread, pizza, wonderful baked items—they never lasted long at Aloha Hour. He and I had a laugh about his promise to bring an apple pie the next Sunday just hours before he passed. His daughter Pam said he had a similar conversation earlier with a neighbor who had been promised zucchini bread! 

Baking was just a slice of his gifts to this Church. It seems like any activity, whether it was making palm crosses, helping in the office, decorating the Cathedral, Chapter meetings, Outreach events, Paul would be there engaged in it with kindness and patience. The Church folk just loved him. Paul could always be counted on to listen to you intensely and compassionately, with the best facial expressions on that handsome face of his.
I do the scheduling for our 8:00 Hawaiian service at the Cathedral. Paul always had such a wonderful way of encouraging folks to participate without feeling pushed. When Paul served with the kids, they clearly loved being with him – as his daughter Pam said, it must have been that teacher thing. Once, when we were trying to staff up acolytes with more kids, I apologized to Paul that we still needed him on the roster, and he told me that it was good to have some of the old folks around to support the kids. He had passion for serving - he was always willing to serve at church in any capacity he could. Whenever I needed help to cover someone who was out, he would not say just “yes” or “ok” he’d say something awesome like “oh Devin, you know I’d do anything for you” and make me feel good instead of a pest.
Paul was so generous. He and Kilani hosted countless guests at their apartment in Waikiki. Their home was a refuge for many folks that urgently needed a place to stay. I know of at least one former prisoner they sponsored who needed help rejoining the community. My family benefitted too: My wife M’Liss, daughter Hulali, her then new-boyfriend Koali’i, and I had the great fortune of joining Paul and Kilani for dinner at their home - with Kilani the ultimate host and Paul the great chef in the kitchen popping in and out of the conversation, both so kind to Koali’i and wonderful to us.

Paul touched so many people with his love and caring. When my mother-in-law gave him a hug after Kilani’s passing, he thanked her so lovingly and told her she was the best hugger. One time he made a whole pie for M’Liss because he hadn’t seen her for a few Sundays. He rained kindness on people. Everyone was truly special in his eyes - he saw the best in people.

Personally, I really feel that the best way to cope with grief is to think about wonderful memories. Oh Paul, I thank you for all the warm memories you left me with, your awesome example of being a good person in this crazy world, and for teaching me the importance of showing people that they are loved.

In the relatively short time our paths crossed, it still felt like we knew you all our lives, and yet, our time together just feels too brief. But we know you’re in the loving embrace, of the God you faithfully served, and in the arms of your dear Kilani and that comforts us.

Mahalo nui loa and
a hui hou Dear Sir!
The Cathedral of St. Andrew
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Honolulu, HI 96813
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