Safety and Traffic Reminders from Mr. Telford:
Charlotte Catholic has received many complaints from our neighbors and the police. I have received several calls and emails directly. Here are a few reminders for our parents and student drivers:
  • Drop off and Pick up should only take place ONLY on our campus using the morning and afternoon carpool patterns. You may find the map and directions by clicking here: Carpool Traffic Flow

  • Do not use private property, including but not limited to: Treva Woods, Waterford Apartments, Wild East, Chipotle, Wells Fargo for any part of your drive to and from CCHS. Please do not use these neighborhoods or parking lots for a cut-through, drop off or pick-up. There have been multiple accidents over the past few years in the area, particularly from students exiting the Waterford Apartments and/or Wild East to turn left onto Carmel Road. PLEASE AVOID THESE LOCATIONS. 

  • Many instances of reckless driving have been witnessed near and on campus. Please be a kind and courteous and most importantly a safe driver and obey all traffic laws and speed limits. We have had near misses that could have been tragic. 

  • Students: Please drive safely and carefully, especially on campus and in the CCHS parking decks. There have been several reports of students driving too fast and recklessly in the parking decks. It takes only a split second for a careless or reckless driver to cause a serious, potentially life-altering accident. Students who do not drive safely on campus will lose on-campus parking privileges. Students are encouraged to hold each other accountable for driving safety, and may anonymously report fellow students who are not respecting the driving rules by reporting the make, model and tag of the car.

Club Day Sign up: If any student is interested in any of the clubs mentioned yesterday during the slideshow or from the list on the website, make sure to fill out the Survey Monkey sent via Canvas if not done already so club leaders can reach out! The survey will remain open through the weekend. Submitted by Robbie Bauman
  • Voices for Life Club was not included in the video due to a faculty advisor (Ms. Baker) just recently taking over, so consider whether or not you may wish to participate in helping advance a culture of life from "the womb to the tomb!"