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The Town of Cave Creek
37622 N Cave Creek Rd.
Cave Creek, AZ
Editor: Nina Spitzer
Events Corner:

August 13 (2:00pm): Taste of Cave Creek Mtg (Town Hall)
August 14 (5:30pm): Holly Jolly August Chamber Mixer (Horny Toad)
August 15 (7:00pm): Planning Commission Mtg (Town Hall)
August 19 (7:00pm): Town Council Mtg (Town Hall)

   Sonoran Arts League Gallery at El Pedrogal: Weds-Sun 11am-5pm & Fri 1pm-8pm - Works rotate every four months.
Sonoran Arts League "Pop-Up Show" Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (Stagecoach Village) Changes monthly.
Summer Sales Corner:
Really HOT
Summer Sales Around Town

According to local business owners, business is really slowwww right now. Understandable, it's summer in Cave Creek - The perfect time to help each other out. 'Need a gift or something for yourself? Why not visit a local merchant? What better way to help each other than to take advantage of great sales your fellow merchants are offering. AND - It's also a perfect opportunity to say "Hello"! The following are some local summer sales. OH-AND Sale or No Sale...Still a GREAT idea to shop and support fellow merchants. YUP!
AGAVE FURNITURE: 20% Off on Everything 'TIL AUG. 30th.
ETANIA JEWELRY & BOUTIQUE: Entire store 20% Off - All Summer
GLORY BEE'S: 50% of on all summer fashion
RUSTY SHACK: 75% Off Select Baby/Kids Items and 70% Off Every Day Select Items thru Sept. 1st
SOUTHWEST BEDAZZLE BOUTIQUE: Earn a plastic coin with each purchase for a Forever 10% Off!
Recommend fellow merchants as well. Supporting one another is what it's all about - Right?
YUMMY Corner:

The Taste of Cave Creek is Coming Soon.
Don't be left out.
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau Corner:
We're Taking the Summer Off!

We've had a change in plans at the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau. As you well know, the season's heat has made for a really slow summer for businesses. This, too, is true at our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau. For this reason, the tourism bureau will be closing for a while to restock and clean-up for the incoming fall season.

While we're closed, please bring to Town Hall any material you would like us to display for you at the tourism bureau. We'll be sure to include it on our racks when we reopen on Oct 1st. Remember: Visitors like having your brochure in hand when they walk about town. It sure helps them find their way to your door.

Updated Tourism Bureau's Hours:
7/29-9/12 : CLOSED
9/13-9/29: 10am-1pm (Fri/Sat/Sun)
10/1: Back to Full-time 10am-4pm hours

Please direct any potential volunteers to my email address .
Thank you for your understanding and support. - Nina & The Tourism Bureau team
Guess It Corner:
Where am I?
( Hint: Somewhere in our Town Core)

Last month's
"Where Am I?" photo was the ancient saguaro on the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area's "Matate Trail."
To see it again in the July issue, click HERE .

Weather Corner:
The MONSOONS are Coming!

It's that wonderful time of year when in minutes the black clouds roll in and you're in the middle of a huge downpour. Washes start running, lightening flashes and thoughts of whether or not you'll make it home go through your head. 'Don't know about you but, when we're at home when it happens, we rush out onto our covered patio and enjoy the show.

Do you need an Arizona Monsoon Guide? An excellent one was recently published by Judy Hedding. Click MONSOONS to get info on monsoon facts, haboobs, microbursts, storm safety and scams from Judy's article.

Be Safe and...
Happy Monsooning!
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What's New at Town Hall Corner:

Local Weather!

Our official Town site now posts minute-by-minute detailed
Cave Creek weather monitored directly from our Cave Creek Town Hall. Yup! Actual in the heart of Cave Creek weather! You simply go to the Town site and click on the new weather window for expanded weather details.
Kudos Corner:
Many THANKS to the following merchants and friends whose support and donations have helped make our new Cave Creek Tourism Bureau the awesome place it has become.
The Town Dump
Sergio Ladrón de Guevara Fine Art
Lance Headlee
Bina Bou
Bob Hughes
Le Sans Souci
Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery
Judi Smith

Cool Stuff Corner:
Do find time to check out Ray Villafane's new dragon sand sculpture, Mabel, near Black Mountain Coffee Shop. She's a beauty! Can this guy do wonders with sand. I imagine he was really intimidating around other kids at the beach when he was a little boy. (His scarecrow artist in front of Keeler's is fun too!)

And the HEAT goes On!
Happy August
Keep Cool!
Feature Corner:
*** Sergio & Karen ***
By Nina Spitzer

I enter the Sergio Ladron De Guevara – Fine Art Gallery in Cave Creek and am stricken by not only a sense of beauty but also warmth and love. Sergio unexpectedly passed away in 2017, still his spirit and love continue on in this his cherished space. I feel Sergio’s love through his paintings as well as through Karen, his wife and gallery director/owner. “’You have to paint with love,’ is what Sergio always said,” Karen explains.
Over the years, Karen has been by Sergio’s side with her love and support and is still by his side each day the door opens at Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art. When there at the gallery, somehow you know Sergio is there beside her as well.
Sergio was born and educated in Mexico City and began painting at the age of 17. He was a student of the World and its great masters. Sergio’s art has been shown worldwide including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Martinique, as well as Vienna, Los Angeles, and New York City. His works bring us into the hearts and souls of everyday people going about their daily lives. His landscapes share the beauty of such places as Tuscany, Mexico City, the French countryside, and the Sonoran Desert. His still lifes grab us with their simplicity and color. Portraiture expressing each subject’s personality was his strong point. Sergio expressed himself in oil, casein, watercolor and ink. Etching and monotypes were a love of Sergio’s with one of his presses being a copy of Rembrandt’s own press. Karen estimates Sergio probably completed tens of thousands of art pieces in his 64 year career.
“The importance of art,” says Karen, “is the artist himself and how he sees The World and what he chooses to paint.”
One way Sergio saw the World was through walls and what it was about them his own eyes and heart chose to paint. In the 90’s, while living in Los Angeles, Sergio developed a series of paintings called “Walls of Mexico” and later included “Walls of France.” A quick glance reveals Sergio’s “Walls” speaking softly of the people inside and life outside. Sergio accomplished this in casein (milk whey with pigment). Karen has dedicated herself to writing a book about Sergio’s 116 paintings of “The Walls.”
Karen first met Sergio in 1978 while she was teaching in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Sergio was working on the commission of a family portrait for a common acquaintance. Their thirty years of marriage took them all over The World and finally to Cave Creek in 1999 where they opened their Galeria Bellas Artes, now Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art. Together, Sergio and Karen also started up Cave Creek’s evening Art Night (2001-2010) in order to spotlight local artists to the community and its visitors.
Karen shares the thought that allows her to bring Sergio’s work to more people through the gallery even though he is no longer on Earth:
"Our gallery reflects our love of art and the beauty and life it brings to the World. We want it to be a place where people see and feel that art does make a difference in how they live in their home," says Karen.
I know this is what I feel when I stroll through Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art.
Top Photo: Karen
 Bottom Photo: N. Spitzer
Karen at one of Sergio's etching presses
Community Corner:

Dear Merchants,
I’m hoping you can help me promote a great FREE pick up service of Gently Used Goods for resale at the Kiwanis Marketplace. I’m trying to reach out to all the HOAs so they would include this message in their newsletters. Figuring out the contact point at the HOAs is difficult and I’m hoping you might know someone and either send the below information to them directly or send me the contact point (phone or email) and I’ll contact them. In general, service area is Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree and Phoenix North of Dynamite. This is a great service to area residents and going through HOA newsletters has proven to be effective. We’ve already notified Winfield, Teravita, Belasara, and the Boulders, so contact points at any other HOAs in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your consideration!
Bob Moore, Chair
Kiwanis Communication Committee

For HOA Reprint:
We’d like residents to know that Kiwanis crews currently run pickups on Weds, Fri and Sat mornings, starting at 7:30 am. Kiwanis will pick up a wide range of "gently used" home furnishings. Donating is simple. Just have call 480.488.8400. Alex will return the call and schedule the pickup. Donated Goods are sold at the Kiwanis Marketplace Store in Cave Creek and all proceeds go to support scholarships and children's activities in the local area. Thank you.
Bob Moore, Chair
Kiwanis Communication Committee
Dark Skies Corner:
Dark Sky Initiative

The Cave Creek Dark Sky Initiative (CCDS) held its first successful meeting on July 22, 2019 with approximately 150 attendees. Special guest speakers were Dr. Jeffrey Hall, Director of Lowell Observatory and Dr. John Barentine, Director of Public Policy for the International Dark Sky Association. Mayor Ernie Bunch said a few words to the crowd.
CCDS is a group of Cave Creek residents, business’s and other supporters formed for the protection of the night sky in Cave Creek. Arizona cites already certified Dark Sky communities are Big Park/Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Camp Verde, Flagstaff, and Fountain Hills. We can easily be one as well.

CCDS’s goal of becoming a certified International Dark Sky Association (IDA) community holds many benefits for Cave Creek. You can read about these benefits in September's Cave Creek Corner. You can also find out more about The International Dark Sky Association on their site.
Towns and cities wishing to become Dark Sky communities must go through a rigorous application process primarily addressing lighting ordinances and codes with an emphasis on education and self-compliance over time.
By IDA standards Cave Creek already has a very good set of lighting ordinances and codes, needing mostly updates and revisions. IDA will help Cave Creek in that effort prior to final certification status.

Being a Dark Sky community would be not only an honor but also an incentive for visitors to come to Cave Creek. What good reasons to support this initiative!
CCDS has a new email address, info@cavecreekdarksky.com.

Top Photo: The Cone Nebula - Photographed by Bob Hughes
Dr. John Barentine
Cool Stuff Corner:
The Star Barn Planetarium
An Amazing Hobby

What do you do when you’re retired, love astronomy and are a friendly, people person? Well, you build yourself a planetarium, of course, then share it with family and friends. That’s exactly what Cave Creek resident and astronomy enthusiast Ron Walker did. He calls his beloved planetarium The Star Barn and his projector’s name is “Bob.”

It all started when Ron heard the Scobee Planetarium in San Antonio, Texas was selling their projector. He bid on it and actually outbid twelve others by $200. He drove to San Antonio, disassembled the projector then carefully packed and transported it to Arizona. But, this professional grade projector was too large to live in Ron’s house.

Two years and a lot of work later Ron had completed a geodesic dome on his property. This would be his projector’s home. Next, it took six months of reassembling dozens of parts and over one mile of cable before “Bob” was ready to bring the universe indoors. But, you may wonder, why did he name it “Bob?” 

It turns out a neighbor, Bob, was excited for Ron and had helped with the geodesic dome’s concrete work. “Unfortunately,” says Ron, “he passed away just a couple of months before the planetarium was ready so he never saw it in operation.” So, Ron named the projector after his dedicated and supportive friend, Bob.

As you might expect, Ron is enthusiastic and passionate about his Star Barn Planetarium. As most hobbyists, he gets pleasure from sharing his knowledge and passion with family and friends. If you’re   i nterested in astronomy and his little planetarium, you’re an instant friend and the door is open. Ron offers a monthly introduction to the night sky program as well as other interesting astronomical topics. 

Would you like to meet Bob and experiencing a show in The Star Barn Planetarium? It’s simple: contact Ron at TheStarBarn@gmail.com and ask to be included on his mailing list for future programs. He and Bob are always happy to make new friends and share his hobby. Thank you, Ron.

Photo/Article: N. Spitzer
The Marshal's Corner:
Greetings from the Marshal’s Office!
I hope all of you are enjoying the summer. I wanted to say, “Thank you” to all of you who have been so diligent this fire season. We all saw the effects of wildland fires by simply driving down Cave Creek Road and seeing the damage to the pristine desert south of Tatum. It seems no matter how well we educate people we still have those who fail to get the message. We did have a brush fire in town this July 4 th from someone who chose to light off fireworks in town limits. ☹ Thank heavens Rural Metro Fire was able to quickly respond and knock down the flames.
We saw a very serious accident in town this past month. PLEASE, PLEASE Slow Down and Wear your seat belt! Do Not Text while driving. We care about you and want you to remain safe and keep our residents and visitors safe as well.
Taste of Cave Creek is rapidly approaching. We have our first organizational meeting August 13 th at 2:00pm here at Town Hall. The Taste of Cave Creek is one of our Town of Cave Creek signature events. Call my office and ask about how you can participate in The Taste of Cave Creek. We are going to be counting on all of our businesses to help out with PARKING this year. I would like to get as many businesses in the town core that I can, whom will allow us to park visitors in your parking lot for the Taste of Cave Creek and then have a shuttle pick up the visitors and take them to the event. As many of you know…the Bob Kite property by the post office and library has been sold and is going to be developed….with that we lost our prime over flow parking area for special events. It will be super important that businesses open up their parking spaces in the evening for the Taste of Cave Creek.
The first ever Town of Cave Creek Health and Wellness Expo will take place November 09 at Stage Coach Village. Please check out our website at:   www.Cavecreekhealthandwellness.com       
If you would like to participate, please fill out a Participant Interest Form and return it Town Hall. If you wish to Sponsor the event, please fill out an Event Sponsorship Form and return to Town Hall.
I hope that you all enjoy a safe summer and get to rest up before we have another amazingly busy season in Cave Creek. I look forward to the completion of our awesome new businesses being constructed in town and know that they will only add to the reasons why so many people love Cave Creek.
Have a great month!
 Marshal Stein
Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Corner:
Business of the Year

Please help me congratulate Curtis Arny and the entire crew at The Grotto Café for their recent recognition as Business of the Year! The award was given at the Chamber’s recent Celebration of Excellence and was voted on by the members of the Chamber.
“Being a part of this community for the past eight years has truly been a dream come true and has changed our lives forever," said Curtis. "There are so many amazing people that surround this community that have made such an impact on my life personally; I’m forever grateful. The Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce has done so many wonderful things to support our community, its members and of course all the businesses. Learning that we were nominated for the business of the year award was such an honor. Then to be called up as the winner!? Words can’t describe how honored, privileged and humbled we are to have received such wonderful recognition. This award is not possible without the amazing group of people that make up the Grotto Café.”
Patty Villeneuve
Carefree/ Cave Creek Chamber
History Corner:
Frontier Town
By Darlene Southern

Located close to the intersection of Cave Creek and Schoolhouse Roads, Frontier Town has been the unofficial town center of Cave Creek for fifty years. Back in 1969, Herman King fulfilled a long-time dream, purchasing the property to build a little “Western Town”. He started off with some old buildings from the 1930’s construction site at Bartlett Dam, built some others, creating a collection of structures lining the dirt streets that would have looked at home in any Wild West movie or tv show. When Mr. King passed, he left his beloved Frontier Town to his daughter, Beverly Peagler and grandson, Marc. Bev and Marc have carried on Grandpa Herman’s legacy; the little western-style shops are occupied by a variety of vendors: Suzanne’s Hot Stuff, Cave Creek Candle & Gifts, Glory Bee’s Boutiques, Udder Delight Natural Skin Care, Ortega’s Native American Jewelry & Arts, Happy Hogan, and Cave Creek Mercantile. Last year, Marc Peagler revived the old “Greasewood Flats” by building another “Old West” street that serves as a backdrop for seasonal weekend stunt shows/gun fights that entertain both visitors to and citizens of Cave Creek. 
Travel Corner:
Desert Foothills Library  

Traveling soon? Is your passport up-to-date?

Did you know that our Desert Foothills Library is an official passport acceptance facility ? Yup! You need go no further than our local library for a new passport or renewal. That’s good to know when travel season is around the corner.
Passport applications are accepted seven days a week, but appointments are required. Ages 16 and older are considered adults.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Two passport photographs (Photos can be taken at the Library)
  • A current valid form of photo identification (state driver’s license, current U.S. passport, military ID card, etc.)
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (U.S. passport, certified birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship or consular report of birth abroad.)

  • Photos: $15/person (at library)
  • Adult New Passport Book: $110
  • Adult New Passport Card: $30
  • Adult Renewal Book: $110
  • Adult Renewal Card: $30
  • Child New Passport Book: $30
  • Child New Passport Card: $15
  • Execution Fee: $35
  • Expedited Service: $60

Payment may be by check or postal money order. Separate checks are required for the passport fee and the Execution fee. Credit cards are not accepted.
For more information about passports and fees, please visit  Travel.State.Gov

Questions for Desert Foothills Library?
Call 480-488-2286
Your Tourism Bureau Corner:
Here We Are!
37617 N. Cave Creek Road
(Next to Oregano's)

Stop on by and say, "Hello!"
Reminder to Cave Creek Merchants
Our new Cave Creek Tourism Bureau is a service to local merchants from the Town of Cave Creek and will display your brochures/menus at no cost to you. So, bring 'em in with your completed participation form! Many of your fellow merchants already have theirs on display.
Are you included? Not yet? Then stop in and see how easy it is to participate in this free marketing opportunity.
      This is your town and this is your tourism bureau.
Thank you,
Nina Spitzer, Volunteer/Coordinator
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Tourism Bureau Participants:
(Bolded are also CCTB volunteer supporters)
A Couple of Green Thumbs, Adelante, Arizona Fine Furniture & Tack Brokers, A Place in Time, Bags & Rags Boutique, Bella Donna & Cane, Beth Zink Art, Big Bronco, Arizona Territory Antiques, Big Earl's Greasy Eats, Black Mountain Adventures, Black Mountain Coffee Shop, Black Mountain Fitness, Blue Coyote, Bodhi Coyote Yoga, Bronco Studio, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue , Buffalo Chip Saloon , Carefree Adventures, Cartwright's Modern Cuisine, Cave Creek BBQ School, Cave Creek Beer Company, Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek Olive Oil Company, Cave Creek Shuttle, Cave Creek Visitor's Guide , Ciolim , Charlie Green Make-Up , City Creamery , Cowboys & Engines, Coyote Crossing Studio , Desert Dream Realty, Desert Foothills Library , Desert Treasures, El Encaanto Mexican Restaurant, English Rose Tea Room , Erika Willison PLLC, Etania Jewelry & Boutique, Extreme Arizona, Filiberto's Mexican Food, Glory Bee's, Grace Reneé Gallery, The Grotto Café, Hideaway Grill, Holland Community Center, Horny Toad Restaurant, Indian Market, Indian Village, Indigo Crow, It's a Divine Bakery, Janey's Coffee Co., Jeff D. Hill PLLC, Journey Rides, Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Store, Lance Headlee, Lara Bistro, Laughing Glass Studio, Lazy Lizard, Leigh Siegel-Realtor, Le Sans Souci, Leslie Nestingen (Berkshire Hathaway), Levanah Acupuncture, Lifestyle Balance with Qigong TaiChi , Lisa Nocella/Russ Lyons Sotheby's, M & E Stoyanov Fine Art Gallery, Magic Bird Festivals, Michael D'Ambrosi Sculpture, Mike's Chicago Dogs, Monika Cheang Photography , Mountain View Pub, Natural Habitat Inc, Oregano's Pizza Bistro, Prickly Pear Inn, Rancho Mañana Golf Club, Rare Earth Gallery, Ro Scarbrough (Berkshire Hathaway), Rusty Shack , Salon Chella, The Sculpture Studio , Sergio Ladrón de Guevara Fine Art, Sharon J. Edwards (Berkshire Hathaway), Smith & Western , Somm Advice , Sonoran Arts League, Soroptomist International of Saguaro Foothills , Southwest Bedazzle Boutique , Spur Cross Cycles, Spur Cross Stable, Storyteller Indian Store , Thunderbird Artists Gallery, Tonto Bar & Grill, Trailhead Ranch, True West Magazine, Tumbleweed Hotel, Udder Delight, The Village Coffee Shop, Watson's Hat Shop, Western Delight Gift Shop, Western Sky Helicopters , Z's House of Thai
Our list is growing and we LUV it! - Let me know if I've ooopsed & forgotten your name. - Ed.