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Cave Creek Weather
Click the picture for Cave Creek weather info direct from the Town website.
Town Hall Meetings have gone virtual. 
Citizens can call in by phone or tune-in via a Zoom video link (listed on calendar) to participate. To make public comment, a comment card must be filled out online by no later than 2pm the day of the meeting.

Dial 888-475-4499 or 
877-853-5257 (toll free) & use meeting ID: 97966005071 
Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Feb 1 (6pm): Council Meeting (Zoom Link : https://zoom.us/s/97966005071)
Feb 4 (7:30am): Monthly Ambassador Breakfast Carefree/Cave Chamber (Grotto Café) MORE INFO
Feb 10 (4:30pm): Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Monthly Mixer (Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86925303856)
Feb 12-14 (10-5pm): Fine Art & Chocolate Affaire (Frontier Town) More info HERE.
Feb 13 (1:30pm): Stamp Mill Operation (Cave Creek Museum)
Feb 16 (6pm): Council Meeting (Zoom Link : https://zoom.us/s/97966005071)
Feb 18 (7pm): Planning Commission Regular Meeting (Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/93661231481)

Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Sign Ordinance Update Corner
It's important to stay abreast of sign ordinance changes. For this reason, we're providing the following documents on the topic to help you become familiar with these updates.

Supporting one another is what it's all about!
Congrats Corner
40 Years
Compliments to the Chef!

Congratulations Chef Carmelo Moreno who is celebrating his 40th year (1981-2021) as chef at The Horny Toad. The food's great! Thanks, Chef, for all your years of service...Bravo!!!
Roads Corner
Lane Closures
Lane closures are a mild sacrifice for a beautiful new trail connection.

Pathway Construction is underway, closing-in on Phase I, in the Town Core. Lane closures will proceed throughout construction as the trail is built connecting Town Hall to Spur Cross Rd. For updates on road closures, refer to the Town's Facebook page OR you can visit the Town's website . (to follow News and Announcements) for details and updates as construction continues.
Local Landmarks Corner

The Town has ordered the first six landmarks plaques. Upon their arrival, news regarding their installation and related ceremonies will be announced to the public.
Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Corner
Job Opportunities ? Volunteers?
Read on...

Are you looking for additional team members for your business? Are you searching to become a new team member?
The Carefree / Cave Creek Chamber website might be the tool you're looking for in your search. The site includes job postings for people just starting their working years to job postings with specific degrees and considerable training. The site also includes information on who is in need of volunteers. Do you have time on your hands and want to give back to your community?  
Visit www.carefreecavecreek.org  for more information.

Patty Villeneuve, IOM
Carefree Cave Creek Chamber
480 488-3363
Health Corner
Roll Up Your Sleeve!

Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker and Testing sites

Vaccine Finder Resource: azhealth.gov/covid19findvaccine
Safety Corner
It's Not Over 'Til It's Over, so...
Cover Up!
Please spread the word.
~ For Yourself
~ For Those You Love
~ For your Patrons
~ For Your Business
~ For Your Community
Just because we've had the vaccine doesn't mean it's okay to let down our guard. Word has it the vaccine does not have full effectiveness until 1-2 weeks after the SECOND shot, and then we still need to be careful for ourselves and others.
Click HERE for Maricopa County Mask Regulations and a link to current amendments.
Guess It
Do you recognize this sweet gal?
She's been welcoming visitors into this Cave Creek shop since 1997.
January's Answer: No doubt, if you've been to the Cave Creek Olive Oil Company the January "Where am I?" was an easy one for you. The photo was actually of the many stainless steel "fusti" (Italian) containers where you can pour out samplings of Cave Creek Olive Oil Company's many yummy olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Click HERE to see it again in our January issue.
Covid-19 Corner
Info & Resources
For the ADHS Covid-19 Data Dashboard click HERE.
Covid-19: Business Benchmarks - Click HERE.
Official Reopening Attestation for Bars with a Food Permit Operating as a Restaurant: Click HERE.
Find Maricopa County Covid-19 Business Info HERE.
Click HERE Arizona Department of Health Services helpful info on Covid-19 resources.
Access all you need to know from the Arizona Department of Economic Security by clicking HERE.
Look HERE for updated Sky Harbor Airport travel regulations.
Gov. Ducey
site HERE.
"All you need is love, love
Love is all you need"
– John Lennon

Feature Corner
Proposition 207
Recreational Marijuana Sales
in Cave Creek
On Nov 3, 2020 Arizona became the 13th state to legalize marijuana after voters passed Proposition 207 by 60% to 40% vote. This new law is known as the “Smart and Safe Arizona Act.” According to this new law, adults 21 and older can now legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana with no more than 5 grams being concentrates (extracts). In addition, limited home cultivation is also now legal. Use of marijuana in public places (restaurants, parks, sidewalks, etc.) is still illegal, although now only a petty offense for offenders.
What does this mean for Cave Creek? We’re fortunate to have the nonprofit, Cave Creek Cannabis, as our local dispensary. On Friday, January 22nd, Cave Creek Cannabis received approval from the Arizona Department of Health Services for recreational sales of cannabis goods. They were one of the first dispensaries immediately ready for recreational sales and received an overwhelming response. This spike in foot traffic is likely to affect and stimulate local business. 
“The sale of recreational marijuana has definitely increased our traffic. I think that’s a benefit to the town,” says Alex Lane, Cave Creek Cannabis Dispensary president and Phoenix attorney. 
Unlike many of their competitors, Cave Creek Cannabis is an independent family business run by a mother/son duo from Arizona with a small and dedicated team of friendly, educated, patient advisors. This dispensary has catered to patient care in Cave Creek since 2016. Now, their menu hosts 100% Arizona cultivated marijuana products which includes edibles, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals and flower (marijuana).
"One of the things I love about Cave Creek is the feeling of independence,” says Alex Lane, president. “The town also has, in my opinion, the clearest identity of any town or city in metro Phoenix. We are an independent family business. We think we fit into the independence of the town." 
Patients from across the Valley seek out the dispensary for its reputation of uniqueness and expertise. Also referred to as Budtenders, staff is well equipped to guide consumers on responsible consumption. Recreational consumers and patients alike can count on continued services in the spirit of Cave Creek; friendly, unbiased, and independent and will continue to prioritize our medical patients with curbside delivery.
 "I think other businesses around us will also experience a benefit. We certainly benefit from the foot traffic generated by the many local establishments. We think they benefit from us also," says Alex Lane, president.
“Cave Creek depends on people coming from elsewhere,” continues Alex, “We feel we’re playing an important part in providing another great reason for people to make a trip to Cave Creek and, once they’re here, encourage them to check out local restaurants and shops in what’s a great little town.”

Click HERE for more information on the Cave Creek Cannabis site.
Images: Courtesy of Cave Creek Cannabis
Town Manager's Corner
Dear Cave Creek Community,

Fire Season is upon us and Fire Awareness continues to be a big focus in Town, especially following two devastating fires last year. All residents and business owners alike are encouraged to take action to ensure their properties are well-tended to now and through the summer to prevent and reduce fires should they happen. The Town’s website offers information, resources, and tools on how to prepare your property to prevent fires from occurring and spreading. We are encouraging everyone to Be Prepared, Know What to Do, and Help your Neighbors. 
Additionally, in an effort to support the community in creating defensible space in their yards for fire prevention, the Town of Cave Creek is hosting drop-off days for residents (only) to discard green waste. The first event will take place on February 20th from 8am-noon at the Cave Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, 4300 E Carefree Highway. As part of the Town’s Defensible Spaces efforts, we’re hosting these drop-off events to help haul away green cuttings and debris such as weeds, leaves, brush and small branches. 
Participants will need to come prepared with proof of Cave Creek residence (driver’s license, utility bill, addressed piece of mail) and be prepared to unload the debris upon arrival. Cave Creek staff will take it from there.

Carrie Dyrek
Cave Creek Town Manager
The Town's 2020 Corner
The Cave Creek 2020 Year In Review was presented at the Town Council meeting on December 21st. The presentation covered challenges, progress and accomplishments from each department during the 2020 year. It was streamed live, recorded online, and a document of the report can be found on the Town’s website. Click HERE and take a look at our entire past year!

You prefer to review each department's 2020 summary separately? Easy! Click on your area of interest below.

The Marshal's Corner
Greetings from Marshal Stein,
We are already into February and what an amazing January we have had! We already experienced our first and most likely last snow of the year. We took some great pictures and, there are some fabulous videos circulating with the snow in Cave Creek. Too bad we could not have set up a temporary toll for gathering some revenue from all the people driving up to Cave Creek that day and checking out our snowfall 
I'm pleased to see more and more traffic in town as it pertains to our businesses parking lots! This COVID pandemic is no fun and we're finally starting to see people venture out more and more. Unfortunately, it would seem masks are going to be in our futures for some time to come.

We are already getting complaints regarding loud music in town from one of our businesses. Please try as best you can to be mindful of the delicate balance between our businesses and our residences. The Town Core obviously abuts many residential neighborhoods. Most residents and businesses have a great balance of music and outdoor noise tolerance. Many of our business owners participated in the process of re-writing the Town of Cave Creek noise ordinance a few years ago. Please, please respect your residential neighbors. It does no one any good when neighborhoods become upset with constant loud music. Most of you work super hard to avoid complaints from neighbors and, I appreciate that. Please be mindful of your neighbors and limit your outdoor music volumes.
We're also starting to get more sign and banner complaints. Please review the sign ordinance. It was re-written with tremendous feedback from our residents and our businesses. If your business is in violation, remove the violation before the town has to speak to you. Again a delicate balance was reached and, we simply want to stay within the rules and avoid conflicts with the sign ordinance.
As we near the dry season we are, unfortunately, in increased fire danger. Please take the time to remove dead brush and debris from around your homes and businesses. Help us protect you and your neighbors by having defensible spaces around your home and businesses. Always have a hose and fire extinguishers readily available when doing ANY outdoor activities that generate sparks. I responded to too many fires last year that were caused by completely preventable activities. No one wants to cause a fire.
I wish you and your families happiness and health. I look forward to the days when we can all get together once again and see each other’s smiling faces instead of all these masks….though, some of you have some very amusing masks. 
Stay safe,
Marshal Stein
Fire Prevention Corner
Local fires experienced in 2020 were both frightening and devastating, to say the least!
In an attempt to not have a repeat of that fire experience in the 2021 fire season, residents and merchants alike are strongly encouraged to follow the "Defensible Space" guidelines provided by the Town of Cave Creek. Simply click HERE for a link to that information.
Flash Flooding Corner
Increased Chance of Flash Floods
Due to 2020 Fires

Cave Creek residents nearby affected burn areas from 2020 wildland fires should be on special alert regarding chance of flash floods. As rainwater moves across charred and denuded ground, it can also collect soil, sediment and debris and grow into a stream of floodwaters. This can cause more significant damage; please be on guard for flooding in all areas downstream of areas especially affected by the Ocotillo and East Desert Fires which occurred last summer. If you approach a flooded wash DO NOT CROSS. If you witness flooding in your area move to higher ground to be safe.
For emergencies dial 911.
For Cave Creek News and Announcements click HERE.
New Biz Owner Corner
Fitness with a Smile
Black Mountain Fitness (BMF) has been keeping Cave Creek in shape since July 1995. On November 16, 2020, however, this local gym changed hands from previous owner to current owner Stephen Hanna. Steve, is a retired police officer from Illinois, new to the area, and absolutely loves Cave Creek. He’s proud to say Black Mountain Fitness is a community gym and not a large, corporate style box gym.
“We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Cheers’ of gyms,” says Steve. Why? Because “Everyone knows everyone’s name,” he says, “No judgement – No stress.” They know and care about all who enter their doors.
Steve considers BMF to be a “boutique gym” and the only true “gym” in the Town Core.
He and his team of Kent Krestan, Lori Hamilton-Smith, Karen Cimaglia, and Blair Roberts eagerly offer friendly, one-one-service, with new state-of-the art equipment. Current members working to stay in shape range in age from 16 to 88.
Black Mountain Fitness caters to fitness and training on a mix of old and new school equipment in a reorganized open space. Currently they offer no fitness classes, however, starting in March, two weekend boot camps will be offered under the guidance of personal trainers Blair and Karen. The six-week programs will include boot camps for postpartum moms and seniors 55+ and older...and, anyone else who would like to kick-start their overall health. These boot camps are open to anyone interested; gym membership is not a requirement. BMF invites you to call them for more info on these evolving boot camps. More Info.
In addition to gym equipment and time, BMF offers one-on-one fitness training by skilled, contracted personal trainers. A gym membership is not required for these services. Trainers style workouts to each individual’s personal and physical needs, as well as time schedules.
Reopening the gym in the middle of the Covid crisis certainly had its challenge and still does, says Steve, but the team maintains the CDC Covid-19 guidelines for the safety of both gym members and the team in their sanitized gym environment. No matter what the state of the pandemic, the BMF team wants all to know they always give 100% to foster the health, well-being and fitness to members and personal training clients alike.
And…By the way, Black Mountain Fitness owner Steve is a native Irishman? Might we expect a tinge of green in fitness for March???
“See you at the gym!

 Photo: Nina Spitzer
History Corner
A Good-Bye
The Walkin', Talkin'
History Gal of Cave Creek
By Darlene Southern
Beverly Metcalfe Brooks always claimed that growing up a little farmgirl in Wisconsin and Illinois, she was "…so shy,” and no one ever knew she was in the room. If that was true, then Cave Creek was where she blossomed into her own. Bev arrived in Cave Creek for the first time as a 22-year-old guest at the Sierra Vista Guest Ranch, was swept into a whirlwind romance, and settled here in Cave Creek as the wife of realtor/developer (and sometime cowboy) Bill Metcalfe. Bill passed away after a little more than twenty years of marriage. Beverly later found a second chance at love and happiness for another 37 years with Chuck Brooks.
Bev was more than a wife, mother, and helpmate in her first husband Bill's businesses---she also became a force to be reckoned with in our small town. She was a founding member of the Mother's Club, both a Den Mother and Board Member of the local Boy Scouts group, and member of the Cave Creek Saddle Club. Bev also helped form the Cave Creek Historical Society that later morphed in the Cave Creek Museum, of which she was a charter member and a long-time volunteer as Town Historian and Docent. 
Bev loved to sing, performing for years in the annual Cave Creek Christmas Pageant. As an enthusiastic member of the Church at the Chip, Beverly loved taking turns riding on the church’s float or the Oldtimer's float in local parades, where she enthusiastically waved at the crowds with a wide smile across her face. Bev was a treasured repository of Cave Creek history. She loved sharing stories about Town doyenne Catherine Jones, the legendary Hube Yates, whom she called her "second father," horse and cattle drives down from Huber for the guest ranches, trail rides up Continental Mountain, dances at the American Legion, and wild young men racing their horses through town when Cave Creek Road was unpaved and scarcely traveled.  
Beverly passed away on January 3rd, leaving behind her loving husband, Chuck, her beloved children, Rusty and Randi, daughter-in-law, Cindy, step daughters, Patty and Cindy, and her much adored grandchildren: Maxx, Samm, Dusty, Jake and Julia. Bev will be greatly missed by a host of friends who loved and respected her. Her passing is a true loss to our community.

Photo: Courtesy of The Brooks Family
Cave Creek "We Love You!"
Residents Tell Us
What They Love About Cave Creek

"I love the Cave Creek Characters! (You know who you are!)"
~ Paul Eelkema

"Old and young farts living their dream."
~ Paul Diefenderfer

"I love my Creeker neighbors; both the wildlife and the humans."
~ Yolande Grill

"I love the uniqueness of Cave Creek."
~ Janine Wehner

"The blend of unique people and characters."
~ Michael Gentry

"I love the wildness. "
~ Kim Brennan

"Fun small town area to enjoy. Just keep the 5G towers away!"
~ Cathy Fimiani

"I love the beautiful views, the wildlife, the open space, the eclectic stores & restaurants, the people & the Old West feel of the town."
~ Sue Keehn Mueller

"Cave Creek combines the Old West with the new in a beautiful desert setting."
~ Nancy Merlino

"I love all the wonderful people I have met which have become good friends and extended family!"
~ Tammy Dichter-Tuller
~ END ~
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