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Cave Creek Weather
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Now - July 18: Sonoran Arts League - Juried Members Exhibition - For more info click HERE. (7100 E. Cave Creek Road, Suite 144 Cave Creek)
July 6 (6pm): Council Meeting* - Town Hall (CANCELED)
July 13 (8:30am):
Fire Safety Q & A (Desert Foothills Library) Click HERE.
July 14 (10am): Water Advisory Committee Meeting*(WAC) - (Zoom)
July 14 (10am): Wastewater Advisory Committee Meeting* - (Zoom - after WAC mtg)
July 15 (7pm): Planning Commission Regular Meeting* - Town (Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/93661231481)
July 17 (1pm):
Fire Safety Q & A (Desert Foothills Library) Click HERE.
July 19 (6pm): Council Meeting* - Town Hall (Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/s/97966005071)
July 22 (6pm):
Fire Safety Q & A (Holland Center) Click HERE.
July 31 (10am):
Harmony Hollow Preserved Meet and Greet (The Sonoran Arts League Learning Studio, Stagecoach Village )

* Town Council and Planning Commission meetings have returned to "in-person" meetings at Town Hall but, will also continue on Zoom.

Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Town News
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Fire & Emergency Service Corner
The Town of Cave Creek will be hosting several opportunities for the public to meet with community fire representatives to inquire about fire service and prevention in our town. Live streaming and a recording of the presentation will be available via Zoom. To view previous presentations on Fire and Emergency services in preparation for these Q&A's, Click HERE.
To participate remotely via Zoom, use link: https://zoom.us/j/97161952846

 “It’s an important issue for everyone in town; both commercial properties and residents. Please pay attention to the discussion and the information that being given to community leaders and Council. This is a community safety issue." - Fire Deputy Chief Jim Ford
See image (below) for a list of fire service and prevention Q & A meetings coming up.

For more information on these follow Town of Cave Creek News & Announcements by clicking HERE.
Kudos Corner
Kudos, Thank Yous, and Huge Hugs to
Melissa Paxton
Former Cave Creek resident, Melissa Paxton, was asked about her involvement in the preservation of Harmony Hollow Ranch, a place dear to her heart. She replied, "I had a dream. In that dream Richard, my late husband, said, 'You can do this!'"

With that, Melissa reached out to the Cave Creek community for support. Together, the wheels were set into motion. But, it was Melissa's initial dream and her dedication, hard work and passion for Cave Creek that turned that dream into a reality!
Thank You,
Holland Center Corner
Once again, The Holland Center is hosting a variety of fun and informative summer classes for both kids and adults. For a listing of their classes click HERE.
Kiwanis Corner
Kiwanis Club of Carefree held their Annual Meeting at Harold’s on May 5, 2021 to elect officers and board members for both the Kiwanis Club and The Foundation. It was wonderful to see and socialize again with all of our friends and fellow Kiwanis Members.
Kiwanis is delighted to announce the promotion of Sandra Carrier to Executive Director of the Kiwanis Club of Carefree.
Sandra joined The Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Store five years ago as the Assistant Manager. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to General Manager where she has played a key role in developing the growth of the Marketplace. Sandra thus brings a wealth of experience, energy, and enthusiasm to the Kiwanis Club and we are excited about her new role.
Newly elected officers will begin their term on October 1st, 2021.
Kiwanis Club Carefree
President: Kimberly Marie Jack
President Elect: Joyce Jordan
Immediate Past President: Mike Poppenwimer
Director: David Court
Director: Geno Orrico
Kiwanis Foundation
President: Kimberly Marie Jack
President Elect: Joyce Jordan
Director: Janet Busbee
Director: Mike Poppenwimer
Director: Ron Bell
Director: David Court
Director: John Dione
Kiwanis Club Pres Kimberly Jack, Sandra Carrier, Joyce Jordan, Mike Poppenweimer

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwanis Club of Carefree
Museum Corner
Call for Volunteers

Are you looking for a fun way to share your life-long interests and talents?
If so, the Cave Creek Museum invites you to join its amazing team of volunteers. Whether your interest lies in marketing, landscaping, teaching, fund raising, etc, working alone or working with others, there's a place for you with the Museum.

Yes, we value preserving and sharing the wealth of area history, but also value the wealth of talent and passion for Cave Creek in our local resident and business community.

Think about embracing our town and our history by being a volunteer at the Cave Creek Museum.

For more info, call Evelyn Johnson at 480-488-2764.
Dark Sky Corner
Helpful Tips from Cave Creek Dark Sky Initiative

The following actions will help reduce Cave Creek light pollution for everyone:

1. Shield your outdoor lights,
2. Turn off your outdoor lights when not needed,
3. Put your outdoor lights on timers to shut off at a reasonable nighttime hour, 
4. Install motion detectors. 

The above photo is a good example of well shielded outdoor flood lights.

Photo Credit:
Bob Hughes
Spur Cross Conservation Area Corner
Time Capsule
A monument has been installed in the parking lot area for Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area that will soon house a time capsule. The monument was designed and built by artist/councilman Paul Diefenderfer (Dief). Members of the community have already begun taking selfies in front of the monument with their cherished Spur Cross passes in hand.
Memorabilia from the preservation effort, twenty-one years ago, will be placed in the time capsule. On the monument will be a plaque with these words:
“With a band of Cave Creek citizens leading the effort, the Town of Cave Creek, Maricopa County, and the State of Arizona joined forces to preserve Spur Cross Ranch. The spur and cross symbol was the brand of the ranch. The three layers of the brand represent the Town, County, and State. The rivets holding the three layers together represent the individuals that came together to preserve Spur Cross Ranch.”

Photo: Installation of monument by Dief and helper Gandalf McNabb. Photo courtesy of Town of Cave Creek. 
Trails Corner
Surrey Drive Trail
The Surrey Drive Trail section has just recently been completed. This trail section connects to the existing trail section located at the end of the Surrey Drive cul-de-sac. The newly completed trail section will provide a completed safe access located along the north side of Surrey Drive Road which is contiguous and west of the existing Conestoga Trail. 
This newly completed trail section completes a trail loop by providing a continuous trail that connects to the Desert Foothills Land Trust (DFLT) trail, continuing through the Arizona State Land Department Trust land (ASLD) connecting to the Cave Creek Regional Park (CCRP) trails which includes the Go John Trail located within the CCRP.
Safety Corner

The Town of Cave Creek currently continues its policy for masking and social distancing at Town Hall, at the treatment facilities and the Town's Tourism Bureau.
Code Red Corner
Code RED

CodeRed is an emergency alert system Cave Creek residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in to receive electronic alerts in the event of an emergency.
Be Safe-Don't Be Sorry!
The Town of Cave Creek will be scheduling a test of the CodeRED Emergency Alert System. Click HERE to register now for direct alerts from the Town of Cave Creek, in the event of a crisis.
Supporting Our Locals Corner
Barbers, Hair & Nail Salons

Sure, going to Paris to have our hair coiffed would be a wonderful treat but, why go that distance and to that expense when we're so fortunate to have such a wonderful selection of barbers and hair/nail salons right here in our very own Cave Creek? They have amazing skills and care most about supporting our styling needs. So, let's support our locals and they will support us. Now, if you'd like to go to Paris to climb the Eiffel Tower...that's another story altogether!
Fire Safety Corner
Remembering last year's fires makes us all cringe. The Town of Cave Creek would like us to take every precaution so as not to revisit that horrific experience. Every one of us can help. Click HERE to find out how.
Supporting one another is what it's all about!
Summer is upon us and the snowbirds are returning home. Buy local or Bye-Bye local! Summertime in the Creek means that businesses and restaurants need your support now more than ever!
Thank You.
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau Corner
Friday, Saturday,
& Sunday
Thank you to our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau volunteers for their dedication to our merchants and community during this past (Covid) year!
Guess It
'Recognize this cute flower girl??
June's Answer:
If you guessed Big Bronco, you were correct! Yes, you can hop out of your car and put yourself into this picture at Big Bronco. But...for those of us who live and/or work here in Cave Creek, we're living the REAL thing every day! Click HERE to browse the Big Bronco site and see the cool things they sell.
Covid-19 Corner
Info & Resources

Click HERE for the CDC's Covid-19 updates for Workplaces and Businesses.
For the ADHS Covid-19 Data Dashboard click HERE.
Find Maricopa County Covid-19 Business Info HERE.
Click HERE Arizona Department of Health Services helpful info on Covid-19 resources.
Access all you need to know from the Arizona Department of Economic Security by clicking HERE.
Look HERE for updated Sky Harbor Airport travel regulations.
Gov. Ducey
site HERE.
This is the time of year to show our red, white, and blue at the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau.
Stop in, see our tree, and say "Hi."
(Many thanks to volunteer and official tree decorator, George)
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"One flag, one land, one heart, one hand,
one nation evermore!"
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Feature Corner
Harmony Hollow Ranch
and the
Historic Stamp Mill
Have Both Been Preserved! 
By Melissa Paxton

No new house or condos will ever ruin the view of Elephant Butte and the majestic Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area! 

Preservation buyers Steve and Lori Greenberg bought the two properties in April and June of this year. They are working with the Desert Foothills Land Trust, the State, the town of Cave Creek and the County to create conservation easements, new water sources for wildlife, and a master plan to restore and maintain the land’s unique habitat and history.
Harmony Hollow Ranch was a foundry built by Jeff Cross in the early 1970’s. Jeff was well known in Cave Creek for the beautifully designed cast bronze bells that he made at Harmony Hollow. He displayed them during craft fairs from a ringing display mounted on the back of his donkey. Jeff was a founding member of the Cave Creek Craft Council, precursor of the Sonoran Arts League.
Jeff’s beautiful and remote location at the end of an unpaved Spur Cross road soon became a magnet for artists moving to Cave Creek. Many early residents camped out in tents and trailers in the lower field, a colorful gathering place of some of the early founders of the Cave Creek Craft Council. Many of these artists still live in Cave Creek. The group was sometimes disrupted and occasionally trapped by the flooding creek, a subject of many epic tales. The flooding of Cave Creek is a reality that has been the constant for anyone fortunate and determined enough to live at Harmony Hollow.

After Jeff’s tragic death in 1977, his siblings and parents came from Michigan and created an annual scholarship in his name given to outstanding art students at Cactus Shadows High School. They decided to rent Harmony Hollow and move the bell business back to Ann Arbor where Bradley Cross, Jeff’s younger brother, continues the bell making tradition.
The first two occupants of Harmony Hollow were two close friends of Jeff’s, artist Richard Mocco and cabinet maker John Woodjack. They helped finish the house/studio into which Richard moved his jewelry and sculpture studio. John created an oasis of vegetable gardens for his vintage Airstream and became the land’s caretaker. Engaged by the awesome natural beauty and magic of the area, they lived there for thirty and forty years respectively, remaining to the end on the land they loved.
A handful of artists were blessed with the experience of living at Harmony Hollow for a period spanning 50 years. Among those artists were Richard Mocco, John Woodjack, Sheila Kollasch, Scotty Bechtold, Ray Stone, and me Melissa Paxton. We grew to know and love the astonishing diversity of wildlife, the awesome monsoon storms, the raging creek, and the star filled night sky. I count my own twelve years there with Richard as the time I came to believe in the magic of the place and in large scale desert preservation as a goal.

The success of the Spur Cross Ranch preservation effort in 2000 made Harmony Hollow and other properties along the creek that much more vulnerable, should they sell for residential development within the conservation area.
After leaving Cave Creek in 2001, I moved to a small town in Texas and remarried. Still, the special magic of Harmony Hollow always draws me back on my visits to friends and family. It is literally the first place I check when I get to town, the unchanging beauty a welcome sight! I am so forever grateful and astounded every time I remember the community support for the preservation of Spur Cross Ranch twenty years ago which stopped a golf course community being built on that sacred land!
Early in 2019, I was alerted by Scotty Bechtold that after 50 years the Cross family was ready to list Harmony Hollow for sale. It had a possibility of two or three homes being built on the land. Over the years, The Land Trust had, several times, tried to preserve the place, but were unable by law to pay the listed price which was over the appraised value. This was also a problem and major hurdle for any funding from the Town or other non-profits.

Through the Facebook group “Harmony Hollow Preserve,” which has grown to 763 members, I tried to get the word out to the local community about the threat of possible new residential development. Council Member Kathryn Royer and Land Trust director Vicki Preston worked on getting funding for new appraisals on twelve vulnerable properties through an intergovernmental agreement.
Skip Hoyle, the owner of the Stamp Mill that shared the creek, contacted me and said he was going to put his beautiful land on the market, as well. It was two buildable lots of pristine desert in the middle of a nature preserve. He had crested, beautiful water sources for the animals and birds that flocked to his oasis. He gave me a year to fundraise, but unfortunately the Covid lockdown intervened in everyone’s plans.
Our group searched for answers and waited for appraisals. We prepared for the unknown fundraising challenges of needing potentially millions of dollars. Council Member Paul Diefenderfer (Dief) created a nonprofit, Friends of Spur Cross Conservation Area, ready to help make the project more visible and able to take donations. The real estate market was beginning to heat up and needed an answer.
Then, in mid-February 2021 I was contacted by longtime locals Steve and Lori Greenberg. They felt a strong desire to find the most direct way possible to preserve and protect Harmony Hollow and The Stamp Mill. They had been looking at both and had the sense that it was urgent to act quickly considering the reawakening of the real estate market. They contacted the Desert Foothills Land Trust to learn about conservation easements and within weeks had reached agreements with the owners! 
This amazing development is the best possible outcome in so many ways! It is the lowest impact and restorative path having a profound respect for the unique and ancient history of the place.

For sure, there will be a need for volunteers and donations. Additional funds and volunteers are vital for restoring and enhancing the ecology of the creek and to the expand the preservation. The Desert Foothills Land Trust has many preserves to care for, so our non-profit, Friends of Spur Cross Conservation Area, seeks to specify the lands within the conservation area for its efforts.
For now, our Facebook page, Harmony Hollow Preserved remains the chief platform for communication. If anyone wants to help, join us and message me.
We will be having an in-person meeting Saturday July 31, 10am to noon at The Sonoran Arts League Arts Learning Studio, 7100 E Cave Creek Rd Suite 164, Cave Creek, AZ 85331(Stagecoach Village).
Thanks and gratitude to the special breed called “Creekers” who asked, “What can we do to be the solution?” They are people always willing to take the step on that first rock in the creek confident that the next one is there. After all, if you’re afraid to take the first step, you’ll never get there, and together– We got there!
Photos: Top Photo-Steve Greenberg, Jeff Cross-Courtesy of Cave Creek Museum, Third Photo-Melissa Paxton, Fourth Photo-Judy Zimet & Melissa Paxton, Fifth Photo-Melissa Paxton
Town Manager's Corner
Greetings Cave Creek Merchants,

The Town of Cave Creek’s mission is to support the community by effectively managing public services and fostering our unique southwestern ways of life. Each year, the Cave Creek Town Council adopts a budget that is based on a fiscal year that begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. This budget reflects the Town’s values and goals, encompassing a great team effort by Town staff in providing clarity around Cave Creek’s fiscal health and upcoming projects and services. 

Regardless of limitations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Town of Cave Creek remains in strong financial form. However, as we continue to look forward the Council and Town Staff remain cautious regarding budgeting, as major expenses are on the near-horizon to meet foundational needs which encompass fire protection and water stability. 
The budget is organized into breakouts of ongoing budgeting versus one-time activities. An overview of each fund as well as particulars can be found organized into: 

The General Fund: Included in this fund is a breakdown of Department Funds, Operating Revenue, Operating Expenditures by Department, Operating Transfers and a General Fund Summary. 
Total Enterprise Funds: Desert Hills Water, Cave Creek Water, Wastewater
Special Revenues Funds: HURF, Spur Cross Ranch Conservation, Parks and Trails Fund, Open Space Acquisition Fund, and Grants
Capital Funds: CIP Water Infrastructure, CIP Open Space and Trails Fund
Breakdown of Expenditures by Fund Type: 
          Special Revenue: 19%
          General Fund: 45%
          Utilities: 34%
          Capital Funds: 2%
The total budget for the 2021-2022FY (Fiscal Year) is $40,016,980. Subtracting fire protection-related expenses leaves a budget of $33,026,640, which is approximately $508,514 less from last years adopted budget of $33,535,154. 

Keystone endeavors Town Council is considering in upcoming years, along with the support from Cave Creek residents, include both securing fire-assets and strategic upgrades to Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. Other points of interest covered in the budget include organization-wide improvements to Town facilities, public safety equipment, IT upgrades, vehicle replacements, and partial funding for trail pathways and open spaces.

You can find the full summary and access to the entire budget on the Cave Creek website HERE.
Carrie Dyrek
Cave Creek Town Manager
The Marshal's Corner
Greetings from the Marshal,
As I write this it is currently 113 degrees out. I know…it’s a dry heat. As things heat up, I remind all of you reading this that we’re in EXTREME conditions as it pertains to fires. Last week I was made aware of yet another local brush fire. This particular fire was in Scottsdale just to our south east, however it was how this brush fire started that was of great concern. Yet again, a worker was grinding/cutting metal. A great deal of sparks were generated and, of course, the grass and brush went up like matchsticks. Obviously, whatever (if any) fire safety measures this worker had taken were null and void as this fire quickly grew out of the worker’s control and Scottsdale Fire Department had to respond to extinguish the flames.
This was quite literally the fourth brush fire I’ve seen recently; ALL caused by the similar means - workers performing a spark-generating activity that ignited brush on fire. Please, Please, utilize good judgement. Get your spark-generating activities building permit. Make certain that ANY workers or contractors you hire have the required permits and inspections. REMOVE brush from around any areas where they’re working and generating sparks. Water down the areas around the work sites after you’ve removed the brush. We all love Cave Creek; let’s work together to try and protect this town.
I would like to take a moment and once again say a HUGE THANK YOU to Desert Foothill’s Landscaping. The medians in Cave Creek are maintained free of charge by Desert Foothill’s Landscaping. When you see the crews working in the median, say thank you as opposed to complaining that they’re blocking a lane for their safety. The folks at Desert Foothills Landscaping are huge supporters of our community and I wish to personally say, “Thank you” to Aaron and Ernie as well as the whole Desert Foothills Landscaping crew. Cave Creek is a whole lot prettier thanks to your commitment to keeping our medians clean and well-manicured.
While I’m saying thank you…I wish to thank the gentleman in the Porsche who stopped to offer me orange juice while I was directing traffic at Oleson and Cave Creek Road last month. You were turning into Dutch Bros and your kind gesture meant a great deal to me. When the temperatures rise, some people rise to the occasion, as well. Kind gestures by our residents always remind me just how proud I am to serve this amazing community.
Stay safe,
Marshal Stein
Landmarks Corner
Cave Creek Landmarks
~Dairy Queen ~

Wednesday morning June 9th, the Cave Creek Local Landmarks team presented a brass Landmarks plaque to owners of Dairy Queen (DQ) Linda and Jim Thompson. The entire DQ staff joined in the celebration in their sea of red DQ t-shirts. A complimentary ice cream cone was presented as a thank you to those who contibuted to the Children's Miracle Network, the fundraiser of the day.
Next up for a Cave Creek Landmarks plaque presentation is The Hideaway! You can look forward to an unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, July 2oth at 4pm. Be there to join in on the fun.
For more about our local landmarks program and to check out the interactive landmarks map click HERE.
Photo (Above): DQ Owners Linda and Jim Thompson Photo Credit - Nina Spitzer
Photo (Below): Those involved in the Cave Creek Landmarks project (Photog- (Photog- Courtesy of Town of Cave Creek))
History Corner
The Hideaway
By Darlene Sounthern

In 1984, The Krasson Family, Ron, Maryann and their son Bart purchased Indian Village. Next to the Souvenir-cum-Taco Shop sat a quiet residence. The Krassons were surprised to learn that at one time, both Indian Village and the house shared an .88 acre parcel. It had been divided sometime in the 70’s. The history of the parcel and the buildings on it are a bit mysterious. 

It seems in about 1984, the owner of the house decided to move away from the bustling Town Core and so, Bart Krasson and his parents bought the property, reuniting the parcel. The Krassons transformed the house into Hannah’s Chocolate Shop, purveyor of homemade fudge, chocolates, ice cream and even some gifts. Arizona summers, however, are brutal and 80’s air conditioning was “not so great,”so after a few years, the Krassons decided chocolate and triple digit summers were not a match made in heaven.

Hannah’s Chocolate Shop closed and the building was next leased to a French-Canadian couple who opened a French-style bistro, The Thirsty Cactus. Creekers, however, were not Francophiles so the business didn't thrive. A couple of years later, a burly young guy with long blonde hair and a broad grin stopped into the Indian Village and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m your new neighbor!” And, that’s how Bart found out his French-Canadian tenants had sold their lease to entrepreneur and motorcycle enthusiast, Mark Bradshaw.

A frequent visitor to Cave Creek, Mark Bradshaw saw an opportunity to create a “destination bar” for bikers--and, his hunch was right. For twenty-five years, the Hideaway has become THE place for bikers from all over the state and beyond, especially during April’s Bike Week when thousands of motorcycles line Cave Creek Road. The roar of the bikes is loud, the live bands are louder, and the air sizzles with the mixed aromas of hamburgers and beer. 

Not that you need to be a biker to enjoy the Hideaway. You're just as likely to see a guy in pressed khaki shorts and polo shirt discussing the game on tv with a more stereotypical “biker dude,” then, parting with a slap on one another’s backs. You don't have to be a biker or anything else at the Hideaway. The only requirement at the Hideaway Grill is that you're there for a good time.
Photos: Courtesy of Town of Cave Creek
"Dog Days" Corner
CreekWest SummerFest
The Dog Days of Summer are here and barking at us. For local merchants, this means out-of-town visitors have dwindled down to a trickle. The big question is…How to keep our town core alive and vibrant during our sizzling, steamy summer? Apparently Local Jonny’s has found the solution - CreekWest SummerFest (aka "CreekFest")!
Picture a street party with water bouncy houses, a water slide, Pinball, games, drive-in movies, quick duck draw games, Frozen and Marvel character lunch, food trucks, live music, shaved ice and lots of interesting vendors. Yes, fun!!! What a wonderful way to get out and enjoy a summer afternoon or evening!
Local Jonny's first CreekFest was June 5th and a great success. Locals and area visitors roamed the festivities, vendors, and restaurants during the event hours of 3 to 9pm. Adults and kids, alike, had fun because “fun” is what it’s all about.
CreekFest is a free, family friendly charity event. Joining together with Local Jonny’s to bring this event to life are Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, Bryan’s Barbecue, The Eddy, Hibachibot, and Frontier Town.
“Our target is definitely the families,” says co-owner Jonny Oughterson, “It’s a family thing.”
Not only is CreekFest a family thing; it’s a charity thing, as well. CreekWest SummerFest is the brain child of general manager Becca Harding who is fixed on the event benefiting local charities. Each month, a percentage of the proceeds from sales at participating restaurants will benefit a local non-profit organization (see list below).
“This is a call to the community to please participate,” says Becca. “So many of our local charities operate year-round and over half of their volunteers leave for the summer. This is our chance to step in and help.” Becca is the event organizer whose diligent, hard work has created a fun event that brings both life into our Cave Creek summer and boosts local charities, too.
CreekFest happens the first Saturday of July, August, and September (3pm-9pm). Vendors can hop onto upcoming CreekFests for a fee of $100/spot and for local 501c3 charities – Free! Bring a canopy tent, table, smile and whatever else is needed to make your day fun. Give Becca a call at 480-495-1643 to be included.
It may be a sizzling, hot summer, but that won’t stop us from having fun in Cave Creek. This really “cool” CreekWest SummerFest event will keep us smiling even on those hot, Dog Days of Summer!
CreekFest SummerFest Schedule & Charity of the Month
July 3rd – Rural Metro Fire
August 7th – Desert Foothills Land Trust
September 4th – Arizona Foothills 911
Photos: Alex Chacone
New Biz Corner
Cave Creek Beauty Bar

My name is Bri and I am native to AZ and local to Cave Creek since 1999. Cave Creek Beauty Bar opened in May of 2021. The space is a Booth and Suite rental opportunity for those in the beauty industry. The ultimate goal is for clients to have a one stop shop for all their aesthetic needs and for entrepreneurs within the industry to have the creative space to grow their businesses in their own ways. Cave Creek Beauty Bar is already home to a Sugaring specialist as well as a skincare aesthetician, a Lash Artist, a Master Nurse Injector and a Hair Stylists. We host classes to the public such as hair styling and non toxic skincare classes. We retail some incredible local small businesses and had our first successful makers market back in May and will host more this coming Fall. We look forward to growing in the community and utilizing our markets and classes to partner with non profits and cannot wait to grow with our neighbors, The Holistic Hollow!
6702 E. Cave Creek Rd
Cave Creek, Az 85331

Photo Credit: Sheller Photography
Holistic Hollow

For some people the idea of a Yoga practice is off putting, either from the expectation that one must be able to touch their toes or that it must include a spiritual awakening. Here at Holistic Hollow we invite anyone and everyone into a space of self-exploration and that exploration is yours, not ours to determine. We offer a large array of modalities and styles of teaching yoga working towards suiting the specific needs of any lifestyle, any body, any needs.I am working towards creating a space that allows all to find a sense of ease both internally and physically. A space for one to strengthen their being and to find contentment with it. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests.
-Nicole Haring, Owner and Teacher
6702 E. Cave Creek Rd, Suite 2
Cave Creek, Az 85331
Carefree*Cave Creek Chamber Corner
Is your business ADA compliant?
Have you been accused of non-compliance?

I encourage all businesses to take the time to find out if you are or you are not compliant. If you aren’t compliant help, information or resources can be found through the planning and zoning departments of your town or city to help you become compliant.

This Chamber is a member of the East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance. The Alliance is made up of chambers in Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Carefree and Cave Creek.

In 2017 we ran a successful bill through the legislature that states that before a civil action can be filed against you, you are allowed a certain amount of time to fix the problem, if one exists. I have included information about the law below.

Arizona Revised Statutes / Article 8 / 41-1492.08.5
Enforcement by an aggrieved person; notice; affidavit; prohibited demand for money; definition E. Before filing a civil action pursuant to this section that alleges a public accommodation that is operated by a private entity has a building, facility or parking lot that violates this article and except as provided by subsection F of this section, the aggrieved person or the person's attorney shall provide written notice with sufficient detail to allow the private entity to identify and cure the violation or comply with the law. If the private entity does not cure the violation or comply with the law within thirty days after receiving the notice, the aggrieved person may file the civil action.

Cave Creek Town Hall: 480 488-6600.
Carefree Town Hall: 480 488-3686.

Patty Villeneuve, President/CEO
Carefree Cave Creek
Chamber of Commerce
Mini-Gallery Corner
Dennis Taylor
at the
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau

It's interesting how life has its way of taking us in directions we had never dreamed of. This was the case with Dennis Taylor; photography was never his ultimate career plan. For Dennis, his career paths at first led him to being a healthcare professional and a database manager. But, often life has its own plans.
“My personal photography journey is perhaps not as structured or planned compared to others who choose to go into it as a field or profession,” says Dennis whose first camera was an old fully manual 35mm Nikon camera purchased from a high school peer in 1976. Apparently, Dennis picked up the skill quickly and was continually finding himself in situations where others were asking him to take photographs. While at college in Hannibal, Missouri, Dennis ended up being the school photographer, which included developing and printing. Life, however, takes us in different directions and so for Dennis after graduating, he only picked up his camera on rare occasions.
Dennis’ interest in photography was once again sparked when Carla, his wife, gave him a DSLR camera as a Christmas gift in 2008. This led him to helping out with photographing events at the martial arts center where he and Carla trained. At that point, his photography was all people and event-based.
Dennis’ path of personal self-discovery is through the lens of a camera, which forces him to venture out of his comfort zone and always seeking new things to try. “I've discovered so much about myself via the camera as it has been a mirror up against me,” he says. “However, the hunger for personal growth is always forcing me to venture out of that comfort zone with a hunger and desire to be more multidimensional in what I can do with a camera as well as in post-production.”
In 2009, Dennis ran into someone doing lightning photography at the Scottsdale Airport and this entirely fascinated him. He now specializes in lightning bolts, storms, dramatic skies and severe weather events. “Lightning, storms and weather phenomena are the number one top of my list photography passion,” says Dennis. He has honed this skill to perfection as an art with his patience at capturing lightning bolts and then layer them in post-production with Adobe Photoshop. In addition, in July of 2020 the Comet Neowise was an inspiration for Dennis to photograph the night skies with their splendor of meteors, stars, and the Milky Way.
Dennis also enjoys scenic, animal and nature shots, but his passion is still - weather. “Give me a weather report of a storm headed my way and my senses just come alive with excitement and a desire to meet the potential photo opportunity,” says Dennis. “Mother nature is the ultimate artist in my book and I'm always hoping she'll paint the sky with dramatic, frightening, terrifying beauty for me to capture. That's what always does the trick for me!”

Come see Dennis' photo "?" at the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau.
Photos: Courtesy of Dennis Taylor
Don't Be Scammed

There are NO “2021 Best of Cave Creek” awards being issued from the Town of Cave Creek. If you receive an email saying you’ve won “2021 Best of Cave Creek - Realtor”or Restaurant…OR whatever business you are in, don’t believe it. (Some local merchants have received these.)

Most likely the email will be asking you to send money – a lot of it – to claim and receive your physical, personalized award. It’s a scam and certainly NOT anything awarded by the Town.

If you receive any emails that sound too good to be true and ask you to send money, investigate by getting the phone number of the “supposed” sender from a reliable source and call them directly. Buying into the scam will mean you will most likely never see the award or your money ever again.
Happenings Corner
Town Manager Dyrek joins the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau volunteers at the "Volunteer Appreciation Get-together"
on June 3rd.
Photo: Courtesy of The Town of Cave Creek

Best Wishes for a Happy and Safe July 4th Weekend!

~ END ~
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