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Cave Creek Weather
Click the picture for Cave Creek weather info direct from the Town website.
May 3 (6pm): Council Meeting* (Town Hall)
May 4 (6pm): 2021 Kiwanis Scholarship Awards. (Fine Arts Center-33016 N. 60th Street)
May 5 (12noon-1am): All Day Cinco de Mayo Celebration by Ofrenda (Stagecoach Village) More info HERE.
May 6 (7:30am): Monthly Ambassador Breakfast: Carefree/Cave Chamber (Grotto Café) More Info HERE.
May 8 (1:30-2:30): Stamp Mill Operation (Cave Creek Museum)
May 12 (5:30pm): Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Monthly Mixer (Saguaro 66 Merchandising) More info HERE.
May 17 (6pm): Council Meeting* (Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/s/97966005071)
May 18: Cave Creek Election
May 20 (7pm): Planning Commission Regular Meeting* (Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/93661231481)
May 27 (7:30-9am ): Monthly Business Breakfast Carefree/Cave Chamber (Harold's Corral) More Info HERE
May 27 - 30: Cave Creek Rodeo Days
May 29 (4pm): Stamp Mill Operation (Cave Creek Museum)

* Town Council and Planning Commission meetings will return to "in-person" meetings at Town Hall but, will also continue as Zoom meetings.

Click HERE for the calendar and Zoom links on the Town site.
Utilities Corner
Election Corner
Cave Creek Voters
We have an election coming up May 18th for voting on Cave Creek's General Plan! Be sure to cast your vote. Check to see if you are registered to vote by clicking HERE.
Cave Creek Museum Members
Are you a Cave Creek Museum member? If so, be sure to vote your choice of Board Members at the May 11th Annual Meeting. For more info, inquire at 480-488-2764.
Rodeo Corner
May 27: Women’s Slack  (7pm)   THE WOMEN’S BREAKAWAY MUST BE CANCELLED due to stock issues.
May 28: Performance 1 (7:30pm)
May 29: Steer Roping and Men’s Slack (8am)
May 29: Performance 2 (7:30pm)
May 30: Performance 3 (7:30pm)

Click HERE for additional rodeo info.
Are you looking to get involved in a community tradition? Do you want to get outside and help support a great cause? Looking to meet and work with great people? Do you want the opportunity to experience a PRCA Rodeo? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should visit https://cavecreekrodeo.com/volunteers/ and sign up to VOLUNTEER!  Still “on the fence?” Visit https://cavecreekrodeo.com/ and see why Cave Creek Rodeo is more than just a Rodeo!
Kena Green
Board Member
Cave Creek Rodeo
Public Works Corner
Herbicide: Second treatment of herbicide applied in late April, into May. Click HERE for more info.
Microsurfacing Project: The Town of Cave Creek is completing a microsurface overlay installation on Cave Creek Rd starting May 3rd.Click HERE for more info.
Spur Cross Conservation Area: Expansion of parking at Spur Cross Conservation Area begins May 10th. Access to the park will remain open during construction.
Safety Corner

The Town of Cave Creek currently continues its policy for masking and social distancing at Town Hall, at the treatment facilities and the Town's Tourism Bureau.

In Arizona, masking is still required on public transportation and at transportation hubs.

For a review of the CDC's updated Covid-19 recommended precautions, click

For a recent AZ Central article on the governor's executive order, click HERE.

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over, so...
Cover Up!
Please spread the word.
~ For Yourself
~ For Those You Love
~ For your Patrons
~ For Your Business
~ For Your Community
Code Red Corner
Code RED

CodeRed is an emergency alert system Cave Creek residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in to receive electronic alerts in the event of an emergency.
Be Safe-Don't Be Sorry!
The Town of Cave Creek will be scheduling a test of the CodeRED Emergency Alert System. Click HERE to register now for direct alerts from the Town of Cave Creek, in the event of a crisis.
Supporting Our Locals Corner
Local Contractors
When considering construction, renovation or repair, please give first consideration to our local building contractors and subcontractors. Whether it's architecture, general contracting, carpentry, plumbing, flooring, landscaping (to name a few) Cave Creek has them all. So, let's support our locals and they will support us.

For more info on building contractors click HERE.
Award Scam

BEWARE! There are NO “2021 Best of Cave Creek” awards being issued from the Town of Cave Creek. If you receive an email saying you’ve won “2021 Best of Cave Creek - Realtor”or Restaurant…OR whatever business you are in, don’t believe it. (Some local merchants have received these.)

Most likely the email will be asking you to send money – a lot of it – to claim and receive your physical, personalized award. It’s a scam and certainly NOT anything awarded by the Town.

If you receive any emails that sound too good to be true and ask you to send money, investigate by getting the phone number of the “supposed” sender from a reliable source and call them directly. Buying into the scam will mean you will most likely never see the award or your money ever again.
Supporting one another is what it's all about!
Trails Corner
Trails: Town Hall to Spur Cross Rd Connection

Beginning mid-May,
the Town will be constructing the 52nd Street Road Trail. It will travel along the east side of 52nd street and south from Old New River Road to Carefree Highway. There will also be an east - west trail constructed along the southern border of the Cave Creek South 40 subdivision which will intersect with the 52nd Street trail.

The Town’s trails are a work in progress with the goal to improve pedestrian foot traffic in and around the Town Core, as well as continuing to connect Town Residents to our beautiful parks and open spaces. 
Photo: Town of Cave Creek
Guess It
Who's This Friendly Fella Waving to Us???
April's Answer:
You will find this adorable pooch's picture above the door at the Desert Dog Spa. (Click HERE to see again). They are located conveniently in the DQ parking lot (Village Center) so, while your doggie is getting pretty you can enjoy a sundae! Everyone's happy!!! Click HERE to go to the Desert Dog Spa Facebook page.
Covid-19 Corner
Info & Resources

Click HERE for the CDC's Covid-19 updates for Workplaces and Businesses.
For the ADHS Covid-19 Data Dashboard click HERE.
Official Reopening Attestation for Bars with a Food Permit Operating as a Restaurant: Click HERE.
Find Maricopa County Covid-19 Business Info HERE.
Click HERE Arizona Department of Health Services helpful info on Covid-19 resources.
Access all you need to know from the Arizona Department of Economic Security by clicking HERE.
Look HERE for updated Sky Harbor Airport travel regulations.
Gov. Ducey
site HERE.
You don't see it?
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“When you are looking at your mother,
you are looking at the purest love
you will ever know.”
—Charley Benetto

Feature Corner
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Town of Cave Creek is proud to announce the kick-off of its Local Landmarks project with the presentation of the first beautiful brass plaque to Harold’s Cave Creek Corral this month.
Cave Creek Local Landmarks is a program designed to identify and recognize iconic, historic locations in the town of Cave Creek. We encourage residents and visitors to discover and support the spaces that make this town unique. So far, six locations have been awarded the distinction of “Cave Creek Local Landmark” and will each be celebrated monthly through summertime and into the fall. The first destinations receiving this acknowledgement include buildings currently occupied by Harold’s Cave Creek Corral, Dairy Queen, The Hideaway, Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, Coyote Creek, and Oregano’s.
And - It doesn’t stop there! In-tandem with launching the first six Cave Creek Local Landmarks are nominations for future destinations to be honored in our Town Core. Would you like your business or your most beloved local place considered as a Cave Creek Local Landmark? Simple. Submit pictures and stories from those destinations along with a statement of why you feel it qualifies as an iconic Cave Creek location to LocalLandmarks@CaveCreekAZ.gov. Announcement of future Cave Creek Local Landmark awards are anticipated for later this year or early 2022.
Stay tuned! You’re soon to see a Local Landmarks page on the Town’s website with announcements of specific dates and details of monthly plaque presentations. The goal of the Local Landmarks Team is also to include an interactive walking map soon to be available online and at the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau. Yes, stay tuned because these are exciting happenings that shout out a pride in our unique and historic town.
And finally, be sure to attend the presentation of the very first brass plaque at Harold’s. You'll soon hear the exact date and time via a Cave Creek Corner "Special Bulletin." Be on the lookout for it so you can be there and  join-in on celebrating Cave Creek’s heritage. 
Town Manager's Corner
Greetings Cave Creek Merchants,
Those of you who are residents and registered voters in Cave Creek should have received a ballot in the mail by now for our upcoming election. Your opinion is important and so we encourage you to vote.
On November 2, 2020, Cave Creek Town Council passed Resolution No. R2020-27 authorizing this May 18, 2021 special election for ratifying the 2021 Town of Cave Creek General Plan. For this General Plan to be adopted it must first be ratified by Cave Creek residents. Cave Creek’s current General Plan was last ratified by voters in 2005.
The Cave Creek General Plan is the community’s long-range guide for future physical, economic development decisions over the next 20+ years. Collectively, all of the General Plan components serve as a policy document for the Town outlining its envisioned future. The Town of Cave Creek worked closely with the public and Cave Creek residents in drafting, revising and strengthening this General Plan.
The General Plan contains a vision statement along with plans, goals, policies, and implementation strategies that address issues such as land use, growth, circulation, open space, and the environment. It also addresses points of interest for residents including community facilities, cost of development, water resources, history and culture, dark skies, open spaces, and neighborhood preservation. You can view The General Plan on the Town’s website.
Ballots were mailed on April 21, 2021 and can be returned by U.S. Mail or dropped off at Cave Creek Town Hall during regular business hours Monday – Thursday from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm and on Elections Day— May 18th, 2021 from 6:00 am – 7:00 pm. Town Hall is Closed Fridays. Voters whose ballots are destroyed, lost, spoiled, or voters who did not receive a ballot in the mail may obtain a replacement ballot beginning May 10, 2021 at Town Hall during regular business hours and on Election Day—May 18th, 2021 from 6:00am – 7:00pm.
As a Cave Creek resident and voter, we hope you will review the General Plan up for ratification in this election (Click HERE) and then vote. This election is your opportunity to take part in the future direction of Cave Creek. Feel free to contact Town Staff and/or your Town Council members with any questions you may have.

Carrie Dyrek
Cave Creek Town Manager
Cave Creek Town Hall
37622 N Cave Creek Rd
Cave Creek, AZ
The Marshal's Corner
Greetings from Marshal Stein,
Well folks…the time has come; we are preparing for our annual rodeo, and we can all attend IN PERSON this year! The folks on the rodeo committee work so very hard to bring Cave Creek an amazing event each year. Please come out and enjoy the rodeo May 28th- 30th. I am so very grateful that we can all gather together and enjoy this wonderful community event.
I am sorry to continue to bring this up, however I must. The fires we experienced in Cave Creek last year were devastating. We have all been reminded about how fire can and will affect us. Yet, just last week we had a contractor who caused yet another brush fire (They did a great job helping to contain it prior to Rural Metro’s arrival). The point is we need to work harder as residents and businesses in Cave Creek to ensure everyone follows the rules and TAKES PRECAUTIONS. Folks…have a hose (water on and ready to go) anytime you or someone whom you hire, is doing ANY work that generates sparks. We NEED to avoid fires - Prevent fires from ever starting. If you see a fire, call 911 ASAP. Don’t wait and think you can try and put it out yourself, without calling 911. Better safe than sorry. Yes folks, Marshal Stein is exceedingly worried about fires. Help us to help you.
I want to take a moment and personally thank all of you who volunteer your time to help the Town of Cave Creek. Thank you to all of you who help promote the town we all love. Two weeks ago, as I was going about my duties and rushing about, I stopped to clear some debris that was blocking the roadway. One of our residents proceeded to pull over and said, “Thank you, Marshal Stein.” I realized at that time, how important a phrase, “Thank you!” truly is.
I look forward to Cinco de Mayo as well as the rodeo this month. I hope to see you out and about. I look forward to seeing many of you throughout town, enjoying this beautiful town that we all love.
Stay safe my friends,
Marshal Adam Stein
Fire Safety Corner
Spark Generating Activities Require a
 Permit from the Town of Cave Creek
The Town of Cave Creek is currently under Stage II Fire Restrictions, which means a permit is required for all spark-generating activities (including welding, grinding, and cutting steel). Residents must get a permit from the Building and Fire Safety Department. That permit requires that you call for and pass an inspection in the area, in advance. The Permit is issued at no charge. If you have an active building permit already underway you may call for the inspection under that permit number, instead of obtaining a new permit.
The area must be prepped, a permit must be secured, and there must be a site pre-inspection. This is to make sure that dry fuels (such as invasive weeds, etc.) have been safely cleared away from the area and that the site is more safely prepared against the accidental outbreak of fires.
“We don’t want to prevent anyone from doing the work that they need on their property…” commented Town Manager Carrie Dyrek, “… just a little ground preparation and an inspection, and you’re good to go,” she remarked. 
Flame-based weed removal, tiki torches, and the use of charcoal or outdoor flames are also prohibited while under Stage II Fire Restrictions: currently in affect. To view the Stage I and Stage II Fire Restrictions in-full visit www.CaveCreekAZ.gov/FireSafety.
“Everyone be careful out there— the wind is blowing, it’s hot, it’s dry… it’s fire season, “ declared Mayor Ernie Bunch during the opening of the Regular Council meeting on April 5th, 2021.
To acquire a permit stop-in at Town Hall administrative offices or visit www.CaveCreekAZ.gov/FireSafety
Sign up for CodeRED Fire, Weather and Emergency Alerts: www.CaveCreekAZ.gov/CodeRED
Protect your Home through Defensible Landscaping: www.CaveCreekAZ.gov/DefensibleSpace
Cave Creek Fire Safety Permitting:
Lovin' R Locals Corner
This month, as always, we're lovin' our local
auto shops. Check 'em out - try 'em out!
Let's support our local auto shops.
Owners of All Mercedes All BMW, Tanya and Jim, together with their BMW specialist, Justin, provide top notch work on everything Mercedes and BMW. Tanya and Jim include their two friendly and warm personalities into their work, as well. They first opened this family-owned specialty shop in 2014 and have been going strong ever since. “We are known to be honest and trustworthy,” says Tanya. Apparently, they’re also known for being pretty darned good at what they do! Contact Tanya and Jim at 480-488-2766.

Photo: Owners Jim & Tanya with BMW Specialist Justin
(Photog-Nina Spitzer)
Elwood Motorsports and Collision prides itself in its automotive artistry and making your auto look not just good…but - Great!. Since opening in 2010, Elwood has been all about superior automotive artwork, body repair, detailing, and also does light mechanical and service repair. “The goal at our automotive shop is to provide outstanding customer service as well as guaranteed quality work.” Owner Scott Barsellotti and Manager Jeff Nowak will make sure of it! Check out Elwood Motorsports and Collision HERE.

Photo: Manager Jeff, Appraiser Matt and Owner Scott
Photo Credit: Nina Spitzer
Leger Auto Glass
Leger Auto Glass is another of Cave Creek's many excellent family owned and operated businesses. Jason and Michelle Leger have been in Cave Creek for almost eight years. Cave Creek is the sole location for Leger, but they conveniently service auto glass repairs and replacements of all types (including sun/moon roofs, windows) Valley-wide. With over 23 years in the industry, you can be assured Jason will provide quality results with a specialty in high-end and exotic vehicles (especially Mercedes Benz). "Jason brought Leger Auto Glass to beautiful Cave Creek," says wife and partner Michelle, "...for a small business to grow into something successful with all the help with amazing people and friends along the way." Michelle adds, "We definitely strive for quality and not quantity." Call at 602-334-9249.
Wilhelm Automotive is a Valley family-owned and operated automotive repair shop with a strong philanthropic history in the community. When it comes to cars…you name it; they can do it! Their 11 Valley-wide locations all offer a full line of automotive services…AND, be sure to read the many helpful auto maintenance tips on their website. Free pick-up and delivery of your car is offered within a 3-mile radius. The Wilhelm team is committed to honesty and integrity. Check out Wilhelm HERE.
History Corner
Cave Creek Cowboy
Billy Buckles
By Kristen Lewis
Cave Creek is full of unique and quirky characters. These characters are woven into the texture of our town. One of these characters is long-time resident cowboy, Billy Buckles.
Billy was born in 1949 in Cheyenne Wyoming to a ranching and rodeo family. His mother’s father was Bud Bradly, a steer roper. Bud holds the titile as the oldest professional rodeo athlete and lifetime member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

Billy’s paternal grandfather was Dutch Buckle. Dutch was a rancher, and chairman for 20 years of the prestigious Cheyenne Frontier Days. Dutch implemented giving out belt buckles as awards for rodeo and was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame the same time as Johnny Cash, Chris Ledoux and Clark McIntire, country singer Reba McIntire’s father.

Billy’s first memories are of riding, ranching and rodeo, and he never looked back. “Its just who I am, it’s part of my DNA, it’s my heritage,” states Billy smiling.

Billy has participated in all aspects of rodeo, whether it be as a parade marshal to taking care of the animals at the rodeo grounds, he has done it all. “If we don’t participate, we will not have rodeo, and that's why I do it,” states Billy.

Rodeo brings communities together. Cave Creek Rodeo, like Billy Buckles has persevered though all types of trials and tribulations - TRUE GRIT Participation is key to continuing this tradition. To volunteer please visit: cavecreekrodeo.com, and when you see Billy say “Hi.”

Dare to be Country!

Photo Credit: (above) Linda Anderson
Billy at the 1987 rodeo
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Dick Mueller
at the
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau

Our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau proudly displays a work of local juried award winning artist, Dick Mueller. Dick is a pencil artist (graphite and colored pencil) who has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He was first recognized for his artistic talents in first grade with his excellent renditions of fire trucks and barns. Today, Dick and his wife live in Cave Creek and his favorite subjects are almost anything western including animals, people, buildings, and trains.
Dick’s motto is “I may never have had the chance to be one, but my heroes have always been OLD cowboys!”
Dick’s beautiful graphite pencil drawing at the tourism bureau is of the stamp mill donated to the Cave Creek Museum and moved from Continental Mountain in 2009. It was restored back to operation in 2013. It presently runs at least once a month demonstrating what the miners had to do to extract gold from the quartz in the 1920’s. Dick's drawing is based on a photograph found in the book "Cave Creek and Carefree, Arizona - A History of the Desert Foothills" by Frances C. Carlson. 
Do visit the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau where you can visit and enjoy Dick Mueller’s artwork in person.
Photo: Dick Mueller's Cave Creek Stamp Mill photographed by Nina Spitzer
Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Corner
We Prosper

The Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-profit organization that operates to enhance our local business environment and the community. Our priority is helping your business succeed by providing advocacy, marketing, educational opportunities and networking?

One of the best ways to promote your business and our community is to be active in the Chamber. As a member, you become part of a large network of businesses in your community and an even larger network of businesses through the Chamber’s membership in the East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA) which represents over 6,000 businesses.

Click HERE to check out our site and see what Chamber membership can mean to you and your business. Thank you.

Patty Villeneuve, IOM
Carefree Cave Creek Chamber
480 488-3363
Our Cheerful "Flowery" May and Mother's Day Tree at the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau.
Stop in, see it, and say "Hello."

~ END ~
Tourism Bureau Participants
A Couple of Green Thumbs, Adelante, Arizona Fine Furniture & Tack Brokers, Arizona Horseback Adventures, A Place in Time, Arizona Territory Antiques, Bags & Rags Boutique, Bella Donna & Cane, Beth Zink Art, Big Bronco, Big Earl's Greasy Eats, Bilinda's Vintage Treasures, Black Mountain Adventures, Black Mountain Coffee Shop, Black Mountain Dental Care, Black Mountain Fitness, Blue Coyote, Bodhi Coyote Yoga, Boudine's, Bronco Studio, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue, Buffalo Chip Saloon, Carefree Adventures, Cave Creek BBQ School, Cave Creek Beer Company, Cave Creek Candles & Gifts, Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek Olive Oil Company, Cave Creek Shuttle, Cave Creek Visitor's Guide, Cimarron River Company, Ciolim, Charlie Green Make-Up, City Creamery, Coyote Crossing Studio, Desert Dream Realty, Desert Foothills Library, Desert Treasures, Designs by Jenny, El Encanto Mexican Restaurant, Elysian Desert Distilleries, English Rose Tea Room, Erika Willison PLLC, Essence of Massage, Etania Jewelry & Boutique, Extreme Arizona, Fantastico's Mexican Food, Fiorra CBD, Glory Bee's, Grace Reneé Gallery, The Grotto Café, Hideaway Grill, Harold's Cave Creek Corral, Holland Community Center, Horny Toad Restaurant, Indian Market, Indian Village, Indigo Crow, It's a Divine Bakery, Janey's Coffee Co., Jeff D. Hill PLLC, Journey Rides, Keeler's Steakhouse, KI Healing Arts, Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Store, Lance Headlee, Lara Bistro, Laughing Glass Studio, Lazy Lizard, Leigh Siegel-Realtor, Le Sans Souci, Leslie Nestingen (Berkshire Hathaway), Levanah Acupuncture, Lifestyle Balance with Qigong TaiChi, Lisa Nocella/Russ Lyons Sotheby's, Living Landsdcapes, Inc., Look at Me Now, Lucy Dickens Fine Art, M & E Stoyanov Fine Art Gallery, Magic Bird Festivals, Michael D'Ambrosi Sculpture, Mike's Chicago Dogs, Monika Cheang Photography, Mountain View Pub, Natural Habitat Inc, Oregano's Pizza Bistro, Pizzicata, Pillar to Post Home Inspections, Prickly Pear Inn, Puppy Luv Flea Market, Rancho Mañana Golf Club, Rare Earth Gallery, R.C. Gorman Navajo Gallery, Retablo, Ro Scarbrough (Berkshire Hathaway), Rusty Shack, Salon Chella, Sticks Golf & Cigar Lounge, The Sculpture Studio, Sergio Ladrón de Guevara Fine Art, Sharon J. Edwards (Berkshire Hathaway), Smith & Western, Somm Advice, Sonoran Arts League, Soroptomist International of Saguaro Foothills, Southwest Bedazzle Boutique, Spur Cross Cycles, Storyteller Indian Store, Studio West, Teeslanger, The Eddy, Thunderbird Artists Gallery, Time to Ride AZ, Tonto Bar & Grill, Trailhead Ranch, True West Magazine, Tumbleweed Hotel, Udder Delight, The Village Coffee Shop, Villas of Cave Creek, Vino e Panino, Watson's Hat Shop, Western Delight Gift Shop, Western Sky Helicopters, Z's House of Thai
Our list is growing and we LUV it! - Let me know if I've ooopsed & forgotten your name. - Ed.