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The Town of Cave Creek
37622 N Cave Creek Rd.
Cave Creek, AZ
Editor: Nina Spitzer
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Cave Creek Town Hall
will be
September 2nd for the Labor Day Holiday.
September Calendar

September 3rd (7:00pm): Town Council Mtg (Town Hall)
September 5th (6:00pm): Cave Creek Community Association "Welcome Meeting" (Town Hall)
September 9th: Empty Bowls glass bowl workshop (Call 480-488-6070 for Info)
September 10th (2:00pm): Taste of Cave Creek Mtg (Town Hall)
September 11th (5:30pm): September Chamber Mixer (Desert Foothills Plumbing 38238 N. Basin Rd. Cave Creek)
September 16th (7:00pm): Town Council Mtg (Town Hall)
September 19th (7:00pm): Planning Commission Mtg (Town Hall)

   Sonoran Arts League Gallery at El Pedrogal: Weds-Sun 11am-5pm & Fri 1pm-8pm - Works rotate every four months.
Sonoran Arts League "Pop-Up Show" Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (Stagecoach Village) Changes monthly.
Celebrations Corner:
Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Shop’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kiwanis Marketplace
Celebratory Ribbon Cutting: Geno Orrico, Scott Brown, Sandra Carrier, and Mike Poppenwimer
Congrats Corner:
to our
Desert Foothills Library
for receiving the honor of 2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite!
Recommend fellow merchants as well. Supporting one another is what it's all about - Right?
YUMMY Corner:

Taste of Cave Creek
Oct. 16/17
Don't be left out.
Taste of Cave Creek
Volunteers Needed
Spread the Word
Have interested volunteers contact Marshal Stein.
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau Corner:

We, at the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau (CCTB), are already preparing for the incoming new tourism season. We have a dy-no-mite team of volunteers returning, however we do have an additional couple of available spots. If you know someone like you who is a friendly, positive person and loves Cave Creek, do send them our way. Volunteering at the CCTB is fun and an interesting opportunity to meet people from all over the world while promoting our area merchants. Please direct any potential volunteers to my email address .
Thank you!

AND: Any time after September 12th, do stop in (see hours below) and restock your brochures for the new season.

Thank you.
Nina & The Tourism Bureau Team

Updated Tourism Bureau's Hours:
7/29-9/12 : CLOSED
9/13-9/29: 10am-1pm (Fri/Sat/Sun)
10/1: Back to Full-time 10am-4pm hours
Guess It Corner:
Where am I?
( Hint: Somewhere in our Town Core)

Last month's
"Where Am I?" photo was the 1930's Ford Paddy Wagon in front of Wynn Real Estate Brokerage, Cave Creek Rd.
To see it again in the August issue, click HERE .

Cave Creek Water Dept Corner:
“Cave Creek is spending substantial resources to continue to provide clean, reliable water for all our customers. We are being proactive to maintain the highest quality of water for our users throughout Cave Creek, Carefree and Desert Hills.”
- Mayor Ernie Bunch

Read about UPDATES on our Cave Creek Water system and how they may affect you by clicking UPDATES.
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For more of the latest happenings
with the Town of Cave Creek click HERE.
Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Corner:
Desert Foothills Library
Impact Award
The Desert Foothills Library has been a member of the Chamber for 19 years. It is an organization which supports local businesses. I see great benefit in being a member. The Library recently received the Impact Award from the Chamber. This is valued highly because it reflects the importance of the Library to the community. Patty and her colleagues provide many benefits to the library and the community. Our Programming Librarian, Ashley Ware, is an Ambassador and I am proud to have her so involved with the Chamber.
~ David Court
Executive Director, DF LA

Photo: Patty Villeneuve, David Court, Ashley Ware, and Caitlin Decker
Wild West Days Corner:
We're Getting Wild Again!
Nov. 8-10
YES - Another Wild West Days weekend is coming our way in Cave Creek. It is Veterans Day Weekend, the same weekend as the Cactus Classic Bike Race and Cave Creek Health and Wellness Fair, so town should be packed!!! The schedule is basically the same as last year right now although we will be adding in the tourism bureau’s scavenger hunt. If you need volunteers we will find you some help. I need to know if anyone wants vendors on their property? Please contact me if you have any questions, want to participate etc. All information is available on  cavecreekwildwestdays.com  or on Facebook @cavecreekwildwestdays. BTW: We are also ramping up for the 2020 Sesquicentennial Anniversary, (lovingly referred to as the Birthday Party). Please send your ideas for that too!!!
~ Miss Ellie
Kudos Corner:
Many THANKS to the following merchants and friends whose support and donations have helped make our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau the awesome place it has become.
The Town Dump
Sergio Ladrón de Guevara Fine Art
Lance Headlee
Bina Bou
Bob Hughes
Le Sans Souci
Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery
Judi Smith
Happy September!
What! Autumn leaves? Silly...We don't get foliage here in the Cave Creek area!
Yeah-BUT! Some of us wish we did.
Cave Creek Community Association Corner:
The Cave Creek Community Association 
Check us out!

The Cave Creek Community Association (CCCA) is a non-profit association made up of area business professionals with the purpose of promoting and marketing the services of its members. As an organization of professionals, it will use its resources and talent to support worthy community projects.

The goal of the CCCA is bringing about positive change in our community through a partnership with local businesses and the Town of Cave Creek, promoting positive growth, and keeping Cave Creek the beautiful town we have come to know and love.

The CCCA is committed to responsible community development and growth and will participate and promote worthy community projects and events. It is committed to community youth programs and youth entrepreneurship through encouraging community involvement and ongoing community awareness projects as well as scholarships.

CCCA Membership requires a high standard of professionalism and business ethics in order to instill public confidence in the organization and its individual members. It shall require members to respond to public concerns and questions in a timely manner in order to maintain membership in good standing.

The Cave Creek Community Association is a new organization and, as such, will need a logo. There soon will be a call to local artists for submissions of logo suggestions that each artist feels will best represent Cave Creek Community. The winning logo will be adopted by Cave Creek Community Association for branding. The winner will be announced on October 1 st 2019. 

Merchant involvement in The Cave Creek Community Association is the key to success. We invite you to join us on this exciting new endeavor. 

By now you must have lots of questions. Hopefully, we have answers. DO attend a Welcome Meeting of the Cave Creek Community Association on September 5th (6:00pm) at Town Hall. Meet us, learn about us, and share your concerns and needs as a Cave Creek merchant. You can also reach us at the following email address: cavecreekcommunityassociation@gmail.com OR check out our website . We look forward to hearing from you.
~ Kristin Lewis, President

Photo Credit: Linda Anderson
Community Corner:
Empty Bowls
By Fran Booth

Arizona citizens know more about giving back than anyone, so several industrious volunteers are planning to come together at a Cave Creek art studio the week of September 9, 2019 in the morning to design beautiful glass bowls that will help hungry neighbors in need.

During the creative session, volunteers will design their favorite bowl types and colors before the kilns will come to life. Bowls previously created and fired will be at the studio for the innovative bowl-making as well, and the event founder and renowned glass artist, Carole Perry, will be on hand as well as Pam Di Pietro, executive director for Foothills Food Bank. 

On Friday, October 18, 2019, the annual Foothills Empty Bowls Lunch & Art Auction to honor World Hunger Day will be held at Harold’s Corral, Ariz., in Cave Creek, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Sonoran Arts League of Cave Creek, Ariz, sponsors the event.

“We are excited to offer the auction online so people who support this worthy cause can spend the quality time they need to research the bid items,’ says Pam DiPietro. “This has always been an amazing event with a great turnout. The online art auction begins September 4, 2019 and the artwork will be present for viewing during lunch with the auction closing at 1:00.

Lunch will be served in handmade ceramic or glass bowls. Individuals are encouraged to donate $15 to the cause and select their own unique bowl made by Arizona artists, and keep it as a lasting reminder of world hunger. 

For more information about the event or how you can participate as a volunteer in the September 9th glass bowl workshop, call 480-488-6070. Proceeds benefit the Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center. Harold’s Corral is located at 6895 E. Cave Creek Road.

Photo Credits: Carole Perry
Volunteers at Work on Empty Bowls Designs
Scavenger Hunt Corner:
Cave Creek Scavenger Hunt
(Saturday, November 9th of Wild West Days)
A Cave Creek scavenger hunt that brings customers right to your door? What a fantastic idea! AND – we’re beginning to organize it – NOW! Who’s sponsoring it? Your Cave Creek Tourism Bureau - because we love our merchants. Want to be included? Keep reading.
How it will work? Visitors will start at the tourism bureau where they’ll receive as list of clues for finding 12 Cave Creek businesses. They'll be required to go to each of the 12 businesses and collect a business card (only one per family). Once they’ve collected all 12 business cards, they will end the scavenger hunt by returning to the tourism bureau where they will be logged in as completing the task and receive a Cave Creek gift. Logging in completion of the scavenger hunt will also enter them into a drawing for one of (3) $100 prizes. The names of the three winners will be drawn that evening.
The good news is …On that day, this scavenger hunt will take visitors right to your establishment where they may decide to dine or shop while there. They will also get to keep all the collected business cards as a reminder to return to Cave Creek and your establishment at a future date. The bad news …We will be limiting the scavenger hunt to only 12 Cave Creek merchants based on a first-come-first-serve basis. SO, if you’d like to be included in this fun visitors’ scavenger hunt, you will need to register asap so you’re not left out.
Registration is easy. Simply bring to Roxie at Town Hall (or tourism bureau when we reopen) a sealed envelope addressed to the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau that includes the following: Business name/address, contact person's name and phone, $25/cash to go toward the scavenger hunt prize money. It’s as easy as that. Plus, what an inexpensive way to draw in customers and promote your business! The tuff part will be registering in time to make the 12 business limit cut off. BUT You can do it!
Questions? Hopefully, I have answers. Just phone or email me.

 ~ Nina Spitzer, Volunteer Coordinator
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Email or 602-622-7461
Dark Skies Corner:
Cave Creek Dark Sky Initiative

Town Council's August 19th vote on the Dark Sky Non-Binding Resolution was narrowly defeated 4-3; Mayor Ernie Bunch was the deciding vote. The goal of the Non-Binding Resolution is to have Cave Creek begin preparations for the IDA (International Dark Sky Association) application process. Admittedly, the four No-Votes are in favor of dark skies but they said they needed more information.

A Dark Sky Certification is good for business because it attracts more people. Targeted illumination with less glare provides more signage visibility and also provides an overall higher level of safety. 

Businesses have Ten-Years to make any necessary changes to their current lighting. Most changes occur within the normal attrition of commercial lights. Education and self compliance are hallmarks of the non-governmental IDA. The citizen group Cave Creek Dark Sky Initiative is now working with Town Council and town officials to answer their questions. This will lead to another Resolution vote and ultimately IDA Certification. 

Being an IDA Dark Sky Community would not only be an honor but also an incentive for visitors to come to Cave Creek. What good reasons to support this initiative!

CCDS has a new email address,  info@cavecreekdarksky.com

Top Photo: Astro-Photography by Bob Hughes - M-13
The Marshal's Corner:
Greetings from Marshal Stein,
The summer is hot and dry, when will it end? Monsoon season has been a bust. Where’s all the promised rain? Hang in there, cooler weather will arrive eventually.

Taste of Cave Creek is coming October 16 and 17 th …setup is on October 15 th after 11:00. Want to participate, check out the website or just give me a call. Our Health and Wellness Expo is November 8 th from 0900-3:00 at Stagecoach Village. If you have a business that is Health and Wellness related and want to participate…give me a call while we still have some space available.

Parking will be an issue for this year’s Taste of Cave Creek, any business in the town core can lend a hand by allowing us to park vehicles on your property. Please call Marshal Stein and let me know if we can park vehicles on your property during the Taste of Cave Creek.
For those of you wondering….Sprouts looks like it will open the middle of February. Jiffy Lube should open in a few weeks. Chipotle should open mid-February as well. 

Remember, the fire Danger is still High. Clear dead brush away from your businesses and homes. Dispose of any debris properly, DO NOT have trash piles around your property. Maintain defensible areas around your homes and businesses.
As the cooler weather comes please remember to be a good neighbor. Limit your music to reasonable levels. Remember that not everyone enjoys loud music. Dim your lights. Cave Creek is working on our Dark Skies initiatives. Aim your lights downward. Shield your lights to limit light trespass. Turn off your lights upon closing please.
Our next Taste of Cave Creek Meeting will be Tuesday September 10 th at 2pm at the Cave Creek Council Chambers, I hope to see you there.

Have a great month!
 Marshal Stein
History Corner:
Las Tiendas
By Darlene Southern

During the 1950's Cave Creek Road meandered through beautiful, undeveloped desert until it reached the boundaries of our little town. As the road curved east, there on the side of the road stood the Kachina Café A gathering place during the 50's and early 60'a, it was a place where neighbor met neighbor over a five cent cup of coffee or a heart plate of eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast for $1.25. When the owner decided to explore other interests, the Kachna Café closed in about the mid-60's and stood desolate for a few years before it was eventually demolished. In it's place now stands the bustling shopping plaza, Las Tiendas, which houses the world famous  Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue Western Delights , a charming, eclectic shop that features jewelry and art of local artisans (and where you can buy Prickly Pear tea bags!), delicious  It's a Divine Bakery , where German-trained Susan Friebig tempts you off your diet with decadent pastries, fresh-baked breads and creamy gelatos, and  Etania Jewelry and Boutique , a treasure trove of one of a kind fashion and jewelry.
Photo Credits: Top-Courtesy of Cave Creek Museum Archives
Bottom: Darlene Southern
Event Corner:
Cave Creek Cactus Classic Mountain Bike Race
Get ready! Wheels will be spinning!
Saturday, November 9th will bring the 11th annual Cave Creek Cactus Classic Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by the Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Association (DFMBA). Local Jonny’s is the Race Headquarters where over 300 racers will head out at 9am with Johnny Ringo’s shot of the rifle.
The course covers over 23 miles of local trails and finally winds back to the Finish Line right in the Town of Cave Creek! DFMBA will host event festivities that include a blessing of the bikes, special vendors, raffle, silent auction and awards back at Race Headquarters. Donations of raffle and silent auction items are still being accepted, so consider donating an item that will help the event as well as promote your business.
This event is such a boost to town business! So many of the racer come into Cave Creek weeks before the race in order to become familiar with the course. They also bring friends and family on the day of the race who will spend time visiting local businesses and restaurants while waiting for their racers to return. What does this all mean? Not only a super cool event but increased revenue for our local merchants. Thank you Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Association!
BTW: This 501(c)3 with race proceeds going to maintenance of trails. Cool! So, do help spread the word about this event and contact Lorraine at lmontuori@cox.net about a raffle/silent auction donation.
Registrations are already being accepted. Click > More Info About The Race.

Photo: Photographer Craig Houle - Subject Scott Thomas
Cool Stuff Corner:
September 23rd:
First Day of AUTUMN!
Let's do the Happy Dance!
Your Tourism Bureau Corner:
Here We Are!
37617 N. Cave Creek Road
(Next to Oregano's)
Updated Tourism Bureau's Hours:
7/29-9/12 : CLOSED
9/13-9/29: 10am-1pm (Fri/Sat/Sun)
10/1: Back to Full-time 10am-4pm hours
Reminder to Cave Creek Merchants
Our Cave Creek Tourism Bureau is a service to local merchants from the Town of Cave Creek and will display your brochures/menus at no cost to you. So, bring 'em in with your completed participation form! Many of your fellow merchants already have theirs on display.
Are you included? Not yet? Then stop in and see how easy it is to participate in this free marketing opportunity.
      This is your town and this is your tourism bureau.
Thank you,
Nina Spitzer, Volunteer/Coordinator
Cave Creek Tourism Bureau
Tourism Bureau Participants:
(Bolded are also CCTB volunteer supporters)
A Couple of Green Thumbs, Adelante, Arizona Fine Furniture & Tack Brokers, A Place in Time, Bags & Rags Boutique, Bella Donna & Cane, Beth Zink Art, Big Bronco, Arizona Territory Antiques, Big Earl's Greasy Eats, Black Mountain Adventures, Black Mountain Coffee Shop, Black Mountain Fitness, Blue Coyote, Bodhi Coyote Yoga, Bronco Studio, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue , Buffalo Chip Saloon , Carefree Adventures, Cartwright's Modern Cuisine, Cave Creek BBQ School, Cave Creek Beer Company, Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek Olive Oil Company, Cave Creek Shuttle, Cave Creek Visitor's Guide , Ciolim , Charlie Green Make-Up , City Creamery , Cowboys & Engines, Coyote Crossing Studio , Desert Dream Realty, Desert Foothills Library , Desert Treasures, El Encaanto Mexican Restaurant, English Rose Tea Room , Erika Willison PLLC, Etania Jewelry & Boutique, Extreme Arizona, Filiberto's Mexican Food, Glory Bee's, Grace Reneé Gallery, The Grotto Café, Hideaway Grill, Holland Community Center, Horny Toad Restaurant, Indian Market, Indian Village, Indigo Crow, It's a Divine Bakery, Janey's Coffee Co., Jeff D. Hill PLLC, Journey Rides, Kiwanis Marketplace Thrift Store, Lance Headlee, Lara Bistro, Laughing Glass Studio, Lazy Lizard, Leigh Siegel-Realtor, Le Sans Souci, Leslie Nestingen (Berkshire Hathaway), Levanah droppable-1565988421374Acupuncture, Lifestyle Balance with Qigong TaiChi , Lisa Nocella/Russ Lyons Sotheby's, M & E Stoyanov Fine Art Gallery, Magic Bird Festivals, Michael D'Ambrosi Sculpture, Mike's Chicago Dogs, Monika Cheang Photography , Mountain View Pub, Natural Habitat Inc, Oregano's Pizza Bistro, Prickly Pear Inn, Rancho Mañana Golf Club, Rare Earth Gallery, Ro Scarbrough (Berkshire Hathaway), Rusty Shack , Salon Chella, The Sculpture Studio , Sergio Ladrón de Guevara Fine Art, Sharon J. Edwards (Berkshire Hathaway), Smith & Western , Somm Advice , Sonoran Arts League, Soroptomist International of Saguaro Foothills , Southwest Bedazzle Boutique , Spur Cross Cycles, Spur Cross Stable, Storyteller Indian Store , Thunderbird Artists Gallery, Tonto Bar & Grill, Trailhead Ranch, True West Magazine, Tumbleweed Hotel, Udder Delight, The Village Coffee Shop, Watson's Hat Shop, Western Delight Gift Shop, Western Sky Helicopters , Z's House of Thai
Our list is growing and we LUV it! - Let me know if I've ooopsed & forgotten your name. - Ed.