The Census Is Upon Us
The Census is coming! The Census is coming!

If “demographics is destiny,” then the results of the 2020 Census will significantly influence the destiny of local governments and representation across the State of California. The Census is a big deal. Though it may seem like there is plenty of time, public agencies need to start planning now, if they have not already.

The impact of responses will reverberate over several years. These years will compound, putting billions of dollars at stake for agencies. Cities in particular should take action to ensure residents are aware and ready to participate in the Census. Cities with a significant population that may fear the federal government knocking on their doors will need to work particularly hard to prepare their communities.

Population undercounts will not only impact the allocation of grant funds and federal or state allocations, but will also ripple through to representation in Congressional, Assembly and Senate districts. Perhaps most importantly and immediately of interest to our core readers, with a significant upswing in the adoption of local government district elections (many inspired by the California Voting Rights Act), the Census results will likely require changes to existing district lines in the vast majority of districted cities. 

My volunteer role as a Vice Chair at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College has given me a front row seat on Census-related matters. The Rose Institute will be conducting a series of webinars with experts on district elections and the California Voting Rights Act. Click/tap here to learn more about the work of the Rose Institute on this important issue.

The Count Counts,
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Client Highlight:
Yuba City
Located in Sutter County just about 40 miles north of Sacramento, Yuba City has a population of approximately 65,400 people. The City takes pride in being a small, close-knit community where everyone knows each other. Yuba City's staff has a reputation for being friendly and courteous, and they are committed to providing top notch customer service to their residents and business owners.

The City engaged Tripepi Smith in November of 2018 to conduct an Express Communications Assessment.

Spring Conference Plans
The Tripepi Smith team can frequently be found on the local government conference circuit! Come find us at the following events this spring.

  • MMASC Winter Forum (Diamond Bar, CA)
  • ICMA West Coast Regional Conference (Reno, NV)
  • NW Regional Managers Conference (Hood River, OR)
  • CAPIO 2019 Annual Conference (Newport Beach, CA)
Service Spotlight: Communication Assessments
Tripepi Smith offers full and express communication assessments to show cities where they stand with their outreach efforts. We help agencies understand their community members, staff processes and communication opportunities so they can build a stronger outreach plan that reaches every part of their community.

Talent On Tap
Karen Villaseñor
Karen marked her second anniversary with Tripepi Smith in January, when she was promoted to Business Analyst. Her expertise lies in digital advertising, digital metrics and analytics, communications assessments and much more.

Karen has earned certifications in Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Hootsuite Social Marketing. She's put her talent to work for Tripepi Smith clients, including La Cañada Flintridge, Santa Ana, Hawaiian Gardens, Tracy, Yuba City and California Choice Energy Authority.

Fun Fact: Karen has a chihuahua poodle named Lanies.
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In this interview, Karen shares her reason for joining Tripepi Smith and tells of her favorite project of the last 2 years.

Meet the entire Tripepi Smith team in our 'Meet Tripepi Smith' series here .
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