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President & CEO at the Center for Creative Leadership  (CCL), John Ryan, recently blogged that CCL  is on the forefront of finding what organizations can do to harness the gig economy.  

By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Organizational Agility Practice Leader

We just finished watching another spectacular Masters golf tournament at the "shrine" of professional golf in Augusta, Georgia.   My brother Dan and his wife Andrea had the pleasure of living in Augusta for fifteen years while Dan worked for a multi-media communications company whose founder is one of the members at Augusta National Golf Club - a very exclusive group.

Andrea is a very talented architectural illustrator with a specialty in golf course illustrations.  This painting of the famous 12th hole is the gateway to what is known as "Amen Corner" where championships have been won and lost.  Just ask Jordan Speith about this hole.

Maybe more than any other golf tournament, the Masters is revered and coveted - the definition of world class signified by the Green Jacket awarded each year to the Masters Champion.

The Masters and Augusta National Golf Club are also famous for their world class guest experience and attention to detail. Being a "spectator" here is to be pampered like nowhere else.

By Ben Baran,  Ph.D.,  Agility Analytics Practice Leader

The future of human resources (HR) lies at the intersection of strategy, data analytics, design thinking, and a new set of practices and mindsets ushered in by the world of agile methods and organizational agility writ large. 

And the time is ripe for HR professionals to have the bandwidth necessary to devote themselves to such matters. Numerous HR services-particularly those that are more compliance and administrative in nature-have been prime candidates for outsourcing for years. Automation,   furthermore, has the potential to eliminate or reduce further many repetitive HR tasks.

In the March-April 2018 issue of Harvard Business Review, Peter Cappelli and Anna Tavis outline a number of ways in which HR is adopting agile principles. In their article,  "HR Goes Agile," Cappelli and Tavis highlight how HR practices are beginning to trend away from the old approaches governed by rules and plans. Taking cues from agile, they contend, HR is increasingly moving toward a feedback-driven approach characterized by simplicity and speed.  

AGILE at Scale: How to Create a Truly Flexible Organization
By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader


Great cover article in this month's Harvard Business Review:   AGILE at Scale: How to Create a Truly Flexible Organization.

"In today's tumultuous markets, where established companies are furiously battling assaults from start-ups and other insurgent competitors, the prospect of a fast-moving, adaptive organization is highly appealing. But as enticing as such a vision is, turning it into a reality can be challenging. Companies often struggle to know which functions should be reorganized into multidisciplinary agile teams and which should not. And it's not unusual to launch hundreds of new agile teams only to see them bottlenecked by slow-moving bureaucracies.

Companies mentioned are:

      • Spotify
      • Netflix
      • Amazon
      • USAA
      • GE
      • Bosch
      • 3M Health Information Systems
  • SAP
  • Saab Aeronautics
  • Google
  • SalesForce
  • Riot Games
  • Tesla
  • SpaceX
"Our studies show that companies can scale up agile effectively and that doing so creates substantial benefits.  But leaders must be realistic. Not every function needs to be organized into agile teams; indeed, agile methods aren't well suited to some activities.  Once you begin launching dozens or hundreds of agile teams, however, you can't just leave the other parts of the business alone. If your newly agile units are constantly frustrated by bureaucratic procedures or a lack of collaboration between operations and innovation teams, sparks will fly from the organizational friction, leading to meltdowns and poor results.  Changes are necessary to ensure that the functions that don't operate as agile teams support the ones that do."    

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