Volume 02| March 2018
Beware the Ideas of March
Did you know that on the ancient Roman calendar March was the first month of the year. January and February were simply called winter and kind of ignored. So if you need to renew those resolutions or would just prefer to start your health journey once it starts to warm up don't feel bad about it. The important thing is that you begin to make positive changes, and it is always a good time of the year to make a change.
What is Atherosclerosis?

How does the buildup of plaque in your arteries coupled with inflammation combine for disaster?

Find out what we are fighting to prevent from happening inside your arteries.

Get Up And Get Stretchy
It's getting nicer out there which means one less reason to avoid working out. But before you go running out of your front door to attempt a marathon you need to get some of the basics down. The first step is to work on your mobility and flexibility. This will help avoid pain and injury while improving your everyday activities.

We have some suggestions of where to begin or search around and find what you like but start working on range of motion and keeping your body limber.

You didn't just think we were going to tell you to do something without any guidance like the other guys did you?
Recommended Reading:
The Obesity Code
With so much confusion about what is going on in our bodies that causes us to become obese, this book explains what is really going on.

It is not calories in-calories out or many of the other old myths we have been told. Obesity is an issue with insulin. This is a great place to start to find out what is going on with your body and how to fix the issue.

Learn more about Dr Fung's work at
What can I eat then?

It seems like there is someone telling you that every single food is bad, or that the only way to lose weight is to buy their systems. This is not true, there are some tried and true basics that you can build on.

We also discuss the supplements that we use in our clinic and what we use them for.

Brain Health and Exercise

Since you are already going to start exercising now that it is nicer, right, we thought you should know that it will be great for your brain as well.

This great speech from Dr Wendy Suzuki gives you motivation to positively impact your brain. She has several other Ted Talks and a book out. This will be a good start to some of her work
Here is Where You Come Into Play

The goal of this newsletter is to keep those in our community updated and connected, and a part of that is getting input from you.

The first part is that we would appreciate any feedback that you may have, any questions that we could answer, or topics that you would like discussed. Really anything you would like to talk about or send us

Second, we should probably come up with a snazzy name for this newsletter and we are open to suggestions. There are a few ideas being kicked around the office, but we decided to let everyone in on the fun. Send your ideas and next month everyone can vote from some of the top picks.