Volume 01 | February 2018
February Heart Month Newsletter Kickoff
The Center for Prevention is using February to launch our monthly newsletter that will discuss a wide range of health topics that relate to heart attack and stroke prevention. The goal is to keep you updated with new developments at The Center for Prevention, announce upcoming events, and provide information about healthy lifestyle choices. Our goal is to provide guidance and support for those looking to build a better quality of life and be an example to those around them.
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
We have teamed up with Medtronic and purchased the iPro2 continuous glucose monitoring system. This will allow our patients the chance to be monitored for up to 6 days getting blood glucose readings every 5 minutes. The data is reported and shows the trends of your blood glucose levels.

This gives us the ability to see what daily events are spiking insulin and track how much time someone's blood glucose is within the healthy range. The report gives an in depth look at what is happening with both diabetic and prediabetic people. This allows us to better help those with diabetes and detect prediabetes to avoid progressing further with the disease.

CIMT Dates
If you are interested in finding out your arterial age to discover if you have arterial disease schedule your Carotid Intima Media Thickness test.

Finding out the health of your arteries is the beginning of the path to prevention. It not only helps us identify those with disease but gives us a tool to track improvements in your arterial health.

Did you hear the podcast?

Dr Backs and Coach Mike took a trip out to CrossFit HQ in California to meet with their staff. While they were there they got the chance to discuss a wide range of health topics on the CrossFit podcast.

If you haven't heard it click on the video to watch the discussion.
Book Suggestion

We will be sharing some of the great books and resources that provide not just information but methods to improve your health.

Of course for February we are going to suggest Beat the Heart Attack Gene by Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen. This is the foundation of what we do here and the information in this book truly can save your life.

Your plate is a life choice

We will be sharing good food tips, recipes and nutrition information. Where do we tell people to start?

"Diet Recommendations for Insulin Resistance: No limits on colored vegetables; some fruit; good fats from olive oil, olives, nuts, seeds (not peanuts) and avocados; oily fish (salmon and sardines), poultry, limited red meat, preferably grass fed. No dairy because of sugar. Cheese is mostly fat and protein, so is the most acceptable form of dairy if you must. No white potatoes, rice, pasta or bread. Sweet potatoes encouraged. Read labels for sugar content. Consider 16 hour period of fasting daily"