Volume 5 | June 2018
I am very proud of the measurable results we are delivering to our patients. 

We are delivering consistent declines in arterial age for our Healthy Arteries patients based on the Bale Doneen Method. Younger arteries are healthier arteries and much less likely to end in a heart attack, stroke or dementia. I love making arteries healthier. 

A “ton of fat” has been lost in the last year (2079 pounds to be exact) among those who have had 2 or more measurements on our InBody 570. This has been accomplished by by getting off carbs, getting off the couch and incorporating periods of fasting into eating patterns. Need for insulin and other diabetes and blood pressure medications has been decreased or eliminated in many of our patients. Coach Mike and his Fasters are inspiring more to participate daily.

Our practice is a happy environment with delivery of lots of good news. That makes it a great place to work and a great place to get healthier and more resilient. We are resolving chronic diseases, not just working them.

We want everyone to be healthier. But you need a reason to be healthy. What is your reason, your “why?” 

Is it to live a longer, more productive life in general? To be there to support your spouse, children, grandchildren or great grandchildren? Do you lead a mission, a cause, a business that depends upon your unique contributions for its success? Would those around you suffer if you died suddenly or became disabled?

Whatever your “why” we hope that you enjoy this version of our newsletter and tell those for whom you care about the differences you have experienced in your connection to The Center for Prevention. Encourage them to sign up to receive our newsletter and explore the extensive information we have added to our website. 

Best of Health,
Craig A. Backs MD
Medical Executive Director
The Root Causes:
Low Vitamin D
The majority of people are vitamin D deficient and not taking steps to address the issue. Low vitamin D increases your risk of cardiovascular disease among other issues. Testing to see if you need to bring your vitamin D levels up to optimal (>50) is simple, especially compared to the problems that arise from sub-optimal vitamin D levels.

Why we don't use a 12 lead EKG to test for arterial disease

Certain tests add little benefit and may lead to unnecessary treatment when better tools could be used to detect and guide treatment. We are always determining the best method to find and reverse arterial disease. Please take a look at the article if you are interested in the recent findings about using a 12 lead EKG as a screening tool.

Niacin and Your Heart

Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is used by the body to promote healthy lipid levels, promote healthy function of the digestive system, and helps convert food into energy. It also is an important nutrient in blood sugar balance and cerebrovascular function.

What we love most about niacin is its ability to help maintain healthy levels of lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a). Lipoprotein(a) is the type of bad cholesterol than Drs Bale and Doneen refer to as the "mass murderer." If you are one of the minority of patients who have this trait, it can be a serious hidden risk of heart attack and stroke. Lp(a) is not widely tested for by doctors and does not respond to statins or lifestyle modification.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

This video from Dr Lustig was shot in 2009 at the University of California. He talks about the dangers of sugar and what it is doing to the health of our society. He focuses on fructose as an added sweetener and how it effects insulin when not attached to dietary fiber.

This video helped to push the debate about the health implications of the added sugar in our food.
The Library
The Diabetes Code
Following up the Obesity Code, Dr Fung talks about the increasing issue of diabetes and its treatment. The view that diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease that needs to be treated with insulin is incorrect. Fung explains how we can treat and stop type 2 diabetes without drugs with more evidence based nutrition advice.

This book will take you through the science behind diabetes and what in our diets is causing the outbreak of this preventable disease.

Many of you are already a part of the Fasters group and getting the daily support message from Coach Mike. The group is focused on clean eating, intermittent fasting, and taking effective steps to improve results. We have seen amazing results, with drops in body fat and visceral fat, more than a ton in the last year There is no cost to get the morning message and start learning about how to change your life.

We continue to talk about the Root Causes, developments in our treatment, and books. We would like to know what you would like more of in the future. After all, the goal of this newsletter is to help you improve your health.
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