Volume 04 | May 2018
"Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labor of being sick"
Thomas Adams
The Center for Prevention has had a busy May!

Thank you to the Central Illinois Senior Celebration for inviting us to be a part of their event doing our Healthy Heart Screen. It had an amazing turnout.

Thank you to the McClean County Chamber of Commerce for the Twin Cities Showcase, which was held at ISU's Bone Student Center. We will be sure to let everyone know when they will be holding the events next year.

Congratulations to Ace Sign Co and their employees,. We came back for another round of InBody testing and saw some amazing results. Dennis Bringuet and his employees have made the commitment to promote better health as an organization and we are happy to be supporting them. Keep up the great work!
The Root Causes:
Insulin Resistance
This month's focus is on Insulin Resistance and how it factors into your overall health. With 70% of the population predisposed to Insulin Resistance this is a major concern. It is not just the beginning stages of diabetes, but also an inflammatory condition that is going to have systemic implications for your health.

How much weight have our patients lost in the last year?
Change is not always easy or fun, but when you see real results it is worth it. We have seen amazing results in our patients from changes to their diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. The happiness that we have seen in people who feel better and gaining a better quality of life is incredible and we could not be more proud of the work that has been put in.

Cooking with Dr Glatz

As a dentist, our friend Dr. Peter Glatz is expected to spend a lot of time thinking about peoples' mouths. Dr. Glatz is not just worried about keeping your mouth healthy, but also the food that you put into your mouth.

Dr Glatz is also an accomplished chef, musician, and captain of the Bertha Bus, the "Modern Age Gypsy Wagon." 

Dr.Craig Backs and Dr. Mike Milligan

Dr. Milligan of Eastland Dental in Bloomington, IL had a great conversation at his office with Dr. Backs about the oral systemic connection. We are working to build relationships with dental providers like Dr Milligan and his staff, who see the importance of periodontal health to your arterial health.

You can also learn about what Dr. Milligan and his staff are doing at:
The Library: The Hacking of the American Mind

Trying to be happy, it should be simple right?

Dr. Lusting talks about why we all struggle to find joy and meaning. The book talks about the societal factors that are causing people to become sick, depressed and addicted. Dr. Lustig brings together science, history, and economics to explain why these issues are getting worse despite the fact that we have more sources of pleasure.

Click on the book image to find it on amazon