Spring from the Inside Out: Here at Semmes & Co. Builders, we're enjoying Spring on the Central Coast. Take a look at the events and musings below from the folks at Semmes. Then get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of Spring... 

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A Green Partnership

In life, relationships and construction - if you  find something that works, stick with it. Read about the cohesive partnership between Semmes and Green Goods

Tom Moore gives his viewpoint on this historically popular


Margie Schuler explores the possible end of the world by these pesky coffee cups. Watch the horror unfold in  this movie...




Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. is featured on the innovative, artisan kitchen and bath website, Native Trails.



Although rammed-earth methods have been around since the Pharaoh's built their pyramids, Paul Rose explains how these methods continue to make your house sustainable.