THE CENTRAL COAST VIEW | S p r i n g  2 0 1 6 

Spring! Time to be outside on the beautiful Central Coast.

Harmony Hilltop

Spring has sprung !  The hills are finally green and splattered with yellow, orange and purple as the mustard, poppies and lupine make their annual appearance. Before you go out to absorb their beauty, take a moment and peruse what's happening from the folks at Semmes & Co. Builders. 
Considering a new home or remodel?

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805.466.6737 x 203
Jessica explains the benefits and value of two important technologies in a net zero home.
Bring your camera and come out to the beautiful California Carrizo Plains to enjoy all things straw at the 20th anniversary conference.

Margie helps us figure out a fun, safe way to get the laundry clean while saving our environment
Paul reminds us that one of our regular programs has been to help move the building industry forward into new materials and higher standards for energy usage, healthy materials, and passive design. 
Non-Profit Spotlight:   
EF Homestay Foreign Exchange Program
A student exchange program that's coming to Atascadero this summer will give you an opportunity for cultural expansion.  
Turko shares some thoughts and ideas on a more down-to-earth, everyday topic:
drying clothes.
Our "Basic Minimalist," Tom shares that sometimes