Early Summer to Indian Summer Here at Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. we take summer as it comes. Now we're headed into our Indian Summer on the Central Coast. Traditionally it arrives in September and takes us through Halloween. So take a look at the events and musings below from the folks at Semmes. Then get outdoors and enjoy the Summer Breezes... 

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Turko gives us his perspective on Passive Solar Solutions to save energy and reduce costs.

Is the Tesla Powerwall a fiscally responsible choice or an expensive novelty? 
Non-Profit Spotlight:   Via dei Colori - SLO
Margie gets into the grimy ins and outs of garbage diposals - and comes out smelling pretty good !


Tom takes the time to listen and hears what clients are telling us...

In this special editorial to the Semmes & Co Builder's, Inc. newsletter, green mortgage lender Kevin Hauber, wants to make sure you're getting full value for your solar system.

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