A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart!
My Dear Central Family,

There is immense joy in connecting to those who have been blessed in and by ministry. When children join, when the decision is made by youth to accept Jesus the Christ as Lord and Liberator, the thrills abound in earth and in heaven.

Combining with our colleagues at Ben Hill United Methodist Church, our young people spent months on a journey of exploration, inquiry and discernment. Each made their own decision to follow Jesus and live their lives in faith. The celebration on our campus parking lot, as the case with celebrating our high school graduates, was remarkable, distinctive and filled with grace. These confirmands were the leaders of the Confirmation worship experience. You will see, when it is posted on Youtube, how talented, gifted and committed they are.

They will go forth as ambassadors of Jesus, giving and serving, worshipping and learning ways they can bless and continue to be agents of change for a better world. Our confirmands are:

Iyanna Clark, Gabrielle Ellison, Lacey Lattimore, Ayinde Johnson
Calvin Favors III, Cashmere Favors, Courage West Tankoo,
Jason Thrash, Samuel West and Henry Willis II

In the midst of a global pandemic, confirmation still happened. It yet occurred because of your steadfastness, your faithfulness and your demonstrated love of God through your generosity. Thank you Central! Thank you so very much for your donations, your tithes and your offerings.

Take good care, keep the faith, be safe and always,

Be Well!
Pastor Ross
Central United Methodist Church
501 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr SW | Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 524-4263 | www.centralumcatl.org
Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
Rev. Angela Johnson, Associate Pastor