A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart!
My Dear Central Family,

 I don’t believe there was a better time for our Youth to participate in a mission like the Toys for Tots Drive during the month of December when we celebrate the greatest gift of all, the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Toys for Tots Drive is an event that brings to life and makes relevant to our youth, “it is more Blessed to give than to receive.”
The Youth Ministry Mission provides the Youth of Central UMC and the community with experiences and activities that enrich their spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational growth, and includes service to those who are less fortunate. The Youth decided to participate in the toy drive because they know and understand that all families cannot afford Christmas gifts for their children. 
Toys for Tots is sponsored by the United States Marine Corp. For the past five years, the Youth delivered collected toys to the Toys for Tots Warehouse and spent hours sorting and distributing toys for agencies that requested toys for families in the Metro Atlanta area. This year the Marines were not able to attend events or mingle with volunteers or donors, and the youth were not allowed to work in the warehouse due to the  pandemic. Instead, the Youth focused on collecting a significant number of toys to donate.
Youth President, Kai Kellam said, “We have a marvelous amount. Everyone really came through,” as    December 19TH was not foiled by Covid 19. Young Santa, My Own Santa, It’s me Santa, Oh Boy Santa, For Girls Only and I’m Too Old For Santa, proved to be convincing church commercials inviting the congregation to participate and others to donate. Toys were dropped off at Central’s Learning Center.
I thank Kai Kellam and all the youth for their participation in the drive, as well as their leaders, Janice Gumbs, Margo Browning, Regina Brown and Alexis Kellam. I am grateful for everyone who gives their time and/or money to support the youth ministries at Central. I am humbled by the successful outcome of your service and contributions, and I thank everyone that helped by donating beautiful toys for children, and to those who  support Central at large. Without you, there would be no Central.
Take good care, keep the faith, be safe and always,
 Be Well !
Pastor Ross
Central United Methodist Church
501 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr SW | Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 524-4263 | www.centralumcatl.org
Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
Rev. Angela Johnson, Associate Pastor