A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart!
My Dear Central Family,

COVID-19 stopped some events, yet it has created others. Central's Youth Ministry leaders, church leaders and County Commissioners Natalie Hall and Joe Carn united in a unique and memorable occasion - a "Drive-in" Graduation Ceremony for our 2020 high school graduates.

Following reminders to act with an abundance of caution, a "drive-in" ceremony - with all persons masked and socially distanced- blessed the lower parking lot of the church's campus. Graduates proceeded in, were presented individually to those gathered, and received gifts from the church. Commissioners Hall and Carn gifted each graduate with a special proclamation made solely for the occasion.

Central UMC 2020 High School Graduates are:
Asha Anderson, Caleb Chisholm, Jade Davis, Jeremiah Grant,
Marae Harrell, Christopher Jordan, Larry Love, Jr., Jasmine Thrash,
Jordan Walker, and Anna West

Our partnership with the Commissioners enlivened our time. Our connection with Impact Church helped us with physical staging. Our leaders offered a spirit led time, and your generosity under-girded it all! Your giving allows Central to give these graduates a special time that defied the limits of COVID-19. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED GENEROSITY! We will continue to build ministry and bless God because of your faithfulness.

Take care, keep the faith, and as always,
Be Well!

Pastor Vance Ross
Commissioner Natalie Hall, Pastor Ross,
and Commissioner Joe Carn
Central United Methodist Church
501 Mitchell Street SW | Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 524-4263 | www.centralumcatl.org
Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
Rev. Angela Johnson, Associate Pastor