A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart!
My Dear Central Family,

Following Jesus is a life long journey. Day by day and week by week, as we practice the Six Marks of Discipleship (also called means of grace, or spiritual disciplines), we live into a routine of further relationship with God. Modeling after Jesus Christ, we grow in grace and in spirit.

While this is a process, there are markers along the way. One of these is Confirmation. As United Methodists, we define confirmation as a celebration and indication of the first time a baptized Christian publicly validates their intention to live the vows of the baptismal and membership covenant, and thus become a professing member of the local church and the denomination.

Our Central confirmands attended a North Georgia Annual Conference Retreat at Camp Glissen with confirmands from several other churches. Finding this to be an important experience, Pastor Angela Johnson said, "This year's confirmation was a time of learning and community building. The youth explored what it means to believe in God and follow Jesus for themselves."

For themselves. Our work and ministry is to get our children, youth and adults (young, middle and "vintage") to believe in God and follow Jesus for themselves.

They were able to go to the retreat, and share in monthly experiences, because of the generosity of your tithes and offerings. Central, your generosity makes a difference. I cannot thank you enough.

Celebrate these confirmands with me : Iyanna Clark, Gabrielle Ellison, Calvin Favors III, Cashmere Favors, Ayinde Johnson, Lacey Lattimore, Courage Tankoo, Jason Thrash, Sam West and Henry Willis II.
Let's expect them to make a difference.

Take care, keep the faith, and as always,
Be Well!

Pastor Vance Ross
Central's Confirmation Class
Central United Methodist Church
501 Mitchell Street SW | Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 524-4263 | www.centralumcatl.org
Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
Rev. Angela Johnson, Associate Pastor