A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart
My Central Family,
In partnership with Action Ministries, Central's Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) continues its connection to the Smart Lunch Smart Kid summer lunch campaign. We serve as an example of Matthew 25:35-40 when we serve children in need. YEP plans to purchase and deliver hundreds of lunches to sites in South Fulton County region making a difference in the lives of children who might otherwise go hungry.

Pamela Perkins Carn, chair of the Youth Enrichment Program, remarked, "We know that hungry children have a more difficult time concentrating, therefore, a more difficult time learning. We know that there is a measurable amount of learning loss during the summer months when children are out of school. Hunger only exacerbates the loss. Also, children need assurance that they will eat - to lessen some of the stresses and trauma of poverty which can interrupt brain and social-emotional development."

Why South Fulton County? According to the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, South Fulton County's Child Well-Being score, which is based on the Child Well-Being Index is 42.7. The region's 13-county average is 61.8. South Fulton County falls below the average. The lowest-scoring child well-being zip code rate of 18.9 is located in South Fulton County, while the highest-scoring zip code child well-being rate of 89.7 is located in North Fulton County. The prospects for a child growing up in the 18.7 zip code vs. the 89.7 zip code will be different over the child's lifespan, impacting the child's health and future earnings.

Your generosity changes these numbers in the positive. Because you give, each summer through YEP, children eat and can better learn. That is huge! So I thank you, Central, for hearing the cry of the needy and embodying the heart of the city. Lives are transformed because in Jesus's name, you give!

Take Care, Keep the Faith and As Always

Be Well!

Pastor Ross
Volunteers prepared sack lunches for Smart Lunch Smart Kid Program
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Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
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