Awareness is a Fundamental
Precursor for Change
An oft-heard comment is that, compared to other cancers, myeloma is a relatively unknown disease. In fact, many people who are living with myeloma, including myself, had never heard the word prior to their diagnosis. Although any cancer diagnosis can be devastating, being diagnosed with a disease that one has never heard of makes it even more distressing.

Since its foundation in 2005, Myeloma Canada has engaged in numerous initiatives to address this challenge. The very first undertaking to raise the profile of our disease was a widely circulated poster that proclaimed: Multiple Myeloma: Unknown. Unnoticed. Until Now. Although this first effort did not in itself suddenly transform myeloma into an everyday word, it unequivocally positioned Myeloma Canada and the Canadian myeloma community as agents of change, which is reflected in our tag line Making Myeloma Matter .
Aldo Del Col, Co-founder & Chairman,
Myeloma Canada
Over the years, we have developed several programs designed to raise awareness and engage the community as a catalyst for change: awareness days in provincial legislatures, the early awareness and diagnosis program, advocacy training, support group leader development and educational events, to name a few.

Last year, we took a giant leap forward with the development of an integrated social media campaign that went beyond our core community to reach other Canadians who may never have heard of myeloma. One of the goals was to explain that myeloma was not a skin cancer, as it is often confused with melanoma. Another goal of the campaign was to explain that myeloma, although most often referred to as blood or bone marrow cancer, also affects the immune system.
The overwhelming success of the campaign, was to a great degree, due to the enthusiastic engagement of our community. Again, this year, we are relying on you to support our efforts by becoming actively involved - and it doesn’t take much to make a difference! One simple act is to ask your neighbours, friends or family members to join our community by signing up here.

It takes a minute and can make a world of difference in raising myeloma awareness.
Another idea is to ensure your hospital or clinic has a supply of Myeloma Canada brochures and free educational material to distribute to patients and caregivers. If they need some, simply contact us at and we will be happy to send them out.

I also encourage you to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN posts. And whether you “like”, “share” or “comment”, you will be supporting our community’s efforts in making myeloma matter.

Every little bit helps. To cite an old proverb: “It takes many raindrops to make an ocean”.
Aldo Del Col
Co-founder & Chairman
Myeloma Canada