"To know Christ and to make Him known . . . "
The Chalice
The Weekly Sunday Bulletin of St. John’s Episcopal Church 
A long time ago I was required to pass a three day examination (three hours each day) in my major field (English Literature) in order to graduate. When I finished the exam and passed, I had the immature and naive belief that the journey was over now that my diploma was in hand and I had a job. How foolish. Now fifty-seven years later, two additional degrees, a seminary certificate, and ten trips to England to study at Oxford and Cambridge under the aegis of the C. S. Lewis Foundation, the journey continues to commence (no, that is not a slip), not redundantly like “Groundhog Day” but cyclically, as in a liturgical calendar that moves each year from Advent to the Feast of Christ the King. Each year is a new beginning, raises new questions, affords to new answers. This year is no different.

For Advent I am reading for the third time N. T. Wright's Advent for Everyone: A Journey with the Apostles and for the thirteenth time Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas. Each is a collection of short reflections or meditations, each unfolds new glories that I have missed on previous readings. In Bishop Wright's book, a brief biblical passage has been selected, a reflection on that passage offered,for consideration, and then one or two questions designed to guide one's continual growth on his journey into Christ. Following are a few snippets for you to consider as you continue your journey into the joy, grace, and love of the living God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

  1. In what ways do you see your church as part of a world wide family? How does this enable you to call on Jesus?
  2. Have you ever found your world shaken to its foundations by God? What ways have you found to express gratitude for that?
  3. Do you find it hard to exercise patience? In what ways might you ease your impatience by working toward the day when God will renew heavens and earth?

These snippets, no answers provided, offer the assurance that the search for and the discovery of those answers will continue to define and re-define a large portion of my daily journey; yes, that journey that I had beieved completed nearly sixty years ago.

Bishop Wright ends his book with a passage from Revelation:21:1-5: New Heaven and New Earth followed by the following question: At any moments when you thought “this is new”, can you recall how everything seemed transformed? In what ways can you see the hand of God in this? I will be answering these questions for the rest of my life as I make my way toward my Lord's cross and crown, toward the new heaven and the new earth. Will you joinh me on the journey?

May this Advent lead you to the one who is the journey and the journeys end, the one who is the answer to all questions. With all blessings for abundant joy and deep love this Christmas.

Fr. John+
8:00 am - Rite I Holy Eucharist in the church
Face masks, social distancing, and registration required.
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8:00 am - Rite II Morning Prayer
8am Service Bulletin: Advent3_8am

9:15 am – Rite II Morning Prayer with Music
9:15 am Service Bulletin: Advent3_9:15am

Sunday School will meet at 10:15 am to record the Christmas Pageant
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11:00 am - Rite II Holy Eucharist
Face masks, social distancing, and registration required.
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Please join us for a ZOOM coffee hour this Sunday at 10:00 am. Grab a cup of your own coffee and a snack, share some time with your friends at St. Johns. This will be an informal remote gathering where we can enjoy each other's company. Join Zoom Coffee Hour:

Join us at 9:00 am for Morning Prayer, Monday - Friday, via Zoom:
Meeting #: 83021762936
Please follow along with Mission St. Clare
Bible Study meets on Tuesdays at 11:00 am via Zoom. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84448323853

For those who prefer an evening Bible Study, we have a session on Mondays at 6:30 pm. Join us via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83527491169.

We are studying the New Testament, referencing N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird's The New Testament in Its World.
This Christmas remember your Loved Ones, or offer Special Thanksgivings, by making a donation for this year’s Christmas Poinsettias. 

Please submit all order forms to the Parish Office by Monday, December 14th.

Order forms can be found on the St. John's website or by using the link below, or you may contact the Parish Office (cfreas@stjohnshuntington.org or 631-427-1752) to have one sent to you.

If you are unable to download and print the form, you may send an email with all the necessary information to Coral (cfreas@stjohnshuntington.org) in the Parish Office and send your check to St. John's Parish Office, 12 Prospect St, Huntington, NY 11743 with "Poinsettia" written in the memo.
Sunday, December 20th at 7:00 pm
via Zoom and Facebook Live

Join us for our annual Christmas Concert, featuring many of St. John's talented musicians and some special guests!

We have 4 wonderful holiday baskets to raffle off at the end of the evening including 50 scratch-off lottery tickets. Purchase your raffle tickets by sending a check payable to "St. John's Episcopal Church" to the Parish Office, St. John's Church, 12 Prospect St, Huntington, NY 11743. Please include your best phone number. We will then fill out the tickets for you and drop them into the raffles. Raffle ticket prices are:
2 Tickets = $10
5 Tickets = $20
15 Tickets = $50

All proceed to support St. John's Music Ministry!
The ECW has adopted a family from St. John's Hospital. This year in lieu of presents that have in the past been donated , we are being asked to provide a monetary donation, because of Covid 19.

Please make your checks out to:
"ST. JOHN'S CHURCH" and in the memo please mark it "ADOPT A FAMILY."

You may mail your check or place it in the donation basket at the back of the church on Sundays or drop it off at the office. Thank you all! You have always been more than generous to those in need.

All donations should be received by Sunday, December 13th.
Please join us for our next ECW Meeting on Sunday, December 13th at 11:45 am. We will be deciding how to distribute the funds raised from this year's Harvest Fair.

There will be limited, socially distanced seating in the Guild Room. Masks and registration required. Registration is limited to 12 in-person attendees.

All are welcome to join via Zoom:

Calling all Children! We need your help to put on our 2020 Christmas Pageant!
We will rehearse and record the Pageant on Sunday December 13th during our regular Zoom time, 10:15am. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87420093357

Each person who participates will have at least one line to read. I need at least 8 people to be readers, but we could have several more.

Contact Ms. Christine (doreivory@optonline.net) with any questions.
We just received a generous donation of $1,000 from the Huntington Rotary Club to purchase essential personal care products for those who use access our local food pantry.

St. John’s has been actively providing food staples to the many food pantries within our community – especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. There continues to be a significant food insecurity need, however, many of us may not realize that individuals who receive benefits, from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cannot use those benefits for a large list of items that most of us consider essential.

Take a look at the following list and you will see that all items are essential for daily living and for overall health benefits.  As you continue to drop off other essential items in the bins outside the church office on Prospect Street, please consider including the following items. Of particular need are items found in #7:

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Paper Towels
  3. Tissues
  4. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss
  5. Soap
  6. Diapers
  7. Tampons, pads and incontinence products
  8. Deodorant
  9. Shampoos
  10. Cleaning products
  11. Lotion, powder, sunscreen, lip balm
All are welcome to join us for our Advent Series on "Celtic Christianity" on Tuesdays in Advent via Zoom. We will begin with Evening Prayer at 6:30 pm. The program will be from 7:00-8:00 pm. Each week will feature a different speaker:

  • December 15th - Rev. Duncan Burns
  • December 22nd - Claire Mis

On Saturday, December 12th from 9:30 to 11:30 am, St. John's Spirituality Group will welcome Leslie Valentine, certified mentor for EfM (Education for Ministry) via Zoom. Leslie will present "Rop tú mo baile - Be thou my vision: contemplating the wonder, reverence and awe of this 8th century Irish hymn"


Thursday, December 17th at 4pm
via Zoom:
All are welcome to join St. John's Spirituality Group for our next meeting, bi-weekly meeting.

If you are interested in exploring your spirituality and deepening your connection to others, consider joining us. To find out more about SJSG, contact Patti Aliperti (silverymoon33@yahoo.com).

This year we are offering many wonderful opportunities to worship and celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Eve
via Zoom and Facebook Live
4:00pm - Family Christmas Service & Pageant
9:15pm - Christmas Service with beautiful music

Christmas Eve
In Person
8:00pm - Rite II Christmas Service
11:00pm - Rite I Christmas Service
Face masks, social distancing, and registration required. Limited to 25 people.
All in person services are subject to cancellation.

Christmas Day
via Zoom and Facebook Live
10:00am - Christmas Day Service with beatiful music
Thank you so much for your generous spirit and continued support of the ministry of St. John’s. Please turn in your 2021 pledge card if you have not done so already. We will begin preparing our 2021 Budget, and pledges are vital in that process.

If you are financially able, please make sure your 2020 pledge is up to date
We have set up online giving. Using your credit card or a direct payment from your checking account, you will be able to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments.

Or send a check made payable to "St. John's Episcopal Church" to 12 Prospect Street, Huntington, NY 11743.

To text your contribution (standard text message rates do apply):

Text SJEC1745 STEWARDSHIP $[Amount] to 73256.

Your stewardship is a commitment to sustaining St. John’s ministry today and going forward. Thank you for your continuing support!
We have set up online giving. Using your credit card or a direct payment from your checking account, you will be able to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments using our secure online system. 

Using the below form, you can choose the types of contributions you would like to make a Plate Offering online:

Or send a check made payable to "St. John's Episcopal Church" to 12 Prospect Street, Huntington, NY 11743.

To text your contribution (standard text message rates do apply):

Text SJEC1745 PLATE $[Amount] to 73256.
We pray for all our doctors, nurses, and medical staff who put themselves at risk to care for us during this corona virus epidemic.

We pray for all our men and women serving in the armed services and all first responders who put themselves at risk every day, especially during this time. May God keep them safe and healthy, and return them home to their loved ones.

We pray for those who work for justice. May God give us all strength and wisdom to act for change when it is needed.

We pray for the sick: Kathy, Lynn, Fred, Ellen, Lucille, Frank and Theresa, Spencer and Sue, Tom and Stephanie, Peter, David, Nils, Margaret, Cheryl, Carol, CJ, George, Nichole, Roelie, Tom, Nelly, Marty, Irene and Jim, Debra and Carol, Bette, Justin, Hagai, Cassie, Bill, Amy, Kate, Fr. John, Amelia, Gladys, Christian, Jane, Diane, Robert Boise, Simon, May, Johanne, Katherine, Martha, Kathy and Harry, Susan, Ursula, Tyler, Allison, Al, Karen

Recently departed: Maureen Bifulco

The Perpetual Light is given this week in loving memory of Ann Vaccaro by Rick and Patti Aliperti.

The Perpetual Light is given this week in loving memory of Edward Anderson by his family.

The Perpetual Light is given this week in loving memory of Bertha Lasek by David and Nelly Lasek.

Please submit your prayers to cfreas@stjohnshuntington.org.

For pastoral care and prayer, please contact Fr. Duncan or Claire Mis, directly.
If you would like to remember a loved one or give thanks for an imporant event with altar flowers or Perpetual Light, Please complete an Altar Flower Form and return it to the Parish Office with your check made payable to "St. John's Altar Guild."