"To know Christ and to make Him known . . . "
The Chalice
The Weekly Sunday Bulletin of St. John’s Episcopal Church 
October 2, 2022

Francis of Assisi, the saint who launched a million birdbaths, hundreds of thousands of statues, and the occasional service of the “Blessing of the Animals” was, for Chesterton, the one Christian who actually lived the Gospel. Francis was the son of a wealthy textile merchant and as such part of the new Italian middle class that was coming into its own. His father’s wealth and Francis’ own natural charisma made the young man a leader of the youth of his town. Francis gained a rock-star like following by the early 1200’s. He remains famous today not because of his own words and actions so much as because his words and actions conformed so closely to those of Jesus. As a boy Francis dreamed of earning glory in battle. He got his chance at an early age when he enlisted, along with the other young men of Assisi, to fight in a feud against a neighboring city-state. Assisi lost the battle and Francis was imprisoned for a time. Defeat in battle and serious illness in prison caused Francis to turn away from his visions of glory on the battlefield. Francis’ path toward God took a series of turns closer and closer to God, rather than an all at once conversion. However, the course of Francis’ life was profoundly changed by at least two formative experiences. On a pilgrimage to Rome, Francis saw a beggar outside of St. Peter’s Church. The Holy Spirit moved him to trade places with the beggar. Francis exchanged clothes with a beggar and then spent the day begging for alms. That experience of being poor shook Francis to the core. Later he confronted his own fears of leprosy by hugging a leper. Like trading places with the beggar in Rome, hugging a leper left a deep mark on Francis. Shaped by his experiences with the beggar and the leper, he had a strong identification with the poor. Francis cut himself off from the opulent lifestyle of his father and sought out a radically simple life. By the time of his death, the love of God had compelled Francis to accomplish much toward rebuilding the church. He could look on thousands of lives transformed by his call for repentance and simplicity of life. Yet, Francis of Assisi was simply a man transformed by the love of God and the joy that flowed from a deep understanding of all that God has done for us (Rev. Canon Frank Logue).

Jesus asks us to have the faith of a mustard seed. He goes on to say that we should simply do what we are supposed to do. There are Christian saints that have done just that. St. Francis led thousands to Christ by his simplicity. Jesus Christ gave himself for the sake of others. St. Francis followed in his footsteps. Our Presiding Bishop calls this the Way of Love. Every Christian is called to follow Jesus with acts of love to one another. St. John’s mission is to “Know Christ and make Him known.” Perhaps our mission could be rephrased, “Know the love of Christ and share it with others.” This begs the question, “How are you (we) sharing the love of Christ.” We know the love of Christ by the joy we feel in practicing self-giving love. Following the love of Christ also adds meaning and purpose to our lives. When we follow the “Way of Love” others will feel that love and pass it on to others. Please be generous in sharing your love with others. Follow the path of the Saints and remember St. Francis this weekend. Please bless your pets this Saturday at 5:00 pm in the Garden of Blessings or at the very least, set up a bird bath.

In Christ’s love,

Fr. Duncan


The Readings

Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4

Psalm 37:1-10

2 Timothy 1:1-14

Luke 17:5-10

Join us for Sunday Worship at 8:00 am and 10:00 am in the church or remotely on Zoom and Facebook.


8:00 am - Rite I Holy Eucharist

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83803451202

Facebook Live Stream: https://www.facebook.com/stjohns1745/live_videos/

Bulletin: Rite I After Pentecost

9:40 am - Sunday School in the Canterbury Corner

10:00 am – Rite II Choral Eucharist

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86739553648

Facebook Live Stream: https://www.facebook.com/stjohns1745/live_videos

Bulletin: Rite II After Pentecost - Fall

The Music

Opening Hymn: 541 Come, labor on

Sequence Hymn: 669 Commit thou all that grieves thee, vs 1-2

Offertory Hymn: L 62 In Christ there is no East or West

Communion Hymn: PB 5B Spirit of the Living God

Closing Hymn: 535 Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim


Saturday, October 1st at 5:00 pm in the Garden of Blessings

We invite you and your leashed or small caged animal companions (or bring a photo of your pet) for a special blessing in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Animals. Join us in the Garden of Blessings. All are welcome!


Our annual Harvest Fair will take place on Saturday, October 22nd, 10am to 4pm.

Raffle books were sent and started coming in! If you did not receive yours in the mail or need extra books, please contact the Parish Office.


Other ways you can HELP US TO HELP OTHERS:

  • INVITE your friends and families to shop, dine and visit our beautiful, historic church
  • ASK stores, restaurants, etc. for gift certificates for a gift basket or donate $$ to create one. Merchant solicitation letters are in the church office or download here: DOWNLOAD MERCHANT LETTER
  • OFFER your vacation home\timeshare week for the Silent Auction, day trips to your favorite destinations, wineries.
  • DONATE new unused gifts you have received for the Silent Auction: Day trips, timeshares, event tickets, champagne, electronics, jewelry, household items.
  • REQUEST a donation for a Corporate Sponsorship from the place where you work. Contact Chris Boccia to learn how.
  • BAKE cookies, pies, cupcakes, muffins for our Bake Sale table.
  • GIVE your gently used clothing, Christmas items, designer clothes, or jewelry to the Thrift Shop.
  • PLAN on spending the day working a table or helping before and after to set up/clean up.
  • MAKE a craft – woodworking items, Christmas decorations, sachets or potpourri are just suggestions. Use your creativity!
  • BECOME a Harvest Fair Patron.


The Ingathering for United Thank Offering (UTO) will be on Sunday, October 2.


Please be generous in supporting this great ECW mission. UTO is entrusted to receive the offerings, and to distribute the 100% of what is collected to support innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church and Provinces of the Anglican Communion:




“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”

–Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Gratitude is a Christian virtue. It helps us love more deeply and be more present to the Holy Spirit at work in the world.


GIVE thanks to God for your blessings.

MAKE an offering for each blessing.

YOUR BLESSING becomes a blessing for others.


2022 Grant Awards Given


Please make checks payable to “St. John's Church" with "UTO" written in memo. Envelopes for UTO can be found on the table at the back of the church or in your bulletins on Sunday, October 2nd.


"The ultimately responsible question is not how I extricate myself heroically from a situation, but how a coming generation is to go on living." (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Creation Care Retreat 10/1, 8:30am-4pm at Mercer: All are warmly invited to join the Creation Care Community for our first Green Team Retreat, coming up on Saturday, October 1 at the Mercer School of Theology in Garden City. This is an opportunity to get to know people from across the diocese who share your concern for the earth, and to discern your own call to Creation Care. If you’ve been looking for a way to jump-start Creation Care ministry in your parish, this is it!


To register for the retreat, please follow this link. If you have any questions, please email The Rev. Matthew Moore (mmoore@diocesli.org).


Sunday, October 2nd at 12 to 5 pm

in the Garden of Blessings

Leslie Martin of GiGong for Vitality & Joy will lead QiGong in the Garden. Enjoy ancient, meditative, self-care exercises in tradition of Taoist QiGong, the foundation of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Donations appreciated.

Class Schedule: 

CLASS from 12 to 1 followed by Q&A from 1 to 1:30

CLASS from  2 to 3 followed by Q&A from 3 to 3:30

CLASS from  4 to 5 followed by Q&A from 5 to 5:15

Stop by as you enjoy the Huntington Art Walk! From 12–5 enjoy Heckscher Museum at 2 Prime Avenue & the Galleries towards the east end of town. Your QiGong practice with us will help your day’s inspirations settle gracefully into your mind and heart. Learn more at: www.heckscher.org.


Join St. John's and other local faith partners at the Huntington Interfaith Beach Clean-up on Sunday, October 2nd, at 2pm, West Neck Beach, Huntington.

RSVP to HumusPartnership@gmail.com


Sunday, October 9th at 7:00 pm

Pianist Alex Pryrodny, our very own Artist-in-Residence, teams up with award-winning tap dancer, Alex MacDonald for an evening of piano and tap in our beautiful, historic church.

There is a suggested donation of $20 at the door or presale using the following link:


Spread the word. Invite a friend: POSTER (please share)


Help us Help our Friends in Christ

Donations Needed - Beginning September 18


There will be an open suitcase in the back of the church for the following much needed items which we will bring with us on our journey:


  • Toiletries – hotel size – small – we have to carry with us
  • Toothpaste/toothbrushes/shampoos/soap/lotions/ deodorant/sunscreen
  • Masks
  • Socks (all sizes, preferably white)


 MISSION TRIP to Arizona

October 24 – 30 2022

Thank you for keeping the 9 of us who are traveling in your prayers:


Deacon Claire

Fr. James Reiss

Ken Denker

Paula Dodge

Bob McGonagle

Jan Stebbins

Stephanie West

Judy Wohrle 


Sunday, October 9th at 11:15 am

We are offering Acolyte training for new acolytes. Any child or youth interested in becoming an acolyte please meet Fr. James on October 9th at the front of the church by the piano following the 10 am service.

New acolytes learn by shadowing experienced acolytes at the 10:00 am services. This is a wonderful way for our youth to serve our parish and received community service hours.


Join St. John's Youth Group! 

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, October 2nd, 6:30-8:00 pm at St. John's, Cold Spring Harbor, 1670 NY-25A, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724.

Anyone in grades 7 through 12 are welcome to participate in Youth Group activities at St. John's and our youth partner parishes, Trinity, Northport and St. John's, Cold Spring Harbor.

Please contact Fr. James at jreiss@stjohnshuntington.org or Ford Spilsbury at fordspils@gmail.com for more info about Youth Group.

Sign-up for Youth Group using this link:




Confirmation is the sacrament when individuals choose to confirm the promises that were made for them at their baptism. The church recognizes one’s full membership and it is the day a bishop seals one with gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Confirmation classes start in January, meeting an hour before Youth Group, and the Rite of Confirmation will take place at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City this May. Anyone interested in Confirmation in the Spring of 2023 should attend Youth Group meetings and activities. For information about Confirmation, please contact the Parish Office, info@stjohns1745.org.


This joint ministry with St. John's, Cold Spring Harbor and Trinity, Northport, of fostering relationships amongst young adults within our community is not a simple project, but one we’re willing to take on. We plan on starting slow this Fall with monthly brunches, the first Sunday of the month. This is geared towards young adults who are 21 and older. This will later be accompanied by Spirituality on Tap/Pub Theology events to be released at a later date.

For the Fall, the brunches will be:

  • October 2nd
  • November 6th

They will all start at 12:00pm, at different brunch locations throughout the township. 

Contact Fr. James at jreiss@stjohnshuntington.org to learn more and sign up for notifications.


St. John's Spirituality Group labyrinth walk will be on Saturday, October 8th. We will meet at St. John's at 10 am to carpool to St. Philip Neri Church in Northport to walk their labyrinth. Afterwards, we will have lunch in Northport. Everyone will pay for their own lunch. There is no cost for the labyrinth walk. 

To RSVP, please contact Patti Aliperti at silverymoon33@yahoo.com, or click on the following link to register:



Please join us in the Canterbury Corner at 9:40 am for Sunday School!




St. John's Children's Choir sings for special services during the year. If your child enjoys singing with others or solo, plays an instrument, or just loves to worship through song, please reach out to our music director, Alex Pryrodny at rurikbird@gmail.com, or use the following link to sign up:



In October, our Spirituality Group meetings will move to 5pm in person, in the Canterbury Corner. We meetin on the 2nd Thursday of each month. On October 13th, we will discuss and reflect on "Wisdom."

All are welcome! 


The Prayer Shawl Ministry is actively making shawls!

We meet in person on the 1st Thursday of each month. Our next meeting is October 6th.

If you have interest in joining or have yarn to provide, please contact Noelle at ndelorenzo217@gmail.com


All are welcome at Morning Prayer. We meet Monday through Friday at 9:00 am via Zoom.

Our short prayer service is followed by some fellowship and discussion. Feel free to join us occasionally to listen and pray, or come more often to participate as a leader or reader, and to start your day with your focus on Christ and a deeper connection with your friends at St. John's.


Bible Study meets Mondays at 6:30 pm and on Tuesdays at 11:00 am on Zoom with Fr. Duncan and Fr. John.

Monday Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83373971746

Tuesday Zoom link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82553627635

Knowing God in the Created World - For hundreds of years, people have wondered what we can know about God based on the evidence of the world in which we live. Prof. N.T. Wright asserts that to answer this question with fidelity requires putting Jesus back in the middle of the question. The line of thought explored in this course seeks to do just that.

To preview to the course go to:


Login: dbu632@gmail.com

Password: GodsLove12


Please join us at St. John's for Evensong, an ancient traditional Anglican/Episcopal service of evening prayers, psalms, biblical readings and canticles, chanted in a choral setting. In collaboration with Alex Pryrodny and St. John's Choir, Fr. James will officiate our monthly Service of Evensong on the fourth Thursday of the month. Please join us Thursday, October 20 at 7:00 pm in the church.


All are welcome! Join us to pray for our broken world in need of healing, through the gift of music!


Pilgrimage to the Isle of Iona, Scotland
September 29-October 8, 2023

IONA WELCOMES ALL! Come you of great faith and you who struggle with faith; you who believe and you who doubt; explorers and questioners, adventures and contemplatives! Experience Iona without expectation. Let the sacred isle uncover what you need to see and reveal what you need to hear!

For more information or questions please contact the Pilgrimage Leader, Leslie Valentine: Phone: (516) 815-1169; Email: leslieval@aol.com

Registration in limited and will fill up quickly, so please respond as soon as possible to secure your place.


St. John's Thrift Shop is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays, 12-3pm.

HELP! Volunteers continue to be needed - If you wish to become a volunteer, please contact Mary Beth Dieterle, (631) 427-1752, ext 106.

Donations welcome. We accept donations of new or gently used clothing, accessories, and household items. Please no books, furniture, out-dated electronics, or damaged items.


We believe that not only does Jesus still heal today, but that healing is one of the most powerful ministries of evangelization. Jesus never preached the Gospel of the kingdom of God without demonstrating the kingdom through signs, wonders, and miracles, with healing as the most frequent demonstration of God’s love.

Healing services at St. John’s will include a time of worship and praise, proclamation of the Gospel and preaching, corporate prayer for healing ending with individual prayer teams for healing. Come prepared for breakthrough!

Please join us for a safe and loving offering of prayer and healing on the following dates. All Services will begin at 7:00 p.m.

October 13

November 10

December 8: Special Blue Christmas Healing Liturgy


Wednesdays at 12 - 1pm

To continue to be welcoming neighbors in the village, St. John's Church opens its doors to Huntington during the week!

On Wednesdays - Noonday Prayer will start at 12:15 for any who are interested in attending this brief in person service.

If any one feels called to join in this ministry and help expand it, please reach out to Fr. James at jreiss@stjohnshuntington.org . All are welcome!


Just a reminder that all parish events and building use must be submitted to the Parish Office. Notices for events to run in the Chalice, to post on the website and social media must be received by the Parish Administrator by noon on Tuesdays. We are looking to finalize the fall calendar to coordinated our many events and start to spread the word about all the great programs and ministries here at St. John's.


If you would like to remember a loved one or give thanks for an important event with altar flowers or Perpetual Light, please complete an Altar Flower Form and return it to the Parish Office with your check made payable to "St. John's Altar Guild."

We pray for Susan, Jack, Charise, Spencer, Matt, Ernest, Sue, Wylie, Tom, Debra, Christina, Ursula, Victor, Melissa, Olivia, Annie, Tom, Allison, Chyah, Mary, James, Dylan, Jake, Jeff, Shannon, Kelsey, Justin, Patti, Richard, Cole, Edward, Christine, Fred, Patricia, Hal, Carmen, Ignacio, Anita, Amy, Katherine, Briton, Cheryl, Edith, George, Patty, Gabriel, Siobhan, Danielle, Matt, Jane, Harry, Denise, Barbara, Edith, Ana, Angel, Gladys, Richard, Christian, Anthony, Barbara, Bodhi

Recently departed: Melissa Goddard, niece of Evelyn McCarthy

Altar flowers are given this week in loving memory of Charles Butler by Elizabeth Butler.

Please send your prayers or updates to prayers@stjohns1745.org or call Coral in the Parish Office, 631-427-1752, ext. 101.

St. John's Episcopal Church
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Huntington, New York 11743
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