An Update for Friends of Highfields · February 16, 2017
Raising a Grandchild
Raising a 6-year-old is tough. Raising a 6-year-old with developmental disabilities is even tougher. Thankfully, Rozanne is receiving help from Highfields' Home-Based Therapy - a program that wouldn't be possible without you.
   Rozanne and her husband, Mike, didn't plan on raising their 6-year-old grandson, Jaxxon, but "life blessed us with the opportunity," she said with a smile.
   Rozanne's daughter raised Jaxxon for eight months in a home nearby; however, she was unable to continue to parent him. Rozanne and Mike saw that Jaxxon needed more support, so they brought him into their home and cared for him from then on.
   Jaxxon has light blonde hair and blue eyes, but along with his cute looks, he also has his challenges to overcome. Certain tasks pose challenges such as issues with textures, delays with speech, as well as other sensory issues. Rozanne had him tested for autism, but the doctors felt it was more of an emotional impairment. She was frustrated by the diagnosis, and needed more help. 

A Family Once Again
Jamie never wants to go through the experience of losing her children again. Thanks to your support, Highfields' program has taught her how to keep her family together, healthy, and happy.
    When Jamie lost the rights to her children four years ago, she was devastated. She was in an abusive relationship at the time, but found the courage to leave and start a new life. She met a new man, Richie, who realigned her focus on what was most important: reuniting her family.
   Jamie's five children lived in foster care until the summer of 2016 when she finally completed the steps to have them back.
   "I was so happy to have everyone home," said Jamie. "But we hadn't been around each other for a while, and they had grown up a lot, so we needed to reconnect and get on the same page again."
   Jamie was referred to Highfields' Family Reunification Program (FRP) which helps children adjust back into the family home from foster care. 

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