All Parties Represented at Chamber's Provincial Election Forum for the Assiniboia, Kirkfield Park, Roblin and St. James Ridings
The Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce (ACC) hosted a provincial election forum on Monday, August 26th at the Heritage Victoria Community Club that had twelve (12) candidates participate from all four (4) political parties. Members of the Chamber and our community listened intently as Warren Thompson, ACC Past Chair, moderated and asked candidates a predetermined number of questions. Debates ensued on topics of healthcare and education.

(Bear with us for having a bit of a shaky camera at times; this was our first live video. We are investing in a tripod very soon!)

Opening Remarks from all candidates (order was chosen by draw)

Question 1: Economy | Job Creation: How do you and your party plan to create jobs and bring further investment to Manitoba, and specifically to West Winnipeg?

Question 2: Social Challenges | Meth Crisis | Safety: All communities in Manitoba are facing a meth crisis, including West Winnipeg. Small businesses and residential areas have or know of experiences that demonstrate the harmful affects of this drug. How will you and your party tackle this crisis and make our streets safe again?

Question 3: Healthcare | Investments: Manitoba's healthcare system is in the middle of significant changes. What is needed in Manitoba to improve access and enhance the healthcare services we depend on?

Question 4: Infrastructure | Investment Priorities : In your opinion, what are the most pressing infrastructure needs of Manitoba, and how do you and your party plan to address these as priorities?

Question 5 from the audience: Education: What are your top two priorities for improving public education? And what are you going to do to help the students of Manitoba achieve success after high school?

Question 6 from the audience: Mental Health Care: 1 out of 5 Canadians struggle from some type of mental health issue. What is the plan from your party for mental health care for Manitobans.

Closing Remarks from all candidates (order was chosen by draw)

Thank you to all candidates for your participation and comradery with the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce:
  • Jeff Anderson, Liberal: Riding: Assiniboia
  • Michael Bazak, Liberal: Riding: Roblin
  • Jeff Buhse, Green Party, Riding: St. James
  • Myrna Driedger, PC: Riding: Roblin
  • Scott Fielding, PC, Riding: Kirkfield Park
  • Bernd Hohne, Liberal, Riding: St. James
  • Scott Johnston, PC, Riding: Assiniboia
  • Joe McKellep, NDP, Riding: Assiniboia
  • Ernie Nathaniel, Liberal, Riding: Kirkfield Park
  • Kevin Nichols, Green Party, Riding: Roblin
  • Michelle Richard, PC, Riding: St. James
  • Adrien Sala, NDP, Riding: St. James
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