Internship Programs Build Better People
as published on page 7 in the March 2, 2022 edition of the Community West Review, Canstar

Have you completed an internship before? Was it a good, bad, or ugly experience? I can share my experiences as an eager intern wanting to learn from the company leader, as an employee watching how my company leader embraces the task, and as an employer learning from my interns to improve my leadership.

The process is quite simple for all involved, and everyone becomes better for it. An internship is not only about skillset, but also mentorship and inspiration. When both parties recognize this, the experience is greater for everyone.

The Intern
  • Participate at 100%: ask questions, listen to everything, and take notes
  • Learn: take this is as an opportunity to improve your skillset and grow as an individual; learn beyond the academics and see if you like the work environment and its people. Determine what works well for you, where you may want to learn more, and set goals for your future in the industry

The Employer
  • Time: schedule 1:1 time with the intern to address their personal growth, schedule work meetings to discuss tasks and objectives; remember that interns are seeking the opportunity to put their skillset to work, but they are also learning from you as a person and your leadership
  • Engage: provide feedback, create opportunities beyond skillset (e.g. invite the intern to sit in on a client/board meeting)

When evaluating the success of an internship, there are three parties that should be included: the intern, the employer, and the academic institution. Address the things that went well, items that need improvement, and some that didn’t go well at all. Each stakeholder will benefit from the information shared.

Developing a mindset that internships build better people will assist in the current workforce issues. Hiring and retaining talent looks a lot different from a short year or two ago. Consider working with interns at your workplace or seeking an internship for yourself.

Internship Programs Available in West Winnipeg

The expert at anything was once a beginner. ~ Helen Hayes
Businesses with 1 or more Employees Required to Comply: Manitoba Accessible Employment Standard Regulation

By May 1, 2022, all employers in Manitoba with one or more employee(s) will be required to comply with the Accessible Employment Standard Regulation. Its purpose is to make accessibility a regular practice when recruiting, hiring and supporting employees who experience barriers in the workplace. The regulation builds on existing requirements of The Manitoba Human Rights Code and applies to paid employees who are full time, part time, apprentices, and seasonal.

To help your organization comply, the Government of Manitoba has developed practical tools and resources with sample memos and templates that can be adapted to suit your organization’s needs. Please visit for more information, including access to free online training related to accessible employment and accessible customer service.
Your Business Can SAVE 3.5¢ per litre* on Esso™ and Mobil™ Fuel at Stations throughout Canada

The Chamber’s Esso and Mobil Business Fleet Card Program, means that you and your team can enjoy a 3.5¢ per litre* discount on every fuel purchase at Canada’s largest retail fuel network of over 2,000 Esso and Mobil stations. Whether you are a one person operation or a large team, your fuel bills can be reduced through this program.

Additional Savings
In addition to significant savings on your fuel bills, the Esso and Mobil Card program has multiple advantages and benefits for your organization:

  • Fuel securely with prompts at the pump and 24/7 customer support.
  • Track fuel spending easily with paperless receipts and insights into every transaction.
  • Pay bills, manage cards, and mitigate unauthorized spending with online and mobile tools.
  • Fill up with Synergy Fuel™, engineered for better gas mileage** at over 2,000 Esso and Mobil stations across Canada.
  • Get on the road to rewards with the PC Optimum program.***
  • Save 10% on all oil changes at Mr. Lube when you show your Esso and Mobil Business Card or Premier Plus Business Card. 

*New accounts only. Valid at participating Esso and Mobil locations. Discounts earned will be credited directly to your account(s). Eligible only for Canadian Chamber of Commerce members. **Improvements, such as fuel economy, are based on Synergy-branded gasoline, where and when available, compared to gasoline meeting minimum Canadian government detergency standards. Actual benefits will vary depending on factors such as vehicle type, driving style, and gasoline previously used. ***Conditions apply. For complete PC Optimum program terms and conditions visit Mobil and Fuel Technology Synergy are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. Imperial Oil, licensee. Esso is a trademark of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, licensee. PC Optimum is a trademark of Loblaws Inc. Trademark used under license. The Esso and Mobil Business Fleet Card Program is administered by WEX Inc.
Federal Government Announces the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

On March 3rd, the government announced that the CDAP was established to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) realize their full potential by adopting digital technologies.

Announced in Budget 2021, the $4 billion program is an investment of $1.4 billion in grants and advisory services to SMEs from the Government of Canada and up to $2.6 billion in loans from the Business Development Bank of Canada to help businesses cover the costs of implementing new digital technologies. There are two funding components to the program:

1. Grow Your Business Online 
Eligible businesses can receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with the costs related to adopting e-commerce and be supported by a network of e-commerce advisors.

2. Boost Your Business Technology 
SMEs that want to further improve their productivity and become more competitive in the digital marketplace can turn to Boost Your Business Technology funding. Eligible businesses must have between 1 and 499 employees and have annual revenue between $500,000 and $100 million. Up to 70,000 SMEs will be supported by Boost Your Business Technology funding.

Businesses interested in this funding may be looking to adopt new customer relationship software, digital inventory management systems, network security software and other technologies that will improve their bottom line, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.
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Share Your Opinion on Budget 2022

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