Message from the A.J. Baynes
We have provided a hybrid of virtual and in-person events that prove the Chamber is back in full swing the past thirty days!

While we have been fully operational throughout the pandemic, our goal was always to bring our members back together with confidence in our ability to create a safe environment. We proved this past month that we could do that. We recognize that our members expect first-in-class events, and there was no shortage of those in April. Our West Herr Driven to Success Series featuring Douglas Jemal provided a fantastic opportunity, not only to take a tour of Seneca Tower, but afforded our membership a Q&A with Douglas and his executive team in the auditorium. You never know what can happen at a Chamber event, and we were delighted Mike Wisler, CIO of M&T, was able to join us after our Q&A and provided those in attendance a sneak peek of the M&T Tech Center before its grand opening. It was an exceptional event that we were proud to be able to coordinate, and it is our community relationships that allow us the opportunity to engage with community leaders and difference-makers at a more personal level.
Another highlight of our month was our virtual forum with Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes, who updated the group on the recently passed marijuana legislation and budget. Read more here.
Wednesday, May 12th @ 9am
Thursday, May 27th @ 9am
Can your business
host a Blood Drive?
If your Blood Drive has 20 or more units collected,
you will receive a pair of Bills tickets!
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ASI's annual Spark Awards honor and recognize outstanding talent, dedication to, and impact on the arts industry. This year's presentation will be streamed for free on ASI's YouTube page.
More details about the event and this year's honorees on their website.
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Simple ways you can reduce
seasonal allergy symptoms 
If you're one of the millions of people who have seasonal allergies, springtime often brings sneezing, congestion, a runny nose and other bothersome symptoms. 
However, you may be able to keep your seasonal allergies — also called hay fever and allergic rhinitis — under control by trying these simple strategies:
Reduce your exposure to allergy triggers
  • Stay indoors on dry, windy days. The best time to go outside is after a good rain, which helps clear pollen from the air.
  • Delegate lawn mowing, weed pulling and other gardening chores that stir up allergens or wear a mask if you do outside chores.
  • Remove clothes you've worn outside and shower to rinse pollen from your skin and hair.
  • Don't hang laundry outside — pollen can stick to sheets and towels.

Take extra steps when pollen counts are high
  • Check the Environmental Protection Agency website ( for current pollen levels and air quality in your area.
  • If high pollen counts are forecasted, start taking allergy medications before your symptoms start.
  • Close doors and windows at night or any other time when pollen counts are high.
  • Avoid outdoor activity in the early morning when pollen counts are highest.
Keep indoor air clean
  • Use the air conditioning in your house and car.
  •  If you have forced air heating or air conditioning in your house, use high-efficiency HEPA filters and follow regular maintenance schedules.
  • Keep indoor air dry with a dehumidifier.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter.

Try an over-the-counter remedy
  • Oral antihistamines can help relieve sneezing, itching, a runny nose and watery eyes
  • Oral decongestants can provide temporary relief from nasal stuffiness.
  • Nasal sprays can ease allergy symptoms and don't have serious side effects.

If your seasonal allergies are not relieved by the above tactics, don't give up. Your doctor may recommend that you have skin tests or blood tests to find out exactly what allergens trigger your symptoms and identify which treatments are likely to work best for you.
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