Spanning the beginning of the 20th century to the first decade of the 2000's, The Decades in America series focuses on the people, inventions, and events that impacted the world decade by decade.  
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" ...the strength of this set is its superior coverage of the decade-long explosion in technology. A solid choice. ” -School Library Journal (on The Nineties )
The 1910s in America
The three volumes of  The 1910s in America  constitute an encyclopedic reference work covering the most important people, institutions, events and developments in the United States and Canada between the years 1910 and 1919. Although essays in  The 1910s in America  have been written to meet the needs of high school students and college undergraduates, the set’s clear and innovative approach to the decade and authoritative articles will also make it useful to more advanced students and scholars. Its more than 350 essays cover the full breadth of North American history and culture throughout the decade.

Readers will find articles on such major events as World War I, the Progressive Era, the Financial Panic of 1914, and the Jim Crow System. Biographies of significant individuals of the decade include Andrew Carnegie, Molly Brown, George Eastman, Henry Ford and John Rockefeller.
Pub. Date: March 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64265-040-2
Price: $395
Essays fall into the following categories: Arts & Entertainment; Economy & Entrepreneurs; Environment; Health & Lifestyle; Law & Crime; Military; Politics; Religion; Rights Advocacy; Science & Technology.

Like Salem’s other decade volumes,  The 1910s in America  mixes long overview essays on broad subjects with shorter articles discussing people, books, films, fads, inventions and scientific discoveries, and other events and important topics representative of the decade. Every article focuses on its subject within the context of the 1910s, devoting attention to what happened before and after that decade as is needed to place the subjects within their fuller historical contexts.
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Written with the needs of students and general readers in mind, this series presents clear discussions of its topics, explaining terms and references that may be unfamiliar. Entries fall into the following general categories: arts and architecture, business and economics, crime and the law, disasters and events, film and television, health and medicine, military and war, politics and government, science and technology, sexuality, social issues, sports and popular culture.
"A great addition to school, public or undergraduate library collections. Recommended." - CHOICE (on The 2000s)
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