The Change Report
If you peel the layers on organizational change, it comes down to individuals : what those individuals think and how they act. This Change Report is focused on the individual. The Transformation Starts with I article discusses how internalizing the change and being proactive can help with personal transition. 5 Ways to Feed Your Energy to Cultivate Positivity and Resilience gives great advice on helping yourself and others in stressful times. Thanks to our guest author, Mindy Kantor for these two great articles.

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Transformation Starts With I
Transformation involves planning, designing and realizing a new reality. In organizations, success is determined by reaching a desired goal or target. Often change management programs are planned to help employees navigate, adjust and adapt a new way forward.

The word “new” can be unnerving or calming, depending on your emotional capital vested in the actual change. Much of the time, we think these changes are outside our control and feel overwhelmed, frustrated or aggravated. However, let’s posit the notion that the change is not outside your control and that success is determined by You, hence “Transformation starts with I.”

5 Ways to Feed Your Energy to Cultivate Positivity and Resilience
For anyone who travels, you know the drill, in case of emergency put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. To cultivate a positive culture in any organization, you need to make sure your mind and body are infused with upbeat thoughts and vigor. Here are five easy ways to feed your energy to cultivate positivity and resiliency.

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