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In organizational change management, there is nothing quite like experience. We are fortunate to have Roland Loup, PhD as our guest writer for this newsletter. Roland started his organizational change management consulting career in 1986 with Dannemiller Tyson. I’m sure you’ll find his two articles Four Necessary Beliefs to Support Change and Question & Answer with Roland Loup insightful. 

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Four Necessary Beliefs to Support Change
Each person has four beliefs about an organization change that he or she must hold to support that change. The change leader needs to help each change stakeholder build these beliefs. Using the questions listed under each belief gives change leaders a framework for designing conversations and meetings for stakeholders throughout the change.
Question & Answer with Roland Loup
What have you learned when organization transformation does not work?
Two major factors that contribute to the failure of organization change or transformation are organization culture and politics . I think that OD is based on a belief that people use power to benefit the organization; however, people many times use power to benefit themselves. A person's motivation and how he or she uses their position power greatly affects the outcomes of organization transformation.
Political power is used primarily by an individual or group to benefit that individual or group, a constituency within or outside the organization, or in support of an ideology. The organization comes in second or third on the list of beneficiaries of the power. Politically motivated decisions and actions can greatly affect the success or failure of organization change. My guess is that every experienced change management consultant has stories of political expediency over what is best for the organization.
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