January 9, 2019
What's Practical Metaphysics? 

Unity teaches that we understand the Bible "metaphysically" and that we practice "metaphysics".   What exactly does that mean?

Literally, "meta-physics" means "beyond-the physical".  For some this means angel guides and life beyond our planet and tarot readings and the energy of crystals.  

In the Revealing Word, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore gives this definition:
The systematic study of the science of Being; that which transcends the physical. By pure metaphysics is meant a clear understanding of the realm of ideas and their legitimate expression.

As we read the Bible we look for a meaning beyond the literal story the words describe.  We see symbolism in places and things that allows a deeper meaning to emerge.  We understand that the stories are about our own consciousness.  As we practice metaphysics, we come to understand the spiritual laws of "cause and effect" and "the power of attraction" operate with the same certainty and indifference to our belief that the physical laws of gravity and the speed of light operate under.  

"Practical" means something we can use everyday and something related to actual doing rather than theory.    Making our spirituality practical means it has to be able to impact our daily lives and it can't be something we pause to reflect on for an hour on Sunday.   

I invite you to join us, beginning this Sunday, for our journey through Eric Butterworth's book and lessons, "Practical Metaphysics".  We'll have something to put into use each week as we explore this "science of Being".  

Reverend Joy
Calendar for this week
TODAY:  Wednesday 01/09/2019

Thursday 01/10
7pm: Choir Practice

Friday 01/11
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Sat 01/12

Sun 01/13
10am:  Rev Joy, "God Is"
Noon:  Unity Basics class
5:30pm: CoDA Step Study*
7pm:  CoDA*

Mon 01/14
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6:30pm: A Course in Miracles*

Tuesday 01/15

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To listen to Rev Joy's sermon from 1/6/2019,  White Stone Service, please click on the link.  
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 Our first 2019 series will be based on the new Eric Butterworth book: Practical Metaphysics

    This new book contains previously unpublished lessons Butterworth used in classes.  Order your book now (using Amazon Smile or give your payment to Karen in the office and ask her to order for you ~ $16.91) and be ready for our interactive sermon series that begins, THIS Sunday, January 13th, 2019!

to our Prayer Chaplains 

  After a time away, our Prayer Chaplain team is restored.  Wilma Alvarez and Rick Stober have said YES to leading our team.  Returning chaplains include Wilma Alvarez, Bev Freeman, Jen Hertwig, TerĂ© O'Malley, Rick and Sandy Stober.  We welcome Renay Eutermoser and Maggie Schlamb as new chaplains.  We welcome Mary Etta Lea as our chaplain-in-waiting as she completes her membership class.  Rev Sandra Haase is serving with the chaplain team during her internship.  

Our Prayer Chaplains will be available after service.  We will continue holding prayer requests that come in on Sunday and via the website.  If you have a personal prayer request that you would like published in the Wednesday email please send the request to Rev Joy or Karen in the office by Tuesday noon.  Our Prayer Chaplains will resume monthly contact with ULV members.  If you are not a member you may request a call from a chaplain on the prayer request form on Sunday or email the church office.  

We are enfolding Peggy Shannon and her family in our prayers of comfort and peace as they move through this time of transition after the passing of her mother.  

Fresh Prosperity Affirmations! 

As our mind becomes accustomed to words and phrases, we are able to repeat them without really engaging conscious thought.  This is how familiar spiritual rituals become disconnected from our inner spiritual process.  To keep our thoughts firmly in the awareness of the abundance of Infinite Source, we are changing our affirmations.  Engaging in conscious thought to keep track with new words,  we will once again remember the truth of our prosperity. Please join us on Sunday or anytime you choose to speak the words out loud.

Offering Affirmation before the offering:
I am one with Infinite Source. Divine Love flows through me blessing and increasing all that I am, all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.

Blessing the gifts after the collection:
With joyous gratitude for the expanding circles of blessings that radiate out from every gift of time, treasure and talent in this ministry, we dedicate these gifts to do the will and the work of the living, loving Christ Spirit. Amen.

Ready for a new beginning?  

Membership Overview Classes
begin January 13th.

New to Unity and curious about what Unity teaches and believes?  Ready to take the next step and become a ULV member?  Looking for a new look at familiar teachings and an opportunity to hang out with new people?   These are all great reasons to sign-up for our Overview Classes, required for membership.  The tentative schedule is below but let Reverend Joy know if this schedule won't work for you and you are interested in membership. 

Jan 13: Unity Basics
Jan 27: Metaphysical Bible Interpretation
Feb 10: Affirmative Prayer
Feb 24: Positive Communication
Mar 10:  Prosperity
Mar 24:  Welcome to ULV

Please sign-up so we have materials.  No text or fees for these classes.

What are you grateful for? 

We are grateful to our Prayer Chaplain team for spending a day in training and committing to a year of service.  

We appreciate the musical blessings of John, Sue and Keith as they shared original songs from the heart at last Sunday's service.  

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office: unitylv@rcn.com   

Jan 26th, Saturday 10am to noon, Mastering Your Prayer Practice with Rev Sandra Haase

Feb 3-Mar 10, "Call It All Joy" I of the Storm class with Rev Sandra Haase

Feb 10th:  David Roth at ULV, afternoon concert at Godfrey Daniels

Feb 17th: 2019 Annual Meeting

Saturday, January 12th, join Jo "Bomba" Sieger

In partnership with Lehigh Valley Phantoms, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is hosting the FIRST Pride Night at the Phantom's THIS February 15!  The night's focus will be on promoting inclusion and diversity in sports. If you can play, you can play! Tickets to Pride Night at the Phantoms are $30, which includes an exclusive Phantom's Pride T-Shirt with your game ticket. In addition a portion of ticket proceeds will be donated back to Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center! Purchase your tickets by January 15th to reserve your seat and T-Shirt!

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute has a new series of classes called "Spiritual Explorers" .  Online and brief, these are opportunities to expand, explore and grow.  Topics like "Good Grief", "Prosperity 4U" and "Introduction to the Enneagram" allow you find new perspectives.  For more information and registration, CLICK HERE  

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by  CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center Classes, Workshops and Support
Check out the many activities including the NEW ART Series beginning this Thursday.  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE   The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  

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