Summer Edition - July 24, 2020
In the current complicated context of COVID-19 we want to provide as much clarity as we can to ensure parents can make informed decisions about how best to serve their children. CCLS plans to start school on August 19, in person, on campus 5-days per week. For those who have health issues or other circumstances that make them at-risk, we will provide an online option. Specifically we have cameras in each classroom so students at home can watch the lessons. We have created a video addressing some frequently asked questions that you can access in this email. Having safely managed the Early Childhood program over the last few months following CDC guidelines, CCLS intends to provide Early Childhood Care throughout the year. We recognize this is an essential service for parents that work. As we adapt to new procedures, some perhaps inconvenient, we do it with the understanding that as children of God loved and saved by Jesus, we are called to love our neighbor. In all of this we want you to know we respect parents’ choice to do the best thing for their children and CCLS is here to support you.

Have a great day in the Lord!
Matt Hoehner
Executive Director
Back to School 2020-21 Plan
CCLS has developed a “Back to School 2020-2021 Plan” for providing educational ministry for the upcoming school year. The Plan provides a tiered approach with school actions that will be taken given the possibility of varied levels of community spread of COVID-19 throughout the school year.

At this time, CCLS plans to operate within the “Moderate Spread” tier of the Plan, with “Traditional Instruction” school actions. 

We ask all CCLS parents/guardians to review the Plan and sign an “Acknowledgement of CCLS Back to School 2020-2021 Plan” (sent this week via TADS) as an additional step in the enrollment process this year. The deadline for completing the Acknowledgement is July 31. If you have any questions, please contact the Leadership Team at .
Back to School Protocols
As the start of the school year approaches, CCLS leadership will be providing details on specific protocols within the framework of the Back to School Plan. These protocols will be described in weekly Charger Newsletters and available for future reference on the “MY CCLS” page of the website. This week, we include information about the CCLS Shuttle Bus and Kid Kare:

  • Shuttle Bus: CCLS provides a shuttle bus between our elementary and middle school campuses for our families. This year we are asking that only the families who have an essential need for this service make use of the bus. This will allow social distance spacing on the bus. Families must register to use the bus before the school year begins. For more information about the shuttle bus schedule and healthy & safety procedures, read SHUTTLE BUS PROTOCOLS. For pricing and to sign up to use the shuttle bus, fill out the form at this link: SHUTTLE BUS REGISTRATION FORM

  • Kid Kare: CCLS provides both morning and afternoon Kid Kare for the K-8 students at the elementary campus. As we begin this year, we are asking that families use this service when it is an essential need for their family. Families who need this service are required to register for Kid Kare before the school year begins. For more information about Kid Kare, read KID KARE PROTOCOLS. For pricing and to sign up for Kid Kare, fill out the form at this link: KID KARE REGISTRATION FORM
Message from CCLS Medical Professionals
Each week in the Charger Newsletter, our CCLS Medical Professionals will share information about health and wellness initiatives that are a critical part of our back-to-school planning.

  • Masks: CCLS will be following the “St. Louis County Return to School Guidance” for use of masks.  
  • Staff members will wear a face mask or face shield when within 6 feet of another individual (for instance, when working one-on-one with a student or when transitioning with a class in the building).
  • Adults who are not staff members will wear a face mask when inside a building (for instance, ECE parents will wear a mask when dropping off and picking up their students).
  • Students in Grades 3-8 (over the age of 9) will wear a face mask when social distancing is difficult or not possible (for instance, when transitioning in the building or when doing small group work).
  • Younger elementary students may be asked to wear a mask in specific circumstances when social distancing is difficult or not possible (for instance, when doing small group work).
  • On an individual basis, parents should encourage their child to wear a mask during the school day if they feel that wearing a mask increases their child’s physical, mental and emotional health.
  • CCLS Medical Professionals will be working with teachers and students to provide education for proper wearing and handling of masks.

  • Hand Sanitizing: Staff and students will be encouraged to practice “gel in/gel out” procedures for hand sanitizing when entering and leaving a room. Hand sanitizer will be provided in classrooms, on the bus, in the cafeteria, and at entrances to the building. Hand washing (at sinks) will occur at recess, bathroom, and lunch time.

New School Lunch Program
We are excited to announce a new lunch program this school year, personalized to our CCLS community! The new school lunch program will incorporate more whole, real foods and fewer processed options, meals cooked from scratch, use of seasonal/fresh produce, and treats along with healthy choices. Each day a hot lunch or salad plate option will be available for purchase, with milk, for $3.75. In order for the lunch program to run efficiently, parents will be asked to order lunches on a weekly basis each Friday. More details, menus, and order forms will be included in future Charger Newsletters.

The current plans for meal service within the framework of the Back to School Plan include:
  • ECE students will be served lunch in their classrooms.
  • Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students will be served lunch in their classrooms.
  • 3rd and 4th grade students will eat lunch in the cafeteria at the elementary campus. The schedule and amount of space in the room will allow for social distancing and grouping of students by class.
  • Middle school students will eat lunch in the dining commons of the middle school campus, with additional space available, if needed, in lower level classrooms. The schedule and amount of space will allow for social distancing and grouping of students by class.
Gear Up for the New School Year
Have your students outgrown their CCLS clothes from last year? Looking for some new gear to add to their wardrobes? Order new items for a brand new year at the links below. As a reminder, here is a link to the  CCLS Student Dress Policy .
CCLS Uniforms

Order by July 31 to have in time for the first day of school!

Spirit Wear Items

Order by July 31 to have in time for the first day of school!  
Special $10 PROMO on some of the t-shirts!

School Supply Kit Option
We are pleased to offer the opportunity to make back-to-school supply shopping easier than ever before. If you'd like to purchase supplies online as a kit, simply visit , fill in "Christ Community Lutheran School" in Kirkwood, MO, and all the class supply kits will be available for purchase. You may amend the kit to add or delete items, including the handy add-on option for face masks and other items. Kits will be sent directly to your home, and shipping is free for orders over $50. Please allow up to 10 days for processing plus shipping, so act soon to take advantage of this convenient and contact-free option. Ordering will be available until October 30th.
Teacher Visits & Back to School Events
Class lists (homeroom assignments) for grades K-8 will be communicated today! You should expect to hear from your child’s homeroom teacher in the next week to arrange a time for you and your child to meet with him/her. This school year, instead of our traditional “home visits”, you and your child will have an opportunity to meet your teacher at school. After many months away from campus, the teacher visits will allow students to see their new classrooms for the upcoming school year!

The classroom visits will take the place of our annual Charger Night for K-8 students this school year. Rather than bringing large groups of families on campus for one event, the teacher visits will allow for scheduling of smaller groups to be in the building at the same time.

Likewise, our traditional Opening Chapel will look different this year, too. Elementary and middle school students will have separate chapel services on the first day of school, which will be livestreamed and/or recorded for parents and family members to view at home. We invite you to tune in at the following times on Wednesday, August 19, to start the school year with “Something Better” (our 2020-21 theme). Livestream links will be communicated prior to the first day of school:

  • Elementary School Opening Chapel Livestream - August 19 - 8:45am
  • Middle School Opening Chapel Livestream - August 19 - 9:45am
Help Wanted
Interested in a school-hour job in a positive working environment? Consider these opportunities at CCLS:

We are looking for food service workers for the new lunch program. The positions are for 4-5 hours per day on school days; food service experience is preferred. Contact Jennifer Kassel at for more information.

CCLS is building a substitute teacher list for the school year ahead. Experience in education is preferred, but not required, for substitute positions. If you are interested in being part of our CCLS Substitute Teacher Team, please contact Jessica Anderson, Director of Human Resources, at .