July 2017

  • The World Conference for Straight Egyptian Horses
  • Regional Workshop, Springfield, MO
  • Upcoming Regional Activities
  • NEW - Straight Egyptian Certificates
  • The Pyramid Society Stud Book for Straight Egyptian Horses Worldwide
  • Book:  Ansata Hejazi: Born to Rule, by Judith Forbis
  • Reference Handbook, Vol XIII - Participation Information
  • Show Results
  • EBC Breedings Available
  • Music City Arabian Show - Murfreesboro, TN
  • Egyptian Event Europe - Juchen, Germany
  • Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders' Festival - Lochem, Netherlands
  • Straight Egyptian World Championships - Milan, Italy
  • Egyptian Event EGYPT - Cairo, Egypt
  • Naseem Al Rashediah Wins Silver Championship at Menton

The 2017 Egyptian Event is in the history books. With a huge debt of thanks to all our sponsors and supporters; from all advertisers, to our Silver Sponsors, our EBC Exclusive Sponsor DeShazer Arabians on up to our Pyramid Society Emissary Sponsor Al Baydaa Stud, and the repeat Signature Sponsor Arabians LTD!

We received many positive reviews this year. We continued our diligence on the treatment of the show horses, and the expanded VIP seating was a hit. The seminar by Joe Ferriss was a "not to be missed event" as well as the Amateur Owned and Trained clinic by Tara Carpio, with over 100 attendees! The music was hopping; the food was great and the company even better! And of course the horses were stellar, beautiful and inspirational.

Having said all that - it was once said by a wise man that "The only constant in life is change". And while that is so true, I must confess that I often find myself fighting change, even when it is inevitable. At those times, I think of the multitude of good things that have happened as a result of being willing to embrace change. Here at The Pyramid Society we are all facing many changes together. Some changes have presented stressful challenges, such as the increasing cost of participation with our beloved horses. Some changes are for the better, such as the outcry for more humane treatment of our spirited, sensitive and noble breed. In order to thrive and prosper, nature has an uncanny ability to meet challenges by adapting and changing for the better. It has been in that model that the Board of The Pyramid Society has wrestled with adapting and changing in response to this host of challenges. Foremost, has been the directive to follow our Mission Statement and to "preserve, protect and promote" the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, coupled with the desire to better meet our role as Global leaders of the community that cherishes and enjoys this magnificent horse. That role includes listening to our members who ARE The Pyramid Society and adapting to the lifestyle they currently enjoy, while serving as "Guardians of the Treasure" that is the Egyptian Arabian horse. We have accomplished many stellar achievements including; development of the ginger test, strict controls on clipping and stronger guidelines on and enforcement of humane conduct in the arena during shows, publishing a Standard of Excellence, offering an Egyptian Performance Horse Award Program, instituting the Breeders Conferences and Regional Workshops to educate and inspire, publishing a Stud Book and establishing Certification of Straight Egyptian horses (whew we have been busy!). Still, we know we have many challenges ahead. Not the least of which is a makeover of our flagship activity The Egyptian Event. Notice that the name of this activity does not include the word "show". Historically, the Event did not begin as a show. Rather as a meeting, exhibition and "Event" for breeders worldwide to mingle, learn, and inspire - all while enjoying the Egyptian Arabian horse. At the time it was founded, June was a lovely opportunity to gather at the gorgeous Kentucky Horse Park. Most farms had trainers (many in-house), and the ability to attend in June was not a hardship. Transported semen had yet to be on the scene. Fast forward to today and it has become an increasing hardship on our membership to be able to gather in June and send breeding stock to the Event. As we are after all, a Breeders' organization, it seems logical to move the dates of our Event to a time of the year where more Breeders can participate with horses. We have been trying to do so for many years but the availability of dates at the Horse Park are scarce. We are excited to announce that finally we have been able to obtain a late summer/fall date for our Egyptian Event! In 2018 the Egyptian Event will be held August 29th - September 1st! As our show leads into Labor Day weekend, it offers a prime time for families to attend the Event together. Breeders will be have the opportunity to participate with stallions and horses from their farms without the stress and conflict of the prime foaling and breeding season. Trainers will not be juggling their Event horses with the Regional competitions. We hope to see EVERYONE in Lexington in 2018 at this new time! We are also excited to be working on changes to the Event in keeping with the original idea of an "Event" and not just a "show". We will be honoring the famed Ansata Arabian Stud and their 60th Anniversary at this Event. A fitting time as Ansata has been a shining example of embracing change as needed to move forward with great success.

Of course, The Pyramid Society is not just about The Egyptian Event, and thus I would be remiss to not highlight some of the wonderful additional activities and projects we are sponsoring. We are developing a program of Pyramid Society classes to be held at Class A and Regional Shows that will qualify for a Championship at the Event - stay tuned for details soon. For the first time we will be taking our highly successful Breeders Conference model outside of the United States. Please join fellow members and breeders for the Inaugural World Conference for Straight Egyptian Horses, October 6-7 in Assisi, Italy, under the generous patronage of Bait Al Arab! Wow - imagine Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, Education, Camaraderie, History and Italy!! You simply have to BE there! It is also once again time for the production of the next volume of the so very valuable Reference Handbook. And it will be available digitally as well as in print. I encourage your participation and support of this invaluable reference tool. A special note of thanks to the sponsor Rakan Altobaishi of Alfala Stud. Closer to our home base, we have numerous Regional activities for 2017, including a Regional Workshop hosted by Two Silos Farm in Missouri, August 5th, a Regional Workshop hosted by Thornewood Farms in gorgeous Stockton, New Jersey on September 16th and a day of fun and outreach hosted by the New Mexico Egyptian Breeders Alliance on September 23rd in Los Lunas New Mexico at Sonrisa Farms. Whew. So. Much. Fun!

Additional information on these activities and more can be found below in this month's Chariot.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was famous for saying, "There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." Now more than ever that is so true. And your Pyramid Society is anything but standing still! And the most important part of this equation is YOU! So let's move forward together!! See you soon! 
Rebecca Rogers
Pyramid Society President

October 6-7, 2017, Grand Hotel dei Congressi, Assisi, Italy

Join us in beautiful Assisi, Italy for The Pyramid Society's Inaugural World Conference for Straight Egyptian Horses OCTOBER 6-7, 2017, with a Welcome
Reception to be held on October 5th at 5:00 p.m. at the Roof Garden of the Grand Hotel dei Congressi.

Entitled "Mastering the Art of Breeding Straight Egyptian Horses", this dynamic Breeders' Forum & Workshop will feature panelists and lecturers who are among the world's most respected breeders and Egyptian Arabian experts.

Current featured lecturers and panelists include:

Ernest Bailey, PhD USA
Klaus Beste, Bait Al Arab, Kuwait
Judith Forbis, Ansata, USA
Karen Kasper, Karen Kasper Studio, USA
Marion Richmond, Simeon Stud, Australia
Rebecca Rogers, Kehilan Arabians, USA
Omar Sakr, Sakr Arabians, Egypt
Dr. Francesco Santoro, La Frasera, Italy

Sunday afternoon, October 8: Capecci Arabian Training Center, in Umbertide, less than an hour's drive from Assisi. Standing World Champion Royal Colours and other outstanding representatives of the breed! Watch for additional information to follow.

Click below for complete conference information, registration forms, itinerary and hotel information. (Note: Hotel rooms are limited. We encourage you to make your reservations soon.)

Under the generous patronage of Bait Al Arab, Kuwait State Stud. 


Saturday, August 5, 2017 

"The Significance of North America and the Straight Egyptian Mare...Where we've been, where we are, and where we need to be"
Presented by: The Pyramid Society and The Pyramid Foundation, Inc.
Hosted by: Two Silos Farm Egyptian Arabians
Attendees will be treated to a fun and informative day, including the following lectures and presentations:
Joe Ferriss renowned historian and author, will present both classroom and live mare discussion on "The Significance of North America and that Straight Egyptian Mare... Where we've been, where we are, and where we need to be".
Dennis Hilkhuijsen horseman and artist, will treat us to a look at his art in real time! Be sure to be here for "Hands on the Bridle and Bronze".
Andres Estrada, DVM, DACT, DECAR, will discuss key factors of Mare Reproduction.
Nancy Gates of Heirloom Halters will present the fun, interactive Vogue Class! Attendees will walk the runway with gorgeous mares in fashion's finest!

Hilton Garden Inn, Springfield - Host Hotel Accommodation and Classroom Lectures
(Special Event Rate available through July 25, 2017)
Two Silos Farm - Mare Presentation and Social

Registration is required .  Click the link below for complete information including the workshop agenda, registration form and travel & accommodation information.



Stockton, New Jersey | Saturday, September 16, 2017
Thornewood Farm
  "The Mystique of the Egyptian Arabian Horse"
With Cynthia Culbertson
Los Lunas (Albuquerque area), New Mexico |  Saturday, September 23, 2017
Sonrisa Farms
Topic & additional information TBA


Let the world know your horse is the real deal!  The Pyramid Society now offers official certification for your Straight Egyptian Arabians.

These beautiful certificates, ready for framing, are available at the low cost of $15 for members or $25 for non members, with discounts for orders of five or more. 
Whether you are breeding, buying or selling Straight Egyptian Arabians, or just have one to love and enjoy, be sure your treasured horse or horses are certified as Straight Egyptian by The Pyramid Society!
"The Pyramid Society founders, in establishing the definition of the Straight Egyptian horse, were inspired by the horses bred at the Egyptian Government Stud, Al Zahraa, and set out to preserve and perpetuate their unique qualities so that posterity might benefit," states Omar Sakr, Chairman of the Stud Book publication and Pyramid Society Board Member. The Pyramid Society offers this publication as the final and definitive chapter in establishing the Straight Egyptian horse as a breed within the Arabian breed. Purchase your copy TODAY! 


Generously sponsored by Shaikh Khaled Bagedo of Al Khaled Farm, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
By Judith Forbis
This magnificent new book by world-renowned author & breeder Judith Forbis is a  "must have" for everyone who loves Arabian horses.   Both inspirational and educational, the book artfully combines the life story of Ansata Hejazi with landmark historical references and impactful lessons in the Art of Breeding.  

Limited First Edition.

Plan to participate in the New Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Horses Worldwide Volume XIII  - the latest volume of the most sought-after reference book series within the worldwide Straight Egyptian Community. 

Spring is the perfect time to get the best photos of your horse, whether at the Event or during a photo shoot at home. 

This new edition will include several special features including a new farm profile section, as well as access to a digital release of all prior volumes, including data and photos of more than 2200 horses that until now have only been available in print!

Plan now to include your horses in this historic reference book. 

The Pyramid Society wishes to thank Alfala Stud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  for their generous sponsorship of the Reference  Handbook of Straight Egyptian Arabians Worldwide Volume XII .

THE 2017 EGYPTIAN EVENTEgyptianEvent
The Pyramid Society takes enormous pride in the passion that owners and breeders around the world share as "Guardians of the Treasure," and this year's Egyptian Event was a clear demonstration of that passion! 

Thank you to each and every sponsor, exhibitor, member and attendee who helped make this year's Event spectacular! 

Read the show results on our website and watch for the 2017 Egyptian Event Digital Scrapbook to be released soon!


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EBC eligible breedings to the following stallions are available for the 2018 breeding season, at a cost of $1,000 each. Please click the stallion links below, and contact The Pyramid Society office for complete details. 

ANSATA NILE FALCON - Bonus Breeding*
TAHLEEL AL GAMAL - Bonus Breeding*
THEE DOMINION - Bonus Breeding *
* " Bonus Breeding" designates that the owner donated two breedings to the auction. The first breeding sold, and the second breeding is still available for sale.

The 38th Annual
August 18th - 20th, 2017  | Miller Coliseum, Murfreesboro, TN
This year's show will feature several Straight Egyptian classes, a NEW Western Dressage division and a fabulous silent auction. Bring your horses and plan to attend to cheer on our Egyptian Arabian contenders!

August 28, 2017 | Sham Stables, Lochem, Netherlands


The Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival will take place the day following the Egyptian Event Europe. Transportation will be provided from Dusseldorf to Lochem  on Monday morning, August 28th.

The Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival provides breeders with the opportunity to showcase their best horses without any 'show stress'. Horses will be presented in a relaxed manner by amateur  handlers and without being judged or scored. It's similar to a stud farm tour with all participants together in one place! 

Visitors will enjoy seeing 60+ horses from the renown breeding programs of Dr. Hans Nagel, Katharinehof Stud; Cornelia Tauschke, El Thayeba Stud; Achim Dirnhofer, Birkhof Stud; Michael Ponnath, Ponnath Stud; Francesco Santoro, La Frasera Stud, to name a few.

Mahmoud Alanzarouti of Sham Stables, the organizing team and honorary board of the Festival cordially invite all Pyramid Socieyt members and guests to attend.

For complete information and to confirm your planned attendance, visit: www.noblefestival.com

October 14-15  |  Milan, Italy 

October 19-22  |  Cairo, Egypt 
Watch for more information coming soon!
Naseem Al Rashediah Wins Silver Championship at Menton

C ongratulations to Al Rashediah Stud on their recent win at the Arabian Horse Championships in Menton, France. The three year old, grey, Straight Egyptian colt Naseem Al Rashediah (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Naba Weyyah Ezzain), was named the Junior Male Silver Champion!  

Located on the island of Bahrain, Al Rashediah Stud, a Pyramid Society Life Member, is a family-run farm breeding Straight Egyptian Arabian horses with bloodlines influenced by Dr. Hans Nagel and Ansata Stud.   LEARN MORE

BUSINESSPARTNERSThe following member businesses have signed on to provide select discounts and special offers for current members through our Business Partner Program. Click on the link below to learn more about their valuable offers, and how you can become involved as a Business Partner. If your business provides products or services that you feel would be of interest to our membership (other than the sale or breeding of horses), visit our website  or contact our office to learn how you can become involved.


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Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival, Lochem, Netherlands

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Welcome Reception for Attendees of the World Conference for Straight Egyptian Horses
World Conference for Straight Egyptian Horses, Assisi, Italy
Farm Tour: Capecci Arabian Training Center, Umbertide, Italy
Milan, Italy - Straight Egyptian World Championships
The Egyptian Event, Cairo, Egypt

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