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Raw Milk Cheeses
Get ready to celebrate the 6th Annual International Raw Milk Appreciation Day on October 17th. It is a day for you to learn about and taste raw milk cheeses, support cheesemakers and cheese shops, and share your love of cheese with fellow cheese-lovers.

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Moncedillo Madurado
Maker: Moncedillo (Castilla-Leon, Spain)
Presented by: Rogers Collection
Moncedillo Madurado is made with raw ewes’ milk that comes mostly from Churra sheep. They are an ancient Iberian breed native to the region of Castile and Leon in Spain. The milk used in Moncedillo Madurado is fresh. So fresh, in fact, it is produced on the same day that it used in the cheese making.
The cheese’s paste is ivory colored, and its aroma is a complex array of forest mushrooms and roasted nuts with hints of wood and spices. This cheese has an elegant acidity and persistent finish that continues to delight your palate after you’ve eaten it.
If you’re looking for a raw milk cheese to include on your next cheese board, look no further. Moncedillo Madurado is a standout star on a cheese board. In the mood for something sweet? Serve it with a little honey. Or, just keep it simple and enjoy alone!
Taleggio di Montagna DOP
Maker: CasArrigoni (Valtaleggio, Italy)
Presented by: Pondini
Taleggio di Montagna is made with raw cow's milk. Crafted in the beautiful mountains of Bergamo in Northern Italy, its protected designation of origin (DOP) status means that this cheese has wonderful region-specific flavors that can not be replicated anywhere else.

Washed and aged in mountain caves, Taleggio di Montagna has a creamy texture on its outer edges. It is full of fresh, mild, milky flavors. When aged over two months, the cheese’s flavor becomes stronger and even more enticing.

Melt it into polenta, or add thick slices of it to grilled vegetables to create a luxuriously decadent dish. Taleggio di Montagna is a sublime stand-alone snack, too.
Goat Wheel
Maker: Twig Farm (Vermont, USA)
Goat Wheel, which is made in Vermont, is one of the few raw goat’s milk cheeses made in the US. That’s just one of the traits that make this cheese special.

Goat Wheel has a rustic rind, which gives it a unique textured appearance. As you cut into it, you’ll pick up on its intense earthy aroma. Bite into it to experience a perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness. Full of robust flavors but not over-powering, you’ll find this cheese tastes fresh and has a velvety milk flavor.

Wonderful on its own, Goat Wheel is also a perfect umami addition to a fresh, green salad or a roasted vegetable casserole.
Celebrate International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day
International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day is October 17, 2020. You know what that means, right? Eating delicious cheese! Learning about raw milk cheeses! Participating in a contest for amazing prizes! Supporting your favorite cheese counters!

Mark October 17th on your calendar as your time to stop and smell, taste, and enjoy the special qualities of raw milk cheese. If you haven’t entered the #RawCheeseDay raffle that is leading up to the big day, here’s the prizes you’re missing out on.

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