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This is the first installment of The Cheese Plate, the Oldways Cheese Coalition's newest e-newsletter. Each month, you'll receive curated information about different types of traditional cheeses (Mediterranean, American, Mountain, Blue, and more), all with ideal pairings. We hope The Cheese Plate will be a great guide to put wonderful traditional cheeses on your plate.

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The BEST Way to Understand Traditional Cheese
What is it about a cheese that makes it a traditional cheese? Things to Look for in a Traditional Cheese explains the attributes of a traditional cheese including the milk, production practices, & culture and history.
Cheese: Gruyère AOP
Gruyère AOP, the gold standard of Alpine cheeses, is a wonderful example of a traditional cheese. In fact, it fits every traditional cheese attribute discussed in Things to Look for in Traditional Cheese .
Pairing: Summer Squash
Whether your summer squash comes from a farm stand, grocery store, or your own garden, pair it with Gruyère AOP. The texture and acidity of the summer squash will provide a nice balance to your cheese, which has an incredible creaminess when it is melted.
For you cheese lovers, we will visit a farm producing
Cyprus' famously delicious halloumi! 
November 10-17, 2019