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Blue Cheeses
This month, The Cheese Plate is serving you three traditional blue cheeses . If you are questioning whether moldy blue cheese is for you, it's a sign you should taste some. Blue cheeses come in all kinds of varieties (fresh, bloomy rind, washed, aged, and matured), and the flavors range from mild to bold. A word of caution though, you may find them deliciously addictive!
Bridgman Blue by Jasper Hill Farm (Vermont, USA)
Bridgeman Blue is a new cheese from the experienced cheesemakers at Jasper Hill Farm. This cave-aged blue cheese is made with a blend of cow and goat milks. As it ages, it develops a dense texture, a natural rustic rind, and aromas of goat milk, white pepper, buckwheat honey, and caves (a term for aging).
Pair it with a sweet red wine or dates for dessert. For a savory dish, crumble it over a roasted root vegetable salad or a juicy, grilled steak.
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Stichelton by Stichelton Creamery (England)
The name Stilcheton probably brings to mind the iconic blue cheese Stilton. There's a reason for that! Stilcheton is made in the style of Stilton with raw milk, while Stilton is made with pasteurized milk.

It is soft and creamy with complex long lasting flavors that range from green apples to beef stock. Near the rind, experience toasty, biscuity notes.

For a holiday dessert, have a wedge of Stilcheton and a glass of fortified red wine. The sweet wine and umami flavors in the cheese will be a celebration in your mouth!
Buttermilk Blue by Roth Cheese (Wisconsin, USA)
If you are brand new to blue cheese, Buttermilk Blue is the perfect way to start sampling. A tried and true award-winning cheese, it has been made in Wisconsin for the past 20 years.

It's a little tangy, a little crumbly, and extremely creamy! With a milky taste and a subtle blue flavor, it is perfect for mixing into risotto, mac & cheese, dips, and dressings.
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The World's Best Cheese is a Blue Cheese
After tasting 3,800 cheeses, a global panel of expert judges selected Rogue Creamery’s Rogue River blue cheese as the World’s Best Cheese at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy.
Featured Pairing: Chocolate
Chocolate, like cheese, is a gloriously versatile food. Drink it. Bake it. Melt it. Cook with it. Though it pairs well with many types of cheese, the sweetness of chocolate creates a particularly wonderful earthy balance to the savory notes of blue cheese.

Whether you enjoy chocolate desserts, chocolate bars, chocolate-covered fruits, or chocolate-based drinks (from cocoa to cocktails), pair blue cheese with chocolate. And, enjoy!
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