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The warmth that so many of us feel during Thanksgiving comes from many elements. It could be the coziness of a home with frost on the windows, the presence of rarely-seen loved ones, or the joy of sharing food with family—but at its core the warmth of Thanksgiving comes from the deep sense of familiarity and belonging that this holiday invites.

For a child who has been removed from a home, those two feelings can be what they miss the most. As caring as any foster home can be, Thanksgiving can be a time when a foster child feels incredibly isolated. They encounter different traditions, unusual foods, and new people with new personalities. The average child in foster care in Lake County experiences three out of home placements before a case closes. That means that most must navigate this experience multiple times, and while foster placements can range from upsetting to wonderful, they are always new and they are never “home.”

A CASA is so important because they offer some familiarity through these challenging experiences. Assigned to a child for the duration of their time in the protective care system, a CASA volunteer offers consistency through the volatility and confusion. While a CASA can never replace the comfort of a familiar home, they can be the next best thing and an essential support for children as the CASA advocates to ultimately find that “forever home.”

This Thanksgiving, as your family reflects on everything that you have to be grateful for, I challenge you to include an appreciation for the simple, powerful joys of familiarity and belonging. They are so easy to take for granted, but they are so deeply missed when they are gone
Yours in advocacy,
Terri Zenner Greenberg
Executive Director
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Kudos for some amazing CASA Volunteers!

To CASA Mimi for her much needed and appreciated support to her CASA child’s foster mom (who is soon to be the child’s guardian). The foster mother requested Mimi to attend her appointment with her lawyer to go over the guardianship subsidies as she trusts Mimi’s judgment. Mimi has also been a strong advocate for her CASA child as he restarted the school year to make sure that the school acts appropriately if her CASA child gets triggered and has behavior outbursts (some of which had been severe last year). 

To CASA Marion who had to handle a hard situation when her CASA teen had a brother who passed away due to a tragic accident. Marion helped the relative foster mother and her teen work through their grief. She was at the memorial service for the young man and notified all parties involved about the accident, based on the family’s wishes for her to help them. A difficult situation was made easier with Marion’s help.

To CASA Tammie who is working with a family of three children who were recently returned home to their mother. Their mother secured appropriate housing but was struggling to obtain furniture and household items for the family. Tammie secured multiple donations, including furniture, bedding and houseware items. This family was exceptionally lucky for Tammie’s diligent efforts in soliciting and coordinating the delivery of these donations.
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We have children waiting for a CASA volunteer right now. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please remember the most important gift you will give this year.

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Welcome to Our New CASAs!
With their pre-service training complete, these CASA volunteers were sworn in on November 14th and immediately assigned to children waiting for CASA volunteers.

Back Row: Shannon Tierney, Louis Orlando, Charlie Ramsey

Middle Row: Amy Fischer, Judge Val Ceckowski, Monique Goens, Janet Breum

Front Row: Odie Pahl, Lindsay Finlay, Inga Krueger 
Safety First!
Thank you to Kerri Ash and Buckle Up Babes for donating car seats for our CASA families.

Buckle Up Babes sells marshmallow treats to raise funds to provide new, safe car seats for families in need. Car seats are one of the most challenging items to come by for low-income families, but they are so essential!
All in the Family
Thank you to Families Helping Families for stepping up to the plate to provide an AMAZING amount of supplies, toys, and school uniforms for a CASA family.

Families Helping Families sources donated new items at the direct request of families in need. This enables our CASA families to request exactly the things that are required to help their specific family and circumstances.
CASA Thanks Our 2018 Mission Partners
Mission Statement

CASA Lake County is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the juvenile court system. Based on the belief that every child is entitled to a safe and permanent home, thoroughly trained CASA volunteers work in collaboration with key agencies, legal counsel and community resources to serve as the child's advocate and represent the child's best interest in juvenile court.
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