Taking Time To Listen
It was the apple blossoms that spoke to me first, their lush abundance tipping me off that this is the usual time for the 10 Day Yoga Journey. Then the forget-me-nots insisted that I not forget the beauty of my first workshop here at the Ashram, the 10 Days in May 1980. The third message came from hearing that the karma yogis wanted to integrate the teachings more into their day so that they could understand how work can truly become transformative.

Voila! The 10 Day Yoga Journey became a community-wide program. Scheduled for guests but without guests, all of us - from swamis to newer karma yogis - could participate in a new way, physically distant but spiritually close. We launch our day together with a different teacher leading a practice - ranging from Light to mantras, from Dreams to Life Seals, from Dance to Kundalini. We end each Karma Yoga day by coming together in small groups and large, learning about each other, creating intimacy through hearing what is arising - our obstacles and insights.  

For ten days we are experimenting with brightening by taking time to listen. Our community is blossoming as we grow, integrating with each other and with our inner and outer lives. 

Today in the Kundalini reflection I received the 6th chakra to reflect upon. And I saw how integration and disintegration blend - how when the outer world falls apart the inner world can open. Doing Karma Yoga I saw that in the midst of action, I can breathe; in the midst of tension, I can relax. 

Uniting inner and outer, mind and body, action and inaction - this is yoga. Much needed in this time when so many are wondering What is real? What is the right thing to do? 

Try giving yourself permission, first of all, to take time. Then add a simple practice and listen. Tune in to what is important for you right now, knowing that your still small voice is present, even amid the clamour of a changing world.
When Listening goes Deeper

Bob Stigler, former co-president of The Berkana Institute, reflects on healing, community & a language of listening and what emerges between words.
"...we don’t need new words as much as we need new listening. We need a language of listening."
Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

Swami Radhanada explores living in a world that needs healing.
"Coming back to harmony. What does that mean? Every person is unique, so there is no definite answer, but we can think of it as a sense of well-being, an ability to cope with life’s challenges and possibilities, an integration of the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult."
What's Happening Online
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