June 2021
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Meet Our Staff
Susan Olenwine
Boulder Concert Chorale/Chamber Chorale Pianist
By Vicki Burrichter
Boulder Chorale Artistic Director
"The first time I met the wonderful Boulder Chorale pianist Susan Olenwine, I knew she was a perfectionist, and that we would get along splendidly. Susan provides a great talent, skill, and sense of humor to all her work with us. She is sensitive to the needs of choral singers and conductors, and is also a fine soloist. My favorite moment so far was when I asked her if she would consider performing one of Philip Glass' etudes on our "Between Heaven and Earth" concert. Because Glass' music is influenced by his studies with Indian raga masters, I knew the piece would fit into the work we were doing with Hindustani Ensemble Jam Key Jam. Glass' music, as is true of minimalist composers, is quite repetitive, but on the micro level, changes are always happening quickly and subtly. It was fascinating to watch Susan work through how she was going to perform it in a way that represented Glass but also showcased her wonderful expressive abilities and insight into the macro changes taking place in the music. Her performance was a masterpiece."
Susan Olenwine earned both bachelor and master degrees in piano performance at Manhattan School of Music where she studied with Constance Keene and Artur Balsam. She had additional studies with Samuel Sanders at the Juilliard School. She holds a Master of Music in Collaborative Piano from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MBA from the University of New Haven.

Ms. Olenwine has toured Europe with various choral ensembles. She has also been the featured soloist with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra at Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, London’s Royal Philharmonic in St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the United States Air Force Band at the Aalborg Music Festival (Denmark). In 2013, she served as the conductor for the Boulder Chorale’s tour to the Czech Republic and Poland. She has also performed concerti with various orchestras in Connecticut, has served as an orchestra pianist, as an opera rehearsal pianist, university staff pianist, and collaborative recitalist. She is the pianist for the Longmont Symphony and is on the faculty of the Center for Musical Arts in Lafayette.

Featured Video

From My Perch: Collaborating with a Chorus

Susan Olenwine recently shared some history of piano collaboration, the role of a pianist with a chorale ensemble, and specific techniques that support conductors and singers in rehearsals and performances. We hope you enjoy this excerpt.
This Month in Music
By Larisa Dreger
Boulder Children's Chorale Co-Artistic Director
Boulder Chorale Assistant Artistic Director
June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month-- a time to recognize the impact that LGBTQ+ individuals have had in history. In honor of Pride Month, we invite you to view this recent interview spotlighting Grammy-award winning choral composer and conductor, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson. This past season the Boulder Chorale had the great fortune of performing Dr. Johnson’s work All of Us from his oratorio, Considering Matthew Shepard. The oratorio was written in response to the anti-gay hate crime and murder of Matthew Shepard. As we celebrate and recognize the invaluable contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals, we also recognize their continued struggle against discrimination and injustice. The lyrics, written by Michael Dennis Browne and Craig Hella Johnson, speak to the universal unifying power of music: “What could be the song? Where do we begin? Only in the Love, Love that lifts us up. All of Us.” The Boulder Concert Chorale’s virtual choir performance can be viewed here and the greater work can be heard in its entirety here
Music and Wellbeing
By Mariana Bernoski-Gonya, MFA
Boulder Chorale Board Member At-Large
There’s something about choir music. Singing together is a reminder that all our voices matter. “There was a time when everyone used to sing.” de Jong wrote in her article on singing and happiness. More scientists are studying music and the Sound Health Network is bringing together scientists and musicians to study music and health. At the launch event, singer Bobby McFerrin said, “Music does have incredible power to rearrange your insides, rearrange your thoughts, heal your body.” How about you? Why do you sing?
Job Opening
Boulder Children’s Chorale Volante Director
The Boulder Chorale is seeking candidates to fill the Boulder Children's Chorale Volante Director position, starting in August for our 2021-2022 season. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the position by July 9, 2021. For more information and a copy of the full job description, visit our website https://boulderchorale.org/about-us/employment/.
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