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With Love and Compassion for All
We open our hearts in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this time of great suffering, and to all the people of the earth experiencing the losses and pain of conflict, natural disaster and climate change. May we find wholeness and continued movement toward the realization that all of creation is one.
After a long winter, the Christine Center came alive April 23 & 24 with the displays of seven artists as we again participated in the annual Clark County Spring Into the Arts Tour. Nearly 150 old and new friends came to enjoy the wide variety of high quality art. From the whimsical to the sublime, there displays at the main Center and at our new Art Studio. Participants viewed Soul Collage, evocative intuitive painting, stippling, photography, heartfelt mandalas, and a variety of other painting styles and metal sculpture. Visitors were encouraged to put their mark on the intuitive painting wall of the Hildegard Soul-Studio for Creative Arts and Ritual.
Just a few steps away from the Art Center, visitors toured the sculpture garden and studio of the Center's Emeritus Board member Henry Eisenhauer. Many of Henry's unique metal sculptures grace the grounds of the Christine Center. Guests also explored many of the new items in the Spirit Jewel Bookstore and Gift Shop.
There were singing bowl concerts in the main building, and each day concluded with a drumming circle on the patio of the Art Center.

Everyone who visited was invited to enter
their name into a raffle to win a $250 gift
certificate which could be used for a private retreat or a Christine Center sponsored program. ๐‚๐จ๐ง๐ ๐ซ๐š๐ญ๐ฎ๐ฅ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ ๐ญ๐จ our winner, ๐’๐ฎ๐ž ๐. ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐„๐š๐ฎ ๐‚๐ฅ๐š๐ข๐ซ๐ž, ๐–๐ˆ! The winning ticket was drawn by our Executive Director, Kathleen Yosko and Volunteer and Receptionist, Patty Wack.
Our thanks to Sr. Gabe Uhlein, artist in residence for coordinating the event and to all the volunteers , who supported the activities throughout the weekend.
Finding Happiness in Troubled Times
May 5-7. Sign up now and you will gain free access for these 3 days to the documentary movie featuring His Holiness the Dali Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu.
These self-described mischievous brothers give a master class in how to create joy in a world that was never easy for them. They offer neuroscience-backed wisdom to help each of us live with more joy, despite circumstances.
You are also invited to a Loving Kindness Practice and Community Conversation via Zoom on May 8, 11am -12pm with Sr. Henrita Frost and Sara Neall.
May 6-8 (Friday-Sunday)
Join us for our annual retreat weekend created especially by women for women. This weekend is an invitation to empowered healing brought by four remarkable women whose life experience and healing gifts have led them to support women and nurture life in each of their vocations.
In this circle of empowerment, we will journey together with movement, personal exploration, meditation, community connection, and releasing. This retreat will integrate both the thinking and creative sides of our brains, as well as integrate the body and mind, with the higher goal of helping you bring your life into alignment and express your gifts.
Join the Christine Center Team:
Contribute to a better world while meeting wonderful people. As the Center gradually returns to pre-Covid times, our staffing needs are increasing. We are seeking a full-time, on-site, Operations Assistant. For job description click here. Interested persons may email a written inquiry and past employment experience to Kathleen Yosko, Executive Director at
More Upcoming Retreat Offerings
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All online programs are held using Zoom technology and occur in CST.
Zoom connection information for online programs will be sent
๏ปฟout in the 24 hours prior to the program
Offered as a gift to the Christine Center community
with Sr. Gabe and others
Full Moon May 16, New Moon May 30 always 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Twice Daily Meditation
Monday through Friday
Join at 8:45am and 5:00pm
Live Harp music 2nd Wed, 5:00 pm

with Ron Moor
an ongoing drop-in program
Wednesdays from 10:30 am to noon
$10 per session
A year of depth and Spirit-Tending in good company.
The 2nd Sunday of each month from 3 to 4:30pm.
Hosted by Sr. Gabriele Uhlein
$75 per season (3 sessions)
See full calendar by clicking title to view the program page
A special 6-session series online โ€“ The fourth Saturday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30am.
Hosted by Sr. Gabriele Uhlein
$25 per session
See full calendar by clicking title to view the program page
Misson: Joy (Online)
Finding Happiness in Troubled Times!
With His Holiness the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (Cost paid by a generous sponsor!)

May 5-7, 2022, watch online at your convenience.
May 11th, 11 am-Noon: Loving kindness practice and community conversation via zoom
With Sr. Henrita Frost and Sara Neall.
No cost orientation to the new Diamond Approach group that will start May 20th. All are welcome, bring your questions about this unique and powerful spiritual path.

Friday May 6th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
With Kara Vangen, Jim Lockridge,Kathleen Graham and Timothy Bernhard
The Return of a Popular Annual Event!
Immerse yourself in a weekend of empowered healing, gently and compassionately held in a circle of women we will create together.

May 6-8, 2022
with Beth Mueller Jacob, Emily Jarrett Hughes, Robin Richards, and Theresa Falvey
a $200 plus meals and lodging
Thomas Berry: "The geo-logianโ€
โ€œWe lose our souls if we lose the experience of the forest, the butterflies, the song of the birds, if we canโ€™t see the stars at night.โ€

with Sr. Gabe Uhlein
May 15, 3:00 - 4:30 pm (3rd Sunday this month!)
$75 for three sessions
(Onsite and Online)
with Fr. Leo Johnson, Pastor of Holy Family in Willard, WI
May 17 , 2022, 8:15 am  (will supersede the Morning Meditation practice)
The Diamond Approachยฎ, is a fast growing international path of inner work with time-honored spiritual practices coupled with modern psychological understanding.
May 20-22, 2022
With Kara Vangen, Jim Lockridge,Kathleen Graham and Timothy Bernhard $175
A volunteer opportunity! May 20-22. To make the Christine Center a welcoming place of color in spring, summer, and fall! This weekend we will be tending our gardens and landscape, with volunteers invited to participate. We will take care of you on campus with accommodations, great food, and lots of water. You will want to dress accordingly with your garden clothes, sunhats, and visors. We promise you will get muddy and dirty, but we will have fun.  We still have just a very few spaces left to participate. You can contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Melissa Thielman, at or 715-267-7902, for more information and to sign up for this event.
"look with fresh eyes at how God is still with us, and discover the foundation spirituality of the Christine Center"

๏ปฟSaturday, May 28, 2022, 10:00 - 11:30am
with Sr. Gabriele Uhlein๏ปฟ
$25 for single session
Looking Ahead...
Save the Dates - Register Now!
Now is the time to make you a priority. To take good care of your beautiful, sacred mind + body.

with Theresa Falvey
June 10-12, 2022
$250 plus meals and lodging

A Time of Reflection, Renewal and Rejoicing for Body, Mind and Spirit. support for educators of all grade levels and disciplines.
with Deb Biechler
June 21-23, 2022
$150 plus meals and lodging
A day of retreat and holy ritual honoring the liminal turning of the season.

with Rosalie Hooper Thomas
June 21, 10am-4pm
$50 plus any meals and lodging
Youโ€™ll have time to relax while learning to combine the art of paying close attention with writing that deepens every experience.

with Joanne Nelson
June 23-26, 2022 (Thurs-Sunday)
$250 plus meals and lodging
Experience mindfulness of breathing as an intuitive, step-by-step meditation.
June 24-26, 2022 and Sept 16-18, Nov 11-13
with Doug McGill
$125 for each session.
Your Full Voice (Onsite)
โ€œYouโ€™ll experience an authentic shift in how you express yourself โ€“ and how you listen to others as well.โ€ Your voice matters!

with Tracy Chipman
July 8-10, 2022
$150 plus meals and lodging
"When we have self awareness, things like acceptance. life decisions, and personal growth come about more easily."

with Kristen *Manjula* Hilt
July 21-24, 2022 (Thurs-Sunday)
$225 plus meals and lodging
The writers role in a time of great change.

with Karen Hering
July 22-26, 2022 (Friday-Tuesday)

$295 Early bird registration, + meals and lodging
Returning to your Light: Embodying the Wisdom of Your Soul (Onsite)
Support for all healing and helping professionals.

with Kim Lovejoy and Christine Lord
July 29-31, 2022
$265 plus meals and lodging
The 6 Paramitas (Onsite)
Milwaukee Mindfulness Community in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

July 31-August 5, 2022
$50 plus meals and lodging
Youโ€™ll have time to relax while learning to combine the art of paying close attention with writing that deepens every experience.

with Joanne Nelson
August 19-21, 2022
$200 plus meals and lodging
Joy and Wonder (Onsite)
Explore and Restore! A spacious and interactive weekend dedicated to creative, playful and restful practices to help you find fuel for your soul.

with Sarah Johnson and Eileen Hanson
August 26-28, 2022
$225 plus meals and lodging
Anytime . . .
โ€œI love the Christine Center. This was my fifth private retreat, and every time, I leave the center feeling renewed and refreshed. I love spending time in the art studio, walking the grounds (especially the visioning spiral), and attending group meditation.โ€ Carey April, 2022

Spring breezes, woodland flowers and solitude from the comfort of your own hermitage in the forest. Personal Time away! Time to settle and be with yourself, relax, or work on a personal project! Discount rates apply during weekdays Sunday thru Thursday nights.

You are invited to attend meditation in the chapel M - F at 8:45am and 5:00 pm; browse the Spirit Jewel bookstore, hike the trails, take a sauna, and receive personal spiritual guidance (with a reservation). High speed internet is available at all sites. Prepared meals are not available at all times. Modern hermitages have cooking facilities. Call 715-267-7507 for details.
We are eternally grateful for your support!
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