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COCCI heads to the Capitol

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An Update on Industry Engagement

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COCCI heads to the Capitol during

Advocating for the COCCI Culture (AFTCC)

AFTCC is a chance for COCCI Ambassadors to get updated on COCCI's missions and goals, but this year, they will get the opportunity to meet with Members of Congress and speak about our advocacy priorities. While we do bring awareness to these issues through our events and campaigns, our hill day will amplify patient voices to the political leaders of our country.

This year, our COCCI Ambassadors will represent more than 10 states and take over 40 meetings combined to discuss the Medical Nutrition Equity Act, Ally's Law (Restroom Access), and Step Therapy, to name a few... These are some of the advocacy priorities that COCCI focuses on throughout the year. Check out how you can get involved!

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Meet with Juanita on April 12th

Meet Juanita Belton, PA-C, MPH, a physician assistant in gastroenterology with a subspecialty in Inflammatory bowel disease, tomorrow (April 12th) at 6:30PM EST.

During Meet the Medic, she'll share information about her mission to educate BIPOC communities on gastro and overall health, and how she plans on engaging with COCCI community members in her new role as Director of Patient Empowerment.

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Also this month...

The Huddle: A Safe Space for Men with IBD

Wednesday, April 19th at 7:30PM via Zoom

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COCCI's Book Club: Discussing "A Sick Life" by Tionne Watkins

Sunday, April 23rd at 3:00PM via Zoom

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Community Conversations: Xavier University of Louisiana

Monday, April 24th at 5:30PM

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An Update on Industry Engagement

The Health Equity in Clinical Trials Congress and Patient Advocacy...

As a changemaker in this space, Melodie Narain-Blackwell spoke on the Patient Advocacy Panel at the Health Equity in Clinical Trials Congress event in February. Health Equity is critical and we'll continue to to fight for it at COCCI from all aspects!!!

Are you interested in becoming a COCCI Ambassador?

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador for COCCI?⁠ Well we're happy to announce that our Ambassador program is still accepting applications!⁠

An ambassador is an enthusiastic and dedicated chronic illness patient, professional, or family member of a chronic illness patient -- interested in sharing their time and expertise to help elevate awareness for chronic illness. We want you to engage patients and healthcare professionals in raising awareness about chronic illnesses within their communities and across social media.

If you'd like to participate and support our mission, apply to become an ambassador!

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