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Nine Black Pioneers Who Made History in the Medical Field

Let's Honor National Women Physicians Day

COCCI Speaks: An update on industry engagement!

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Nine Black Pioneers Who Made History in the Medical Field

There are more black history facts than days in the year, giving us the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of so many that came before us. The strength and fortitude alone should be a reminder that we are our ancestor's wildest dreams and we are capable of continuing the quest for equity.

While there are more healthcare pioneers than we can count, we are shining a light on these nine men and women who played a role in shifting the medical field. We still have many challenges to overcome, but without them, healthcare would not be where it is today.

Nine Black Pioneers

Louis Wade Sullivan, MD

Louis Wade Sullivan, MD, grew up in the racially segregated rural South in the 1930s. There, he was inspired by his doctor, Joseph Griffin. “He was the only black physician in a radius of 100 miles,” Sullivan said. “I saw that Dr. Griffin was really doing something important and he was highly respected in the community.”

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Regina Marcia Benjamin, MD, MBA

Dr. Benjamin is the first African American woman to become president of the state medical society of Alabama. She may be best known for her tenure as the 18th U.S. Surgeon General, during which she served as first chair of the National Prevention Council. The group of 17 federal agencies was responsible for developing the National Prevention Strategy, which outlined plans to improve health and well-being in the United States.

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Let's Honor National Women Physicians Day

In honor of Nation Women Physicians Day, we're highlighting a group of amazing physicians in gastroenterology, surgery, and internal medicine, who are also big supporters of COCCI. Learn more about who they are and why they chose their fields.

Women Physician Features

Dr. Jacquelyn S. Turner

What advice would you give to young women who are interested in the field of gastroenterology?

Women are often the minority gender in many specialties including gastroenterology and colon and rectal surgery. I feel that women physicians provide a unique perspective on how to connect and treat certain patient populations. At times the nurturing side of me, as being a woman, allows me to be more than a doctor but also a counselor, a social worker, and a patient care coordinator. And at times, my patients with gastrointestinal diseases need this reinforcement more than ever...

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COCCI Speaks: An Update on Industry Engagement

COCCI's Product Theater Participation at Crohn's and Colitis Congress

Sponsored by Takeda, Melodie participated in a discussion with Dr. Marie L. Borum, a gastroenterologist with expertise treating patients from minority groups, and Dr. Evelyn Lewis, Chief Medical Officer of Chroma Health Solutions -- about disparities in diagnosis and healthcare resource utilization across racial and ethnic groups in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

This panel discussion took place in Denver, Colorado on Friday, January 20th -- and aimed to help raise awareness about current challenges and how they can be addressed with the goal of improving patient outcomes. The first step to change is awareness and we look forward to the shift these discussions, and subsequent actions, will have over time.

COCCI Talks Patient Advocacy at the Health Equity in Clinical Trials Congress!

This health equity event takes place February 22-23 in Boston, MA. This event hosts several leading diversity, equity, and inclusion experts who are driving development in equity network construction, strategic data processing and collection, community engagement, workforce diversification and equitable policy.

As a changemaker in this space, Melodie Narain-Blackwell has been invited to speak on their Patient Advocacy Panel, February 22. Head to their event site to learn more about this event and support COCCI's presence.

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