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In Christ, We Worship, Love, Grow, Serve and Send.
AUGUST 2020 | Vol. XXXXI No. 8
Running Essential Errands: God’s Work, Our Hands Our Hearts and Our Minds!
By Connie Pearson
In December 2019, I wrote an article entitled Handwashing, God’s Work, Our Hands! The need for handwashing never changes and we certainly are reminded daily in the climate of COVID – 19 of the importance of handwashing. This article however is not just about handwashing! It is about All that we can do to prevent the spread of COVID – 19 as we work to prevent ourselves and others from being infected with the Coronavirus.   
This morning I found a new reminder (July 30, 2020) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how to ...
Good Deeds!
Micah 6:8 - what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?
We’ve been running 4-6 miles on the trail at Bicentennial Park in Franklin which runs behind the home of Pat and Lee Harms. They leave a water bottle out for us to drink about 3 miles into our run. They are the best! Submitted by Peter and Linda Strickland
Mike and Susan Pavlos are grateful for their masks, sewn by some of our mask makers at St. Andrew. Many thanks to Diane Dalius, Cathy Miller, and Jolene Richardson for sewing masks for Vanderbilt Hospital and members of St. Andrew by request.
Pictured above : More babies at the York home!
In Loving Memory of Jessica Jennette
By Jolene Richardson

Jessica Brockman Jennette, member of St. Andrew Lutheran Church, joined the Church Triumphant on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Jessica was a native Nashvillian. She taught English in the Metro Nashville Public Schools before retiring in 1973. Jessica was preceded in death by her husband, Ed Jennette.
Jessica was an active member of St. Andrew, joining the church on November 23, 2008. She was a regular attendee at worship, the lectionary Sunday School class and the Wednesday Women’s Bible Study. Pastor Lippard remarked that Jessica " was the strongest lay student of the Bible I encountered in the parishes I served.” Over the years, Jessica served on the Worship and Music Committee as secretary, assisted administration with the monthly newsletter distribution, volunteered as a registrar many times for the American Red Cross blood donations at St. Andrew, participated in SASSY, St. Andrew Seniors Staying Young, and ...Read more
Sermon notes by Pastor Katherine Museus Dabay:
If we were to describe the basic details of Jessica’s life over the last few years, she might come off as unremarkable. She lived with her daughter; she went to church as often as she could; she spoke quietly; she loved to read. Once in a while she’d have lunch with friends. Sounds like the usual southern lady, right?

Except...when we got to know her even just a little bit more than that, we realized that there  was something special about her. At Saint Andrew, all you had to do ...Read more
In Loving Memory of Cornelia Mae "Nita" Johnson
We would like to thank our St. Andrew Lutheran Church family for all the thoughtful cards, letters and calls we have received since my mother passed away on June 27. St. Andrew congregants are so good about showing their care and concern. We are grateful to those who have honored Nita Johnson by giving toward the SAL Pipe Organ Fund and/or the NFCN College Memorial Fund. Your kindnesses are greatly appreciated as we miss her, but celebrate a "godly life well lived.”
Susie Johnson-Miller
Darryl Miller
Farewell and Godspeed
We say Farewell and Godspeed to Elaine Moore , member of St. Andrew, who has moved to Indiana to be near her family. Elaine was a faithful, active alto in the Adult Choir, a bridge player, and supportive of our mission "In Christ to worship, love, grow, serve, and send." We will miss Elaine and wish her the best in her new home.
Welcome Back!
Dan and Brenda Farrell have moved back into our community from Arizona and have rejoined the membership at St. Andrew Lutheran Church. They are very happy to return to their church home and family, and they look forward to meeting together when we can. Be sure to welcome Dan and Brenda when you see them!
Above: Elaine Moore shows a parting card and gift from the congregation presented to her by Meredith Frantz.
The 2020 Franklin Classic is now VIRTUAL!
August 31 - September 7, 2020 |
The Franklin Classic is a critical fundraiser that allows Mercy Community Healthcare to provide exceptional healthcare to ALL, including un-and under-insured patients. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this need is greater than ever. We need your participation so that Mercy can continue to serve our community.

We are asking supporters to be
"ALL ❤️ IN"   for Mercy by registering now.
St. Andrew Team Forming!
L in da Strickland is coordinating an effort to form a St. Andrew team. Our GOAL IS 20 RUNNERS! Please contact her for questions at 615-260-6391 or

Thank you!
Dear Prayer Shawl Ministry Angels,
Shortly after experiencing a heart attack and hospitalization, I received a wonderful surprise from your special ministry. Jody Smith selected an exquisite shawl for me and delivered it right to my front door. When I removed it from the bag, I was truly stunned. I have never seen a shawl quite like it – the style, pattern, blend of colors are so beautiful and unique and oh, so soft and soothing. I discovered whose talented and loving hands crafted the shawl and would like to extend my most heartfelt appreciation to Barbara Lichtenberger for her beautiful creation. I believe my precious shawl is a gift from God sent to me through Barbara and Jody. I have always been in awe of every aspect of the Prayer Shawl Ministry and how deeply meaningful and essential their lovely gifts are to so many in need of comfort, support, and prayers. Your ministry is a true blessing to our entire church congregation. I’m sure Josette is smiling down on all of you!
From my heart to yours; thank you all and God’s peace and blessings,
Suzanne Berrey
Above: Cooper the beagle and Gus the Corgi are helping Jody Smith knit a prayer shawl for a gentleman who just lost his wife of 56 years.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry brings together people who use their talent of knitting or crocheting to spread God’s message of mercy, love and compassion. Prayers for comfort, healing and strength are said as each item is made. We have adult as well as child size prayer shawls. Due to COVID, completed items are kept at...
Haiti Hunger Fight 2020 at St. Andrew!
Like many other aspects of our lives, the St. Andrew Lutheran Church Haiti Hunger Fight event for 2020 will be very different this year. Certainly, children’s needs in our schools in Haiti remain the same, and because of this we push on to determine how we can best support them.

For the past 15 years, St. Andrew Lutheran Church has very generously supported school children in Haiti via the Trinity Hope Feeding program, a Nashville-based non-profit organization. We have done this through various Hunger Fight event programs. We normally solicit local businesses, church, and community members for items, and we conduct an auction to raise money for the schools. The auctions have been combined with a meal or a fun fellowship event for the entire congregation and community. You can learn more about the Trinity Hope Feeding program from a short video by CLICKING HERE or via the Trinity Hope website at  Read more...
Can you help?
A new project is available for anyone who would love a fun and meaningful opportunity to serve our sisters and brothers across the globe.

WELCA will be assembling quilt kits to be taken home, layered, and tied. You don't have to sew a thing! The kits will come with complete instructions and all the supplies you need to layer and tack the quilt. Kits will be available at the church the first full week of August.
WELCA Quilting Group Get-Together on Zoom (above)
We had so much fun catching up with friends linking in on our Zoom gathering from callers at a campground in Lebanon, TN all the way to Florida. This group loves spending time together, even when we can't see each other in person.
Don't forget to save your tabs from aluminum cans, such as Coke/soda, beer, carbonated water, etc.  These are donated annually to the Ronald McDonald House. We will have a big collection bin available when we return to our church building. 
Sunday, August 16, 2020
More information communications!
New Wednesday Sermon Series:
The Bible and Racial Justice
If you look for the word “racism” in the Bible --- you won’t find it. Why is that? And what does the Bible teach us about racial justice anyway?

Pastor Gordy and Pastor Museus Dabay will answer questions like these in a six-week sermon series. Each week, they will discuss one of today’s racial justice hot topics or “buzzwords” and what our scriptures teach us about it. Topics will include “What the Bible says about ‘White Privilege’” and “Racism vs. Bigotry: What’s the Difference?”

This series will begin on August 19 at 7:00 p.m. A new sermon will be uploaded each Wednesday on our YouTube page at
August Anniversaries
08/03 Chuck & Cindy Campbell
08/03 Jason & Paula McNiel
08/04 Bernie & Kim Olszewski
08/04 Peter & Linda Strickland
08/06 Ron & Kathy Schrimpf
08/06 David & Samantha Rockwood
08/07 Marc & Allison Bussone
08/11 Earl & Beverly Scott
08/14 Gus & Jackie Gustafson
08/14 David & Jennifer Aprea 
08/15 Jim & Pat Pitt
08/16 Mike & Jolene Richardson 
08/16 Bill & Diane Dalius
08/16 Flip & Pamela Lukens
08/18 Fred & Susie Bess
08/19 Bob & Connie Gemeny 
08/19 James & Stacey Stiles 
08/20 Edward & Cheryl Borg-Breen 
08/20 Koilraja Baulsingh & Bobby Jansi
08/25 Michael & Jen Roberts
08/26 Bill & Evelyn Luetzow 
08/26 Will & Michelle Gordy 
08/27 Bill & Angie Casey
08/27 Chris & McLain Franks 
08/28 Wally & Liz Combiths, Jr.
08/29 Tim & Joni Donegan 
08/30 Jeff & Cindi Curry 
08/31 Tom & Pam Vincent 
Above: The choir women say good-bye to Elaine Moore via ZOOM. God bless, Elaine!
One of our fox friend in the Meditation Garden this week!
Jolene Richardson, The Messenger Editor