Median as of 3-24-22
City Median as of March 2024
City Median Project Update

The PVE Foundation is proud of our many accomplishments over our short 2-year history. Our thanks to you, our donors and volunteers who have helped to make these things happen. 
The PVE City Council and the Traffic Safety Committee made a decision at joint meeting on 3/16/22 to move forward with further planning for a traffic mitigation solution at the intersection at Palos Verdes Drive West and Via Corta (find out more on the PVE City website).
Many of you will be familiar with this site and the traffic congestion that occurs during rush hours and weekends. This is also the site where the PVE Foundation completed the City Hall Median beautification project over a year ago.  

Palos Verdes Drive West Corridor: Phase 1 Project

This project will be managed by the City and funded through Los Angeles County Measure M tax dollars. The drawing here (snapshot of the roundabout plan) indicates the change to reconfigure the site for a roundabout. The City Median, the upper barrel road in front of the Police and Fire Department entrances and other elements will be taken away in order to make room for the project. 
Salvaging the City Median
The PVE Foundation was aware that a traffic plan was proposed to start within a few years when we initially embarked on this project. We chose to beautify this important area of the City to boost the city image and morale during the pandemic and after stagnation of this area due to drought restrictions. Our design was to have no permanent structures and to be a simple and beautiful centerpiece of our City.
Over these past months, residents and visitors have been able to enjoy the color and beauty that this rejuvenated area has provided. Its life is not over and our investment will have a future. 
The PVE Foundation will be working with the City to repurpose the plants, boulders, signs and irrigation. As the design plan becomes more detailed, the Foundation will continue to work collaboratively with the City to incorporate these elements. 
What You Can Do to Be Informed
We encourage residents and donors to be involved and aware of the Palos Verdes Drive West Corridor Phase 1 project by signing up for City email notifications and staying tuned to the City website .
There will be more meetings and information on this project as the planning phase continues. City Staff and City Council appreciate getting resident input. 
It is worthwhile to listen to the City meetings on this topic. Diagrams and animations of the solutions proposed were an instructive part of the presentation. Further, discussion by City officials, residents and the engineering firm doing the work were helpful to understand the concerns, issues and further work to be done. 
Our Commitment to Our Community
It is the desire of the PVE Foundation to continue to use donor dollars wisely and for the benefit of the quality of life and safety in our City. We will continue this charge in the transition of our City Median to the new traffic solution.   

To a positive future for our City,

PVE Foundation Leadership Team
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